Contour Neck Pillow With Full Support & Satin Pillow Case Is Gentle On The Complexion And Hair Styles

The contour neck pillow has a contour shape to support the neck in correct posture and has a luxurious satin cover option that is gentle on your face and hair. Choose the vinyl cover for durability and easy cleaning.

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The compact, portable size and ergonomic cervical design of the pillow makes it a great traveling companion which may help to relieve sore neck muscles and tension headaches, even at home as a therapy pillow.

A quality pillow with durable construction of precision cut foam shaped with a perfect contour for neck support and relief from postural stress in the cervical spine.

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This popular travel companion for the neck soothes your face with a contoured satin cover designed to reduce wrinkles, help complexion and keep hair styles in place while sleeping. It also comes in a durable vinyl version that is easy to clean and cooling. The vinyl version is great to use in the office for patients lying on their back for therapy or positioning.

The pillow can help when traveling for business or pleasure where conditions like tension headaches and neck pain can interfere with comfort and productivity. It is also a great pillow for pain from neck injuries, arthritis and snoring, due to the contour design with supportive, yet gentle foam.

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Another feature which makes it a versatile pillow when travelling is that it not only is good for your neck, it also helps relieve sore muscles of the low back when used as a low back support cushion while sitting. This can be great for those who do not like largher back supports, which can aggravate some conditions.

Use as a back support while driving and a sleeping pillow while resting.

With a compact size of 14″ x 9½ with 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 inch lobes, the pillow is lightweight and has multiple functions making it a great pillow for travel, home, or office. The satin cover feels truly luxurious, while the vinyl is very durable.

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The contour neck pillow is available with satin pillow case colors in White, Burgundy, and Blue, or vinyl covering in Black, Gray and Blue.

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