A Cool U Shape Neck Pillow For The Coolest Neck & Shoulder Comfort Travelling Or At Home

The cool u shape neck pillow combines two cooling technologies in one ergonomically shaped pillow that will keep your neck and shoulders cool and comfortable in a vehicle or just relaxing at home.

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cool u shape neck pillow

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The cool u shape neck pillow measures 11 x 12 x 4 inches and uses gel infused memory foam along with a liquid gel top and bottom and a removable, soft bamboo cover. It provides firmer support than the zoned u-shaped pillows, yet is still comforting and adds an extra measure of cooling for recovering from neck injuries or keeping cool in hot weather when you travel or just want to relax in your favorite recliner.

The U-shaped design ensures that your tavel pillow will ergonomically support head, neck and shouldersd in supportive memory foam with two liquid gel cooling layers on top of each side of the pillow that uses the special properties of gel infused memory which aids in capturing and dissipating heat. This allows a cooler surface for the back of the head, neck and top of the shoulders. Ensuring comfort and coolness, the pillow uses a soft, skin friendly bamboo cover that is zippered and washable.

cooling neck pillow

The formula for a supportive, responsive and cool neck pillow begins with an infused gel memory foam that is softer and cooler than standard memory foam, and combine it with liquid gel on the areas that come in contact with the head, neck and shoulders. The same quality and technology used in our popular contoured neck pillow.

The gel infused memory foam offers pressure relief and temperature regulation to ensure a superior quality neck pillow by providing a support that is more reactive than traditional type memory foam. Memory faom cell structure collapses from heat and pressure. This is when the infused gel beads go to work by giving extra supprt from the collapsed ceels, while at the same time, dispersing the heat.

liquid gel u shape neck pillow
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The liquid gel surface offers a pillow that goes that extra mile to ensure you stay cool and comfortable when travelling on a plane, car or anywhere you need cooling support, even at home. The cooling support is great for those arthritis flare-ups, hot days and nights, in crowded planes, trains and buses. It also helps to dampen road vibrations that can aggravate inflammed and stiff neck joints.

2 cooling technologies

Using quality materials in an open cell memory foam structure that is molded to perfection produces a supportive neck pillow that is more supportive, responsive, and employs a slow time of recovery over standard memory foams. This gives the pillow unique conforming and pressure relieving qualities as well as temperature regulating. This is a great attempt to alleviate the heat build up that so many u shape pillows have. It cannot be totally eliminated, even with fiber based neck pillows, but this is as good as it gets. The nature of having a pillow hug your neck so closely produces heat. Anyone who sleeps using these neck pillows is aware of this problem. However, using a unique blend of gel infusion and liquid gel surfacing, the pain relief qualities of memory foam can be realized, while minimizing heat build up. Additionally, a cover that is soft, breathable and without harsh chemicals helps reduce skin irritation.

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