Cervical Support Pillow Provides Comfortable Sleeping In Any Position

The cervical support pillow has a special design that permits you to sleep in the back, side & stomach sleeping positions. This is one of our most versatile pillow designs ever. It is available in either foam for extra support or fiber fill for extra comfort and coolness during warm temperatures and makes a great pillow for women suffering hot flashes.

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The pillow measures 22 by 15 by approximately 4 inches. The down like feel of the cooling fiber fill comes without a custom fitted zippered cover, and the foam version is a one piece molded, soft to medium/soft foam that comes with the custom fitted zippered cover. The fiber version uses high grade, very soft, polyfiber that does not clump and is hand stuffed to exacting specifications inside a hand sewn and sanitary poly/cotton white casing.

The fiber version is more fluffy, while the foam is more uniform and flat. Smaller framed individuals will do well with the foam, while larger framed individuals do better with the fiber. So, in general, average size will use either foam or fiber. Smaller – foam, larger – fiber. There is not a huge difference, but this is a good guide. The foam fits loose in the cover. You may use a regular cover over the fiber. If you get a foam pillow cover. it will fit the fiber, however, it is tight, requires care putting it on, and may rip, so it is not recommended. Both are very soft, comfortable and supportive, for back, side and stomach sleeping.

This is one of the very few pillows recommended for stomach sleeping. It is the only cervical pillow that provides distinct support for the neck in all three sleeping positions. It uses an orthopedic design to prevent shearing forces in the neck, a common source of irritation to the joints. It has a unique lower cervical spine section for full support of the seven bones (vertebrae) that make up the cervical spine.

It is common for individuals to experience pain in the neck, shoulders and back due to poor posture due to leaning over a desk for long periods or other occupations requiring extended use of computers, lifting, driving and other common sources of poor posture and strain. Being at the bottom of the neck, the seventh cervical spine bone can be placed under a lot of stress as the head is bent in different directions. It forms the base of the cervical spine, and our cervical support pillow places more importance to this area with our special lower cervical support section for back sleeping.

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For extra support, bring the lower sections of the wings above your shoulders when back sleeping and the cervical support pillow will hug your neck, offering an extra measure of support, comfort and head stabilization. The side wings allow comfortable support for side sleeping with room for the shoulders to avoid compression of joints and discs. If you prefer stomach sleeping, the side wings can be used to provide support and room to breathe without the rotation using a normal pillow, which can cause neck pain issues over time.

Cervical Support Pillow Details:

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It is a full support pillow for back, side and stomach sleeping. This means you can use one pillow that is specifically designed for all sleeping positions, instead of piling up pillows or trying to manipulate the pillow to accommodate changing positions.

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With a conventional pillow, elevated head and neck positioning results in bad spinal alignment. Spending so much time in bed, this can cause bulged discs which result in nerve inflammation and muscles spasms, producing typical morning neck pain and stiffness as well as headaches.

Using the pillow promotes a naturally supported head and neck sleeping position, easing muscles tension and permitting better spinal alignment to help keep nerves and joints free of shearing stress and irritation.

The can be used in your favorite lounge chair, sofa and even your car as a passenger. Just flip up the lower cervical support wings to keep your head more stable, comfortable and your body in line.

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Simply place the pillow at the head of the bed with the lower cervical support section tip pointed towards the foot of the bed. When back sleeping, the head is placed in the head cut out section, allowing the neck to rest comfortably on the cervical roll. This helps to keep airways open and minimized loud snoring in many individuals. For extra support and comfort, flip the lower wing ends from underneath to the front of the shoulders and the pillow will hug your neck.

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If you have not been sleeping with this pillow, you just might not have experienced how refreshed you can feel in the morning with a good night’s sleep. The patented orthopedic design significantly provides a reduction of pressure on discs, joints and nerves by offering a truly superior support for your neck in the back, side and stomach sleeping positions. Try this with your conventional or even specialty cervical pillow!

foam left fiber rightFoam Covered Left | Fiber Uncovered Right

The cervical support pillow is a combination of a head cut out section, a cervical roll with full cervical support using a specially designed lower cervical tip section and side wings for side sleeping or to be placed in front of the shoulders for great support and comfort when back sleeping. Stomach sleeping is mad more comfortable by placing your head on the inside portion of the side wing for better neck alignment and less breathing obstruction. Built to provide night time neck pain relief allowing a better start to your day.

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