The Back Support For Car Provides Support To The Back, Neck And Head While Driving Or Sitting

Designed to provide correct posture for the entire spine, the back support for car gives the best possible support to the head, neck, upper back and lower back to reduce driver fatigue, relieve painful posture related conditions and help to prevent a whiplash type neck injury.

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Back Support For CarProvides back support and can protect you from a whiplash neck injury while riding in a car. It can also be used as a chair back support in the office or at home.

1) Lumbar support provides greater comfort by reducing back pain and fatigue

2) Side supports cradle the kidney area providing lateral stability

3) Auto Support Head ” Neck Rest helps to prevent whiplash

4) Unique and simple fastening system

Back Support For Car Small: $149.99
Back Support For Car Medium: $159.99
Back Support For Car Large: $169.99
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Choosing Correct Size

Available in 3 sizes: general measurement by height.
Small: (5′ 2″ and Under) | Medium: (5′ 2″ – 6′ 2″) | Large: (6′ 2″ and Over)

Optional Measurement for Back Support For Car
Specific Measuring Method

Back Support For Car Details

Small: 28.5″L x 18″W x 6″D
Medium: 30″L x 18″W x 6″D
Large: 32″L x 18″W x 6″D

The back support for car reduces back and neck pain by reducing fatigue commonly encountered when sitting for extended periods. The ergonomic side supports cradle the kidney areas comfortably and provides lateral spinal support. A simple belt system allows easy fastening to any car single seat or chair. The strap measures approximately 39 inches or 99 centimeters at maximum stretch.

Ergonomically designed and can be placed over and attached to the existing car seat or chair that supports your back and neck. In fact, it can reduce the forces generated to the head and neck in a rear collision. By allowing the driver and/or passenger of a car to easily sit in correct posture, pressure and stress is taken off the neck and back muscles which decreases their fatigue and increases comfort.

The neck support is more comfortable than the many original head rests, especially in older vehicles. By providing a substantial increase in the support to the head and neck, the back support for car makes long distance driving more comfortable and safer.

With it’s light weight, the back support for car is easy to travel with from home to car and office. It will not obstruct the rear view and provides therapy while you drive, rest and work.

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Car Back Support In Office or Home Chair

In addition to your car seat, the support can improve the comfort of your office chair and provide more productive work. Anatomically designed to support your lower back, upper back and neck properly, leaving your shoulder blades free for unrestricted movement and providing a stable posture base for long hours on the road, at work or home.

Research shows the importance in reducing the distance from the back of the head to the headrest in reducing neck injury risk in rear end whiplash neck injuries. The greater the distance between the head from the headrest, the more likely that a this type of neck injury will occur. An effective head restraint as provided will reduce forces associated with neck injury. The large majority of headrests in current auto models are not effective in preventing neck injury because the headrest is too far back behind the head which allows neck injury to occur before the headrest is contacted.

Car Back Support In Auto

Ensure installation does not interfere with airbags, seat belts or other safety equipment by consulting your owner’s manual. We will not be liable for any damage or injury that may occur as a result of, or in conjunction with, the improper use or fastening of the back support for car.

This Is Also Available Without The Neck Support

This is a therapeutic spinal support and is made of premium quality materials. This model has neck support, however, it is also available as a spinal support without the neck portion and can be used in a vehicle or your favorite chair. The video below shows the support without the neck portion, however, you can get a good idea from the video of how therapeutic and well designed this support is.

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