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Prior to contacting us, please read the following.

Our Contact Form is the quickest way to get help with questions during and after hours. You must check your email filtering or email blocking software to make sure you receive a response from us. NeckSolutions is a division of PostureMed. Emails, including order confirmations and shipping information is via and Failure to include correct email or blocking/spam filtering will result in non-receipt.

Our phone line is for professional and technical matters, along with setting up accounts 10am – 4pm EST. We are a division of Posture Med, and that’s how we answer the phone. Difficulty getting through, leave a clear message with specific content. Failure to do this will results in non-callback. Blocked name and number calls will go to message.

Ordering is either done online or via email from established accounts. Questions are most efficiently processed via contact so we may direct to appropriate person(s) for the best response.

Contacting us through the form below enables us to have specific answers to your questions and saves busy time on the phone. The contact form is monitored both during and after hours.

For Returns: Please review our Return Policy prior to contacting us. Any return must be pre-authorized and is subject to the terms in the return policy for both online and offline orders. Responding to your confirmation email for returns speeds up the process.

We do not accept insurance for payment. Insurance varies coverage both across policies and within the same policy. You or your health care provider can contact your insurance company regarding coverage and claim submission.

We do not answer questions regarding diagnosis of medical conditions – consult your specific health care provider. We do not respond to inquiries about questions that this page answers or questions that are directly answered on the product pages.

If you still have questions after reviewing the information on this page, you may contact us and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion.

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