Egg Crate Pillows Available In Firm, Soft, & Variable Options For Great Support And Pressure Point Relief

Egg Crate Pillows use a a great design. The design is able to allow those who need good support to reduce pressure points, making the pillow more comfortable and airy. In the soft versions, it also increases comfort, helping to reduce pressure for those with sensitive necks. Both firm and soft options use this egg crate design allowing increased air flow and are available in smaller and larger sizes for a wide range of use. With multiple design and material options, you can use this time honored design for any member of the family.

Variable Egg Crate Pillow – Adjustable

This is the most versatile egg crate pillow designs on the market today. It uses an egg crate memory foam insert, surrounded by cooling and soft microfiber, with a cotton cover. All the materials used are certified for purity and free from harmful chemicals.

By adjusting the center egg crate portion, you can customize the feel of the pillow, even removing it for a better stomach sleeping pillow. The unique pillow plus measures 29 inches long by 16 inches deep and 6 inches high (Queen Size). A great new design! While not specifically designed for the neck, it is one of those pillows where a partner will get one, then soon after, the other partner gets one; or takes it and they have to order a new one for themselves. It is good for just about anyone. Sometimes, even with neck problems, a nice comfortable pillow that is well made and designed will allow you to get a good night’s sleep so important for healing and reducing pain.

versatile egg crate pillows

Cervical Egg Crate Pillows – Soft

The cervical version uses a core foam allowing for cervical spine support with a softer egg crate top. It is not too soft, however, it maintains a softer feel while keeping the advantages of the contour cervical spine design, and provides stability for postural control and pain relief at any stage of healing or rehab. It makes a great first neck pillow.

Egg Crate Pillow Soft

The soft version of the egg crate pillow has a softer egg crate topper that is an option to the full firm below. It is soft, but still offers good contour support to help restore the natural curve of the cervical spine. It has a firmer center portion to maintain the contour, without being too firm. Many describe it as “just right”. It does take some time to get used to any new pillow, and this version of the egg crate pillow, like most, does have a break in period that is a bit longer than the plus, but not as much as the firm, so most take to it right away. This is a very popular and makes a great first pillow to use for neck support and curve restoration.

Soft Egg Crate Pillows Sizing

The Softer of the next two pillows comes in 2 different sizes: Standard is 21.5″ by 15.5″ by 4.5″ and the Small is 18″ by 13″ by 3″. Being soft, it will compress some. Basically, adults choose the standard and children or small adults choose the small.

Soft Egg Crate Pillow Adult: $59.99
Soft Egg Crate Pillow Child: $49.99
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Firm Egg Crate Pillows – Firmest

Firm Egg Crate Pillow

Supporting the natural curve of the neck, this pillow is unique in its properties using a pressure point relief system to allow exceptional comfort in a firm pillow.

Firm Egg Crate Pillow Sizing

The contours allow for different options so that every size can be accommodated, from a 2 inch height to a 5¼ inch height, which makes it a great pillow, especially for large persons who find it difficult to get enough height in a pillow to be comfortable in both back and side sleeping positions.

The Firm Egg Crate Pillows come in 3 different heights. They measure 23 x 15.5 inches. The Standard is 4.5 inches in height, the Junior is 2.5 in a small contour and 4 inches on the other, and the Extra has a height of 5¼ inches.

Firm Egg Crate Pillow: $69.99
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Which Of The Egg Crate Pillows?

The deciding factor for firm or soft options is mostly based on preference, however, with more recent injuries or conditions like arthritis, the softer versions are usually preferred. For rehabilitation and helping to restore the natural curve, the firm version is usually recommended. Some individuals just prefer a firm or soft pillow, so, we have all the options right here at Neck Solutions.

Which is most popular? It is the soft cervical version. A well tolerated pillow in adult and child size and very comfortable. We had a customer who had been searching for a special pillow for quite a while. She had vacationed on an island and the hotel offered our egg crate pillow as an option to their standard pillows. She loved it and had been searching for it, ordering from different places trying to get the same pillow and was always disappointed. She finally called the Hotel and was eventually told to go to Neck Solutions. Well, she was very, very pleased.

Which is the best? Well, this is always a matter of opinion. The plus has a wonderful plush feel and versatility that is hard to beat. It is a great all around pillow for adults, and with the center removed, can be used for younger adults too. It is one of the few pillows that truly makes a great gift idea, since it is well tolerated by just about anyone. For initial neck pain, I like the softer contour design, accommodating many neck conditions from sprains and strains to arthritis, and is very supporting, yet comfortable for inflammation. The most popular in the egg crate design for neck problems is the soft and it makes a great place to start with neck pillows for adults and even small children.

If you need assistance or have questions about any of the the egg crate pillows, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.