Backtivator Helps Alleviate Back Pain And Stiffness From Sitting

If you are looking into solutions for back pain, the Backtivator should not be overlooked.

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  • A seat cushion providing motion when you sit!

  • Research indicates continuous motion promotes a healthy back, helping to tone muscles, increase circulation and nurture discs.

  • The Backtivator uses a design to create this continual motion as you are sitting.

  • A great solution for long periods of sitting at home, the office or in a vehicle.
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Active Seat - Therapy While You Sit

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The Active Seat cushion is another solution to keeping the muscles of your back active while you sit. It can be inflated to your preference and can be used as a seat cushion, back support and even a foot rest to help prevent swelling in the legs. Anyone who uses a backtivator knows that using one in your car, the temperature differences can cause different pressure levels. The active seat has a valve that you can use to let air out or inflate it. If you are on long trips or sitting for a long period of time, you can increase the level of instability that your muscles respond to. The backtivator is set at one level - if it looses air - the cushion is no longer effective.

I have been using the Active Seat since my car backtivator deflated. It is very comfortable and gives a similar effect as the air moves inside the inflatable bladder and the reaction time is slightly quicker because it uses a low profile single air bladder design, which both relieves and equalizes pressure. The complaints I get with the backtivator are that it deflates after a period of use. The complaint I have is that, after a long period of sitting, there is no way to adjust it to increase the level of activity. I find the Active Seat provides this function very nicely. I also use the seat cushion function in combination with the back support function and the car seat head support and this makes driving much more tolerable. You can also get 2 Active Seats for the price of 1 Backtivator! It uses quality materials and should last longer than the Backtivator. In fact, if the bladder is broken, you can get a new one as it fits inside a cover that closes with Velcro.

How Does The Backtivator Work

The Backtivator will invigorate and rejuvenate the back and spine through producing a continual motion as you are sitting. Doctors and researchers are aware that for muscle, joint and cartilage, long periods of immobilizing or remaining still is harmful and damaging. Since the spinal column is composed of muscles, joints, ligaments and discs that connect to work as a whole, it needs a gentle, yet continuous motion be healthy. Motion is a guiding principle of rehabilitation; whenever your joints move, circulation of blood and fluids increase to the areas. The result is the back gets the nutrition and oxygen needed to keep the structures healthy.

backtivatorThe Backtivator utilizes 2 air filled sections which work to keep the individual components in slight motion, even as you sit still. A barely perceptible transferring of the air filled sections produces the motion in the spine and the resulting counterbalancing action of the muscles. It uses the inherent energy of the body to generate motion. Using it regularly, the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles of the back can become healthy and stay that way. Most of all it can provide needed relief and help you become more productive and enjoy life more!

The unstable nature forces your body to make subtle posture corrections when you sit, especially when using in a moving vehicle. These minor corrections, for some individuals, will alleviate back pain and muscle stiffness associated with long periods of inactivity while sitting. The pain cycle will work against many back pain sufferers as they do not want to move the back due to pain. This leads to the condition worsening, more pain and further fear of motion. Using the Backtivator can help break this cycle, encouraging motion using a controlled, yet gentle way.

The minor unstable action of the Backtivator will stimulates reflexes, tone abdominal muscle groups, activating back muscles, permitting better posture control. Because the muscles vary between continual activation and relaxation, compensating for the instability, internal stabilizing results to help in relief of pain and improvement of spinal health.

It is very light-weight, constructed of neoprene which is comfortable and durable, featuring a magnet closure system to fold in half to easily carry anywhere. The dimensions are 15 inches by 10.5 inches, allowing it to fit on any seat.

Why Use The Backtivator

Constant sitting in a still position is linked to lower back pain, neck pain and other health issues. With more and more hours being spent in the sitting position, not only at work, but in leisure time, there is an increasing need to provide motion to avoid the harmful effects on the spine, ligaments and muscles.

The Backtivator helps you become active while you sit. Slight instability may not even be noticeable, but the Backtivator is working to help. It encourages good back posture, which is important for the neck also, and keeps a low level of activity in the muscles. This encourages better muscle tone and helps increase blood flow. It is also essential for proper disc nutrition which is lacking in degenerative disc disease.

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The Backtivator is not for recent injuries in the acute or inflammatory stage, but can help rehabilitate muscles that have become weakened. Using the Backtivator can really change your sitting experience for the better.

People are gradually being forced to spend longer periods of their life sitting down. As the trend moves towards traveling longer distances to work, people will spend an increased amount of time sitting in cars, trains or planes. At work, with the advent of the electronic office, people are working longer hours and performing many tasks sitting in their seats without getting up and doing other activities.

Office work has become so dependent on computers that soon no one will be working without a computer on their desk. This also means that more and more people will be spending a longer time in front of computer screens and adopting fairly static postures over extended periods.

Babies who are strapped in high chairs, after about ten minutes, become restless, throwing their toys on the floor and reaching out to their parents. Parents may assume that the baby has become bored with the toy and offer another. The reality is that the baby has had enough of sitting down; the baby just wants to move about (change posture).

The sitting position automatically causes the back to assume a poor posture (kyphosed or straightening of the normal curve) and places strain on the bones, joints, discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The spine consists of bones called vertebrae, but the flexibility and movement within the spine is due to the discs between each vertebra. If the back is subjected to long term abuse in terms of bad sitting postures adopted, the looses the natural shape and flexibility. The vertebrae become compressed and this can cause the disc to bulge and press against the spinal cord or nerves and that gives the feeling of pain in the back.

Static work over long periods is damaging to the metabolism of the muscles. They do not get a sufficient supply of energy and cannot get rid of waste products. Muscles need oxygen and to get rid of their metabolic waste products. Dynamic work is healthier, because the muscles have the opportunity to alternate between action and relaxation.

Sitting and adopting unhealthy static postures without short frequent breaks, become at risk for back problems in the future. The question is not how good or ergonomic the seat is, but whether the users adopt bad static postures over extended periods or frequently changing dynamic postures. Of course a seat designed with sound ergonomics principles can reduce the ill effects of static postures, but it cannot eliminate them totally.

The Backtivator helps promote activity as the response to slight changes in posture allows muscles to alternate between tension and relaxation and allows spinal discs to compress and decompress. This encourages blood flow and hence prevents any build up of pressure on buttocks, legs and back.

How Can The Backtivator Help?

Use the Backtivator Seat Cushion wherever you sit; in the house, office, classroom, car, truck, plane, wheelchair, scooter, theater, concert or stadium. The Backtivator Is Therapy While You Sit!

  • Relieve Back Pain, stiffness and fatigue
  • Exercise the deep stabilizing muscles in lower back
  • Relieve disc pressure and prevent static load of the spine
  • Increase blood circulation to back muscles
  • Improve postural stability and functional balance
  • Support natural curvature of your spine
  • Improve the health of your spine
  • The Backtivator has a 90 day manufacturer warranty
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Special Note About The Backtivator

Please Note: The Backtivator, being a closed air system, will have varying product life. Depending on use, I have seen them last from 3 months to 1 year. In a vehicle, extremes of temperatures will cause the internal pressure to rise or fall. You should not leave it in the car when not in use or subject to abuse. It comes with a 90 day warranty from the manufacturer. The Backtivator Warranty card is included with every unit and should be immediately filled out and mailed in to the manufacturer. If you have lost your card, you can print one out following the warranty link above. In case it deflates, the Backtivator cannot be re-inflated. The manufacturer will require you to have the card with proof of purchase and send your unit to the manufacturer for it to be replaced if it is within the 90 day warranty period. Obviously, this is no longer an issue and is the reason they are discontinued.

Please follow these instructions in case of deflation, as We Do Not Replace Backtivators, you must use the manufacturer warranty as described in detail above.