Chiro Body Pillow Offers Full Body Comfort And Conforms To Your Anatomy

The chiro body pillow provides unique support with specially designed foam pieces that interlock for better control. Just fluff it up and sink into the soft, yet supportive pillow that is great for side sleeping positioning for better neck and back posture and back sleeping to ease back pain by placing under the knees.

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chiro body pillow
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Measures 18 inches wide by 54 inches long
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medical grade special foam fill
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If you are looking for a lightweight, soft and comfortable full body pillow, this is one you should consider. It is covered in a special all cotton pillow case that is breathable, yet resists dirt and dust mites from getting in. It is completely washable and easy to clean in the washer and dryer for a pillow that remains comfortable and clean for years.

american made quality materials

The special polyfoam fill is made of small asymmetrical cut pieces that are breathable, soft and interlock to maintain its fluff. It is anti-microbial and is medical grade professional quality for health and support, giving you comfort and body support that conforms to your particular anatomy.

It is made in the United States and uses materials that will not go flat. Just fluff it up and the interlocking polyurethane foam pieces mold into shape for more support where you need it. This is a soft body pillow and designed for comfort, so if you like firm support, this is not for you. The Chiro Body Pillow is a premium version of the my pillow line designed for professional recommended support for those who need gentle, yet quality pillows like the Chiro Neck Support Pillow.

full body pillow 18 x 54
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The Chiro Body Pillow will conform and adjust to you, staying cooler than most body pillows. You don't even need a cover because the material is so comfortable and the entire pillow can be just thrown into the washer and then tumbled dry in the dryer anytime. Guaranteed for 10 years by the manufacturer not to go flat.