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A truly great advancement in the science of temperature regulating materials is the phase change material (PCM). We use it in our most popular neck brace and our special sectional neck pillow, where the covering incorporates the temperature regulating material. Now with the latest advancement is the carbon memory foam pillow, where the foam incorporates not only the phase change material, but combines it with graphite as well, to produce the most advanced pillow for comfort and temperature regulation.

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To create a new development in the science of memory foam, the pillow is infused with a proprietary blend of microencapsulated phase change material called OmniPhase. PCM produces continuous adjustments in temperature between the environment and the body, maintaining the optimal sleeping temperature range. The second phase of the temperature regulation is the graphite infusion. Graphite has excellent thermal conduction properties for removing heat. The graphite molecules form conductive pathways, channeling heat from the neck, face and head. A mesh cover made of Tencel creates a smooth, soft surface that aids in humidity control and maximizes contact with the phase change material coating.

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This is the most effective temperature regulating pillow available, while maintaining the supportive, conforming comfort of memory foam. The unique blend of graphite and phase change material is is redefining what it means to sleep on a pillow that will stay cool throughout the night. It also uses airflow technology that combines to produce distinct neck and head support regions that compliment the cervical spine for those with neck issues.

Phase Change Technology

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Cooling Tecnology You Can Feel

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  • Continuous thermoregulation using microencapsulation of phase change material providing premium sleeping comfort.

  • Infused with super conducting molecules of graphite to form heat distributing channels that conduct heat naturally for a cooler neck, head and face.

  • Ventilation holes throughout the pillow to increase airflow.

  • A smooth, soft mesh cover allows maximal exposure to the microencapsulated phase change coating.

  • Enjoy the most advanced and comfortable memory foam pillow cooling technology.

  • Measures 16 x 29 inches (queen), with a 6 inch height