Comfort Neck Traction Allows The Same Quality Traction Received During Office Therapy

The Comfort Neck Traction device is meticulously designed to supply optimum comfort, effectiveness, as well as simplicity of use. Particulars which showcase this exceptional design involve a push of a button quick releasing pump, along with a memory foam head rest which cradles the head. Moreover, carrying the comfort neck traction unit is convenient by making use of light-weight resilient components and a carry case using rolling in line wheels as well as a retracting stow-away handle usually seen in top-quality ballistic travel luggage. <read more>

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The Comfort Neck Traction features a maximum traction force of fifty pounds. Angles regarding incline or slanting can be adjusted to ten, fifteen as well as twenty degrees – without any extra pieces or accessories. The hand pump shows pressure both in lbs as well as kgs. The neck wedges can be individually adjusted and also the head rest materials are space-age foam. Professional-quality with tests for fifteen thousand cycles that equates to using the Comfort Neck Traction 3 x every day for Fifteen years!

Comfort Neck Traction Details

Comfort Neck Traction Details


Comfort Neck Traction Angles

The Comfort Neck Traction features a totally adjustable angle without having to purchase additional components and can be suggested through your health care professional.

Neck Traction Angle Adjustment


The shaping memory foam head rest cradles your head intended for optimum comfort and ease through the traction therapy sessions.

Comfort Neck Traction Pillow


Comfort Neck Traction Neck Wedges

Independently Adaptable Neck Wedges supply a customized fit. 2 adaptable clips around the rear of the comfort neck traction enables each individual wedge to be relocated inward as well as outward.

The neck wedges adjust by hand to (five positions) in order to easily fit the rear of the head and also neck. Your specialist or therapy clinician can decide the appropriate neck wedge placing for your comfort neck traction. The wedge cap (provided) can be utilized to get a customized fit. Don’t vary from your own clinician’s advice.

Adjusting Traction Neck Wedges


Quick Discharge Switch allows you to press in order to discharge the traction pressure.

The hand pump features a discharge switch that lets off air coming from the diaphragm as well as will bring the head carriage directly into neutral location. The comfort neck traction discharge switch could also be used to assist in intermittent traction.

In an urgent situation, completely press as well as hold the discharge switch until traction unit is within neutral location.


The trademarked hand pump allows you to raise or reduce traction force

The provided air-driven hand pump changes the pressure of the traction supplied. When you pump air directly into the holding chamber within the diaphragm, the pressure gauge shows the quantity of force getting placed on your cervical area using lbs/kgs of pressure.

Your medical professional or therapy clinician determines the appropriate quantity of pressure for your comfort neck traction. Never vary from the prescribing professional’s advice. Doing this could be detrimental to your medical condition. The values indicated on the hand gauge match the pressure applied to the neck, via the traction force slide.

Comfort Neck Traction Hand Pump


The head strap provides a comfortable and secure fit for traction application

Comfort Neck Traction Head Strap
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The comfort neck traction is often prescribed with specific details regarding application for your neck condition.

Before Using the Comfort Neck Traction

Carefully examine as well as acquaint yourself with the comfort neck traction instructions. Pay attention to the subsequent items:

  • traction pressure (keep in mind traction shouldn’t result in pain)
  • traction length of time regarding each treatment
  • hold and relax periods for intermittent application (if recommended). Just before use, make sure to use a watch in order to time the treatment.
  • number of traction sessions every day or weekly
  • neck wedge placement (Adjustments One To Five)
  • The Comfort Neck Traction Device needs to be returned to surrounding temperatures when stored over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit as well as below fifty degrees Fahrenheit

Assembly – none required.

Comfort Neck Traction Set-up

Place the Comfort Neck Traction over a secure, level, non slippery surface like a floor with carpet. Ensure that you have adequate room to lay down with a completely extended posture and the unit isn’t sitting on the air hose.

Make certain the wedges are situated in accordance to the advice of your professional . (Configurations One To Five) Release head strap.

Comfort Neck Traction Protocols

Recommended for use

The Comfort Neck Traction Unit is designed to address musculoskeletal as well as nerve problems associated with the neck in order to alleviate pain, loosen up muscular spasms, and decompress spine structures.

Not recommended for use

Neck Traction needs to be avoided for any affliction of the cervical spine in which motion may irritate the situation or even lead to instability, injury and/or nerve injury in danger of causing paralysis or even ischemia.

Comfort Neck Traction Setup:

1. Tension should be up to 7 – 10 percent body weight.

2. Adjust for level of neck flexion.
Upper Area = 10 degrees – slide to top location
Mid Area = 15 degrees – slide to mid location
Lower Area = 20 degrees slide stand to lowest location

3. Take off all jewelry, glasses or any object which may get in the way. Wear loose clothes to have the neck area easily accessible, as the traction should be in contact with skin and not over clothes.

4. Lie on your back, having the neck in between the neck wedges, adjusting them to a snug position.

5. Use the hand pump to achieve the appropriate traction force level.

According to your doctor’s recommendations, neck traction may be used for acute neck pain, capsulitis, Cervical Spondylosis, Chronic Neck Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease which may lead to radiculopathy and neck pain. Traction may alleviate pressure on discs and decrease pressure on nerves, enhancing nutrients into the disc. Facet Joint Syndrome, traction may increase mobility of the cervical joints. Headaches, Muscle Spasms – Traction may relax muscle spasms of the neck and may benefit osteoarthritis through increasing motion and decreasing pressure on facet joints. Cervical Radiculopathy – Neck Traction may alleviate radiculopathy from pressure on nerve roots.

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