Elastic Back Support Belt With Anatomical Fit, Wearing Comfort & Attractive Design

A very unique elastic back support belt is designed for its dynamic compressive ability and stability, while maintaining all day comfort and a beautiful design. With lower to moderate levels of pain and instability, a brace that is engineered to perform all day with comfort and a look you will love is hard to find. When low back pain is an issue, you often need to compromise on flexibility if you want support, and support if you need flexibility. Not anymore! This belt is designed for both men and women; well, lets say standard and tapered. So, depending on your build, there are two great looking options for your particular body style.

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Standard Brace: $69.99
Tapered Brace: $69.99
Massage Pad: $29.99
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for men or women - standard or tapered
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The brace provides stabilization and support for slight/moderate back pain from strain, signs of disc wear or protrusion. It helps to stabilize and relieve strain, which can alleviate pain. It is constructed of a very comfortable and breathable material, which means you can wear the elastic back orthosis for an extended period of time. The slim design makes it barely visible underneath clothing. It has an optional massage pad that is breathable and helps to promote circulation and muscle function. It has adjustable elastic straps and 4 integrated plastic stays.

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  1. Lower back pain, sciatica
  2. Lumbar spine muscular imbalances
  3. Lumbar spine degenerative changes
  4. Lumbar spine osteochondrosis
  5. Lumbar spine facet joint syndrome
  6. Disc protrusion/herniation L4 to S1
  7. Discectomy L4 to S1
  8. Sacroiliac joint irritation


  1. Activates muscular stabilization
  2. Improves circulation
  3. Supports sensorimotor function
  4. Promotes muscle activity
  5. Relieves the lumbar spine
optional massage insert

Get the optional insert for an elastic back orthosis with massage function. This increases the effectiveness when placed on the inside of the belt, stimulating circulation.

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The four plastic stabilization rods adapt perfectly to your body shape, so the orthosis does not migrate or slip when you move. The individually adjustable elastic straps permit the stability of the brace to be regulated and adapt to your needs for lumbar spine support according to your requirements. The slim design means you are not restricted in your choice of clothes. Breathable, skin friendly material helps to reduce sweating so the support can be worn for longer periods of time.

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While you should not be doing any heavy lifting and allowing the area to properly heal, demands of everyday living may require mobility. In order to help protect the back, the elastic back support belt utilizes sturdy construction for maximum benefit. Some jobs require heavy lifting, placing high demands on the back and its supporting structures. Regardless of whether it is repetitive lifting of low weights or sporadic heavy lifting, this back support belt is ready and capable to help. While providing strength, the elastic materials maintain a reasonable amount of flexibility to keep you comfortable. It is a durable and long lasting belt that will provide secure support for injury recovery or in order to help prevent injuries, or to help with work tasks as well as home activity and promotes awareness regarding lifting safety.