Our Buckwheat Pillows Are A 100% Natural Alternative To Foam, Fiber And Feather Pillows

All Buckwheat Pillows are not created equal! If you have ever purchased a buckwheat pillow, you may have been disappointed and frustrated with the level of support. Many of the cheaper imports are poorly filled and do not use a zipper so you have to cut the pillow, find more hulls, fill and sew! In order to provide a quality pillow that provides superior support that I would recommend, we have to provide them ourselves. At necksolutions, we are pleased to offer you superior performance buckwheat pillows.

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U Shaped Travel: (12in x 15in) 2 to 3 pounds $46.99
Traveling Sized: (12in x 16in) 2 to 3 pounds $39.99
Twin Sized: (16in x 19½in) 5 to 6 pounds $53.99
Regular Sized: (19½in x 26in) 9 to 10 pounds $59.99
Queen Sized: (19½in x 30in) 12 to 13 pounds $69.99
King Sized: (19½in x 36in) 15 to 16 pounds $79.99
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NeckSolutions Buckwheat PillowsThese are some of the best quality pillows you will find. We are not stingy with the hulls, so no need to fold the pillow over to get the right height. Our line of buckwheat hull pillows provide a consistent fill and quality materials. Our extra soft, zippered cover is 100% cotton and the only time you will need to use it would be to remove the hulls for washing or to decrease the fill as our pillows are stuffed with hulls!

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The hulls do not conduct heat and maintain a cool, comfortable temperature that you body will appreciate while you sleep. Buckwheat Pillows use hulls which conform and contour to relieve pressure on your head and ears while allowing air to circulate for added comfort.

Buckwheat Hull PillowsThe NeckSolutions Buckwheat Pillows give you stabilizing and supportive comfort and you will not find yourself constantly having to move the hulls around to get comfortable. The buckwheat hulls are accommodating for a customized fit, as the hulls instantly shift and shape for support in back and side sleeping positions. The support of consistent fill allows the deeper muscles of the neck to function more efficiently during sleep. Consistent neck support permits relief from stiff muscles, often responsible for causing a headache and contributing to a stressful and frustrating nights sleep.

The hulls are a welcome option to those who suffer feather, synthetic foam or fiber allergies or sensitivity. The term “Buckwheat” is a little misleading because it is not from the wheat family, it is a fruit relative of rhubarb. Hulls are very tough and not a good source of food for pests and do not attract bugs or grow mold. Since buckwheat is not a grain, people with grain allergies are generally not bothered by hulls. Allergic reactions to buckwheat hulls are extremely rare.

Zippered Opening For Cleaning and/or Removing HullsThe pillows are filled using ALL ORGANIC hulls grown and harvested in the U.S.A., surrounded by a 200 thread count, ALL COTTON pillowcase with a soft, yet durable zippering. The NeckSolutions Buckwheat Pillows are comforting, functionally sound, naturally healthful, and friendly for the environment. Great quality materials and careful construction means you can be proud of your pillow and use it in the best of health.

You will rest in comfort knowing we use organic hulls that are screened, filtered and vacuumed to remove any residue.

Traditionally, buckwheat pillows have a long history and have been used to help relieve a headache, upper and lower back pain, loud snoring, neck problems, tight muscles as well as stress.

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Buckwheat hulls are three dimensional in shape and do not stick together helping air to circulate freely around your head, neck and scalp. This helps keep you cool and dry on hot, humid nights. Additionally, the pillows can be cooled in the fridge or freezer for extra cooling comfort.

NeckSolutions Buckwheat Pillows are well made and constructed and with normal use should last about 8 to 10 years!