Basic Neck Pillow For Proper Support In Two Ergonomic Designs Offer Effective Pain Management & Postural Modification

A time honored contoured pillow using quality therapeutic foam designed to soothe your neck while providing support in a natural posture. Helps improve the posture of your neck and may even help to relieve snoring while sleeping. Promotes alleviation of tension headaches, neck pain and the discomforts of arthritis as well as other ailments.

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Neck Pillow

Basic Neck Pillow

The basic neck pillow is made from smooth precision cut foam with two different sized support contours (4″ & 4 and 5/8″) for choice of sides in back and side sleeping or to vary your comfort level.

The neck pillow measures a generous 14.5″ x 22″ and fits a standard pillowcase – comes with a solid white pillowcase. The neck pillow provides a choice of support and comfort that is just right for you.

Available in standard and gentle support – gentle ordered if choice is not selected.

Cervical Pillow

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Basic Neck Pillow with Waved Surface

This basic neck pillow offers additonal benefits in a good quality, finely-detailed foam support cervical pillow.

The waved surface area combined with the basic ergonomic design offers balanced support and also permits fresh air circulation along with comforting your neck. The essential design and style resembles the the conventional pillow with the addition of a convoluted surface area which will help make you stay cool in hotter environments as well as provides an additional covering of comfort.

At initially, our bodies might require some time to adapt to a new pillow for a couple evenings or perhaps a couple of weeks based upon the degree of your certain neck issue. When using the basic neck or cervical pillow regarding back sleeping, begin with utilizing the smaller shape lobe. After this is comfortable you may flip the pillow about and make use of the bigger shape lobe if necessary. You may even start by making use of the contour lobes pointing down. This tends to enable a gradual adjusting of the pillow. Once you are at ease, change the pillow using the contour lobes upward and sleep on the lobe that delivers the most effective support yet still be comfortable.

Your newer sleep position can provide pain relief as well as assist in preventing nerve tension and also air passage obstruction which is actually a main reason for snoring, as well as assist in healing from whiplash along with other neck traumas. The basic neck pillow, in either design, may also help alleviate stress headaches, muscle spasms, joint and also ligament sprains.

The basic cervical pillow provides 2 contours for different support ranges at the top as well as bottom. Will fit a regular pillow case (included). Dimensions: 15″ by 22″ with 4 and 1/8 & 4 and 7/8 inch lobes.

This Basic Neck Pillow uses a convoluted-wave surface area comes in regular cervical support exclusively!

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No bells or whistles; no feathers, water, air, fiber, memory foam – just quality therapeutic foam in a time honered design. If you need assistance or have questions, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.