A Down Blend Pillow Provides Ultimate Comfort In Natural Head & Neck Support

A time tested favorite pillow using a down and feather blend with a 6 inch loft, encased in a thick, soft cotton cover. This is an exceptional down blend pillow for those who demand the classic, natural way to provide a comforting, cool pillow that support any sleeping position.

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Down Blend Pillow: $59.99 Best price

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Queen Size: 29″ by 16″ by 6″ and comes with a removable 250 thread count percale cotton pillowcase.

This cotton encased Down Blend gives the feel of traditional down pillow plus additional features for better comfort that promotes restful sleeping that is beneficial for neck pain conditions. It is generously filled with a plush feather and down blend for a consistent loft which is naturally breathable and supportive. To eliminate the discomfort of traditional down pillows, the soft and thick cover prevents sharp quills from pushing through the pillow.

6 inch height

Attention to detail is a signature and this pillow which uses an outer thick cotton cover that is very soft, yet stops pinching from sharp quills. Furthermore, double encasing the down blend helps to reduce allergens and dust mites that can be problematic with single layer down pillows.

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High quality down clusters provide comfort, better compression reaction and increase longevity. Smaller and softer feathers are better than larger ones and this pillow provides a great combination blend for a long lasting, comfortable and supportive pillow.

3 year warranty

Some of the cheaper blend pillows use a poor combination of small clusters and large harder feathers. These pillows will not last long and filaments of feathers easily crack and break during compression. I think many are familiar with getting poked by these sharp feathers. That is what can be so frustrating and why some down blend pillows have a bad reputation. If you are going to use a down blend pillow for neck and head support, it must be good quality. Some of these get very expensive by describing fancy feathers from fancy places. Look for good quality, price, and a warranty.

My Sifu (Kung-Fu Instructor) used a down blend pillow and always recommended one. Trouble was, they were always so expensive to get a nice one. I think Sifu could take a sheet of cotton, walk into a gaggle of geese and come out with a perfectly blended down/feather pillow. LOL, the stuff legends are made of. I sure learned a lot. Anyway, different strokes; while not everyone is going to get neck pain relief with a down pillow, some will, where other pillows fail. But if you are looking for a good quality down/feather pillow that won’t break the bank, this one is very nice.

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