The Body Pillow Uses An Orthopedic Design Offering Comfort, Better Posture & Helps Avoid Stomach Sleeping

The body pillow uses an ergonomic teardrop design which promotes proper pelvic and shoulder alignment for the best in side sleeping solutions. It is specially designed with a memory foam that wont squish down and loose it’s shape. Instead, it gradually adapts to your body. This allows the best sleeping position suggested by health care providers. Once you have a good neck pillow for side sleeping, don’t ignore the rest of your body. Your upper and lower back need correct support as well. This is the most efficient means to support your upper back, shoulder, lower back and legs, and get the most out of side sleeping pillows for the head and neck.

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Dimensions: Large 7" by 11" by 28" | Small 6" by 10" by 28". Large - Blue Cover (5' 10" and taller) | Small - Cream Cover (5' 9" and under).

Made of very supportive memory foam. This is an orthopedic device designed for optimal positioning, while at the same time, provides great comfort and support. Multiple uses and an extra support pillow, great for supporting those with shoulder problems, a great body pillow for positioning and transitioning, even a back pillow, and use under knees for relief of lower back pain when back sleeping.

An exceptionally useful pillow created by Dr. Zachary of Doczac that has multiple functions due to his special orthopedic design and style. As a body pillow, it provides comfort and support. It provides warmth that many stomach sleepers need and helps transition from stomach to side sleeping in stages. It provides a sense of soothing security and well being. The function helps alleviate stress on the neck and back by the promotion of side sleeping and also helps to relieve shoulder stress while sleeping.

Due to neck and back pain that stomach sleeping causes by twisting the neck and hyper-extending the back, especially with a soft mattress, a common request here at is a solution for this bad posture habit when sleeping. Many have tried a pillow that is too big and heavy or uses fiber that flattens, resulting in frustration and disappointment. Many have also used leg spacers, small blocks of foam between the legs, but they are difficult to maneuver and slip out easily during the night.

Due to the lack of effective solutions, they will give up on a body pillow and inquire about a pillow for stomach sleeping. This is a difficult solution because, however, we do have one that can be used in all positions, including stomach sleeping for those that must sleep on their stomach.

Sleeping on your stomach without a special pillow causes sleeping in full head rotation for long periods. This can cause jaw joint problems, strain of neck muscles, damage to neck joints, and nerve pinching in the neck, which can cause waking up with a neck stiffness, tension and neck related headaches and long term neck problems.

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With 2 options for placement, you can experiment with the teardrop pointing both in and out to help to find your unique comfort position. Allow the heat and weight of your body to settle onto the pillow where the adaptive characteristics of the memory foam takes only seconds to activate and also help maintain body temperature on cold nights.

How The Body Pillow Can Help Stop Stomach Sleeping

How Sleeping With The Body Pillow Can Relieve Positional Stress

Stomach Sleeping Staggered Sleeping With Body Pillow Supported Side Sleeping With Body Pillow

Stomach Sleeping With Dangerous Rotated Position Leading To Neck Pain And Discomfort

Staggered Sleep Position With The Pillow Pointed In Results In Good Spinal Alignment

Supported Side Sleeping With The Pillow Pointed Out Results In Best Spinal Alignment

Stomach sleeping puts pressure on your organs, jaw, neck and back. Avoid this position while maintaining stomach warmth, pressure and support with an orthopedic design and memory foam which molds to your shape and holds body heat. The unique wedge design allows both full and staggered side sleeping positions with both comfort and support.

Getting Started

The pillow ships in a small box, so allow to reach room temperature and expand properly. Pull out the pillow and it will slowly come to life, forming its natural shape from its compressed shipping state. This allows the packaging to be easily controlled and reduces waste compared to shipping in bigger, longer boxes. Remove from package and allow to expand. Depending on temperature conditions, this may take ten minutes to a half hour. Allow to fully expand before using and you will have years of great support & comfort.

Benefits Of The Memory Foam Body Pillow

Dr. Zachary's teardrop design and shape shape provides a sleek, yet supportive designed option to large, flimsy and hard to control pillows. When you have transitioned from stomach to the full side sleeping position, or if you just need a good body pillow, the side sleeping position has many benefits. Having the neck in the correct alignment along with a the rest of your body will reduce strain and tension, allowing the muscles to relax and keeping the neck in its all-natural posture as well as reduce pressure on the internal organs.

The pillow also aligns the lower back and can help alleviate back muscle spasms. The same harmful effects with a twisted neck also apply to the lower back when not aligned correctly. The twisting stresses the joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves while you sleep. The body pillow permits alignment of the entire spine to help get a better nights sleep and wake up in the morning with less pain and stiffness.

For those suffering with persistent back pain or an acute strain or pulled muscle, using the pillow under your knees while lying on your back can help reduce muscle tension. When not in use for sleeping, the body pillow can also be positioned behind the back used for better positioning while reading or watching TV at night.

For those who do not sleep on their stomachs, experiment with the pillow using the wedge pointed in and out in order to get the most comfort possible. It will not twist up the covers and is very easy to maneuver because it is lightweight. It won't take long before you will wonder how you ever slept without it! It may not be the easiest pillow to travel with, but find the room if you can, because once you get used to it, you will feel lost without it. With its great versatility, quality, orthopedic teardrop design, durability, and Free US Shipping, it is a pillow that should not be overlooked. You will get many years of use and comfort. Great as a part of posture modification for the whole body.

Stomach sleeping places harmful torsion forces for extended periods of time. We need an orthopedic device to help phase in side sleeping. Without a specially designed stomach sleeping cervical pillow, this can lead to neck problems. Use the wedge facing towards the body, offering a mild start to side sleeping with slight position modification. Use the wedge pointed away from the body to allow a healthy side sleeping position with full body support.

Doctor's Note: In addition to a supportive neck pillow, if you have difficulty getting comfortable trying to sleep on your side, the body pillow is an excellent solution. The teardrop design and supportive memory foam is perfectly combined and this is one of my personal favorites. I have been using this - large size for years and it has held up great. It has been a great tool to help sleep on my side earlier after my second shoulder surgery. With the wedge pointed out, it allows my shoulder to comfortably relax without pain. Highly recommended!

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