Chiro Collar Supports The Head For Relief Of Postural Strain, Injury Recovery & Relaxes Sore Neck Muscles

An anatomically designed solution for a support collar that is lightweight and helps relieve pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles with help in supporting the weight of your head. While not a rigid neck brace, the Chiro Collar is comparable in support and comfort to many of the more expensive soft collars and can also help protect the neck muscles from cold drafts, which can aggravate stiff, painful muscles.

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Collar Sizing:

This special cervical collar is one size fits most measuring 19.5 x 4 inches with a 3 inch Velcro closure. It uses a special chin supporting contour, angled, vertical supports in the front moisture wicking, airy material.

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Special Head Support Design

The vertical supports follow the angled support of the sternocleidomastoid muscles (scm muscles), which are the large muscles that control head motion and rotation. It is a major postural supportive muscle and, when strained, causes not only neck pain, but headaches and can even refer pain to the jaw and ear. It is also involved in the global postural effects of forward head posture and is often overactive in compensation for weak deep cervical flexor muscles.

The SCM is the longest muscle in the cervical spine and is often involved in minor whiplash accidents, especially when the head is turned, but can fail to heal properly causing chronic neck pain and headaches. When bending, it is the furthest from the neutral axis and develops the greatest tension forces. It has been shown to more easily fatigue in neck pain patients, as indicated in a 2003 study in the journal Clinical Neurophysiology; therefore, particular attention to this is important in choosing a neck brace.

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Chiro Collar is not a magic brace and is used in conjunction with proper treatment. Your doctor may suggest a cervical collar for a period of time to alleviate strain on the neck structures while healing from an injury. Typical foam collars can be quite misleading as they are generally a cheap piece of foam wrapped in cloth. This can be used for emotional support, to be a reminder of better posture, or to pad someone’s wallet.

Fortunately, a great solution is available with the Chiro Collar as the standard benefits are provided and real, anatomical and physiological based function and support is achieved.

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Neck & shoulder muscles become sore and tense when the head is held in the same posture for long periods like sitting at a computer and driving. You can notice when a person is sitting and falling asleep, the head drops down as the muscles relax. Using this support is helpful in preventing this head drop and assisting the neck muscles in supporting the head. While it is not designed to support the full weight of the head, like the Headmaster Collar, the ChiroCollar aids in support of the head and makes a great travel companion.

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The unique design permits a surprising amount of support in using a thinner construction than most foam based collars. It has an adjustable Velcro closure and it conforms to your neck for a nice anatomical fit.

The support offered can be used for mild injuries like sprains and strains or whiplash, and conditions where a rigid collar is not necessary. It is a good long term use brace for cervical spine arthritis.

Whether you travel by car, airplane, bus or train, this is a great support to help you arrive stress free at your destination

Neck Collar Instructions

With the chin contour and vertical supports in the front, place chiro collar around your neck and fasten the Velcro closure. The support should be comfortable and not too tight. Center the front correctly, then pull the bottom part slightly down under your chin. You should feel a slight, gentle lifting of the head.

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