Cervical Traction Neck Pillow Helps Restore Correct Neck Alignment & Ease Stiff Muscles

The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow utilizes an anatomically shaped design to completely support the head as well as neck permitting complete comfort involving neck, shoulder and also upper back muscle groups. This is an incredible experience in body and mind comfort. Reversal of the cervical curve is among the main reasons for headaches. Taking advantage of the cervical traction neck pillow for only a matter of minutes per day, it can help you restore correct cervical posture as well as relieve you from neck pain and also neck related headaches. <read more>

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Utilize the neck traction pillow for relaxing positioning with regard home treatment as well as assisting with professional Massage therapy and also Chiropractic care.

Your neck will be cradled in the neck traction pillow as well as easily supported to attain correct cervical curve.

Cervical Traction Neck Pillow Use

Place the traction neck pillow on a floor or up against the backrest of a recliner. Lower into the device ensuring that the bottom of your head can be supported between the contoured lobes. Settle back the full weight of your head, shoulders and neck on the pillow to experience complete comfort and support from the gentle traction force it generates.

Cervical Traction Pillow Details

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  • Unwinds tension from neck as well as upper back strain
  • Assists in restoration of the all-natural cervical curve
  • Relaxing and effective tractioning device
  • Ideal for meditating, relaxing, relief from stress headaches as well as neck pain

Cradling the head as well as neck within appropriate position to encourage mild traction. Appropriately as well as pleasantly supports the neck to achieve correct cervical alignment to improve posture. An ergonomically shaped contour makes it possible for complete unwinding of your muscles providing full enjoyment. This straightforward, structurally constructed support produces a great body-mind serenity. Bad cervical alignment is regarded as one of the factors behind tension headaches. This unique traction pillow is good for doctors to employ with regards to their patients, as well as for private use for those who wish to relax his or her muscles safely and securely for maximum comfort. Make use of the cervical traction pillow for only a matter of minutes each daily session for helping reestablish good cervical aligning and also release your neck from tension, stiffness and even headaches.

Employ the neck traction pillow in order to gently traction the cervical spinal column. The most beneficial cervical traction neck pillow available to get rid of neck pain as well as muscular stiffness.

Intended for proper alignment as well as pain relief. Can help minimize stress headaches in addition to neck discomfort. Assists in stretching out the upper body and neck muscles which have become shortened due to postural problems, stress or injury.

The traction neck pillow has been specially designed to assist in providing alleviation for individuals that have problems with tension headaches as well as neck discomfort by means of working to reestablish the natural contour of the neck while you lay down over the cervical traction neck pillow. For those who have healthy posture, with your head properly stable above the spinal column, sustaining it in place demands little effort with no discomfort. Nevertheless, when the head positioning gets unbalanced (typically slanting forwards from the pursuits regarding daily living such as remaining hunched looking at a laptop or desktop computer), the musculature of the neck has to perform much harder. For many individuals with this type of issue, the back portion of the neck muscle groups have grown to be overextended, even though the front side muscle groups have become short or tense, resulting in a forward lean of the head as well as shoulder areas.

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