Our Chiropractic Neck Pillow Uses Memory Foam Along With Therapeutic Foam And Soft Fiber For Comfort, Support And Neck Pain Relief

The Chiropractic Neck Pillow uses memory foam for an adaptable therapeutic edge which continuously conforms to your neck for gentle, corrective support while the therapeutic foam provides a stable base and soft fiber provides superior head support and comfort. < read more >

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Chiropractic Neck Pillow
chiropractic neck pillow

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The Chiropractic Pillow has narrow and wide memory foam contour support edges and a soft fiber center, flip the pillow and there are 2 more options which increase the density, so you have four support options in one pillow. A unique feature provided by the edges of this pillow is a mild therapeutic traction of the neck for additional neck pain relief.

The Chiropractic pillow is great for recovering from whiplash injury, muscular tension and neck related headaches, degeneration from arthritis, tmj problems, and is a crucial part of neck pain management. It is a full sized bed pillow measuring (L)23″ x (W)15.5 x (H)4.25″, featuring quality, American made memory and therapeutic foam along with a non-allergenic soft fiber for a comfortable, effective, durable and long lasting pillow.

The gentle traction feature works while you sleep to help provide correct neck alignment and head support. In my experience, this is one of the best pillows on the market. I have used this pillow for many years It is perfect for anyone who enjoys the benefit of therapeutic and memory foam along with the coolness and comfort of soft fiber.

back and side sleeping

In some cases, ear problems may be aggravated by the high density and warmth of foam and memory foam pillows. The Chiropractic Pillow solves this problem by providing dual foam support for the neck, while the head stays cool and comfortable with the breathable fiber center.

Your neck is designed to be a strong and flexible support for your head with its network of muscles, ligaments, bones and cartilage maintaining a natural curve. The cervical spine inside your neck is a naturally curved column of the top 7 spinal bones (vertebrae). During sleep, as muscles and ligaments relax, your neck can become distorted. Stress from improper motion and poor sleeping positions, can cause you to awaken tired and/or in pain!

Improve Neck Posture with Chiropractic Neck PillowThe chiropractic pillow improves posture while sleeping helping to restore the normal relationship between the head and neck. X-ray studies used in the development of the chiropractic neck pillow show the improved position of the neck going from a standard pillow to the chiropractic pillow. You can see the natural curve returning to the neck. Poor neck posture has been shown to be associated with many health problems including higher rates of neck pain, pain between the shoulders and headaches. The long term consequences of poor sleeping posture causes strain on neck muscles, disc bulges and herniations, joint inflammation in arthritis, and pinched nerves. A great solution is the Chiropractic Neck Pillow.

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Chiropractic Neck Pillow Features

pillow positions 1 & 2
BRACE: Wide Firm Edge,
Medium Center
Perfect for recent sufferers of neck trauma; accommodates swelling
BALANCE: Narrow Firm Edge,
Medium Center
Optimized for rehabilitation – up to 4 weeks post-trauma
pillow positions 3 & 4
COMFORT: Wide Medium Edge,
Soft Center
Preventative; offers deep comfort, spinal alignment in a firmer support
COMFORT: Narrow Medium Edge,
Soft Center
Preventative; offers deep comfort, spinal alignment in a softer support

The pillow was developed to help provide therapeutic neck support during rest. Its really four pillows in one. If you need firm support, the Narrow Edge/Medium Center combination should meet your needs. If you require a softer support the Wider Edge/Softer Center combination may be just right. A few minutes of experimentation with the chiropractic pillow will determine the combination that is just right for you. The pillow provides a softer memory foam edge for increased comfort.

Chiropractic Neck Pillow Traction Use

To use the gentle traction feature, position the firm edge under your head, touching your shoulders. Bend your knees and push upward slightly with your feet so the back of your head sinks into the middle section. Now straighten one leg, then the other. This action will pull the neck downward creating a mild traction as the head is held gently but firmly by the foam edge. This results in a relaxation of the neck muscles and helps create normal neck posture which can help nerves, bones muscles, tendons and ligaments in your neck and shoulders function better to aid in natural neck pain relief.

chiropractic pillow traction feature

The Chiropractic neck pillow comes in standard size only: for average adults. If you need this pillow in smaller or larger sizes: for children and adults under 110 pounds or for larger adults over 180 pounds, see the other Chiropractic Pillow version. It uses standard therapeutic foam instead of the memory foam edges on the chiropractic neck pillow, but comes in a variety of sizes.

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Do NOT WASH your pillow! Washing, even hand washing, can destroy the comfort and therapeutic benefits. You may freshen your pillow by an occasional light spraying with Lysol or other brand spray. The pillow comes with a zippered protector and should be used under a regular pillow case cover.

I received an email from Jennie C. regarding this pillow:

“Hello, I received my pillow and am absolutely thrilled. I had one of these about 20 years ago and have been hunting one ever since it wore out. My first good night’s sleep was last night. No neck and back pain. In fact, I layed so long on my back asleep that my legs fell asleep; I’m talking hours with no pain. Today, no pain. Thank you. Any customers you have need to look at the demonstration that you have on the web site about how to position oneself. It works. Jennie”

We emailed Jennie back to ask her permission to post her comment:


The chiropractic neck pillow is a medium/soft pillow in relation to firmness. For a medium firmness version available in different heights, please see the chiropractic pillow. If you are mainly a side sleeper, the special neck pain pillow keeps the fiber center for back sleeping, but adds foam to the side portions for better side support. Yet another part of this family of pillows that has the most firmness and greatest height levels is the egg crate pillow.

The family of pillows are often used by chiropractic patients by recommendation of their doctor. These pillows have many years of clinical use. This version is one of the best. By adding a special memory foam to the edges, break in time is reduced and comfort is increased. Prior to using the posturemed pillow, I used this pillow for many years and highly recommend it. I did not use the firmer sides, however, it is a nice feature to have available. I used the narrow edge. The function of the pillow is similar to having contours on typical cervical pillows as the neck is supported and the head allowed to rest back in a good posture. So, this is a great version for average sized adults, both men and women.

In practice, there is always a style for every patient. The standard version provides a slightly firmer edge, but is available in different sizes in the same foam and fiber combination, just no memory foam. The egg crate version can accommodate very large patients and those who need firm support. While this is usually a personal preference; the manufacturer has recommendations for stages of care. This is a good guide and shows the versatility of the pillow. There are times when muscle guarding will respond better to the pillow flipped around to allow more flexion. This depends on patient size and condition. This position may also help when the facet joints are inflamed. In general, I find this version of the pillow to be beneficial for most adults. Given a choice, when actually feeling the pillow, most patients will choose the memory foam chiropractic neck pillow, as it was named by one of my patients some years ago. However, there is a version to accommodate every patient and condition. Some of the larger patients and athletes prefer the egg crate version to provide the level of support necessary to support higher weight, and the neck pain version is a great therapeutic pillow for those in pain who like to sleep on their sides and is available in different heights.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding this Chiropractor Recommended Pillow, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.

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