The Back Wrap With Infrared Deep Heating Technology

Heat is a great form of therapy for chronic back problems and has been used for centuries to relieve aches and pains. With technological advances, it is now possible to have a Back Wrap that provides infrared heat therapy to penetrate deep into muscles and joints for a more effective heat application to an area that is often difficult to penetrate deeply enough to have desired benefits. <read more>

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The Back Wrap provides infrared heat, which can penetrate into the tissues more deeply than traditional wraps and hot packs. Now, infrared is not like surface heating pads and will not feel quite like a hot bath or a hot moist pad, but it is safer and more effective. You should familiarize yourself with the facts about infrared heat therapy, because you will better know what to expect. Many say that it is not hot enough, and they are partially correct. It will not feel as hot as on the surface as more conventional forms of heat because it can use a lower temperature to penetrate deeper than these other types of heat. This lowers the risks of burns and more effectively treats deeper tissues like joints and discs that standard hot packs can’t.

Sizing For The Back Wrap

Measuring at the waist, the regular fits up to 40 inches and the large size fits 40 to 50 inches. If you are between sizes or near between sizes, choose the smaller wrap as it should fit snug for the best contact and therapeutic benefit.

Is The Back Wrap For Me?

targeted heat therapyWell, if you have minor problems that are more superficial like muscle soreness and you just want the warming sensation of heat therapy, go with the back heating pad. But, if you have more complex chronic conditions like a facet joint problem, herniated disc or deep muscle, joint and ligament problems, the Back Wrap using infrared technology will provide the best therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of the Back Wrap

The Back Wrap uses low voltage to power the technology, which helps avoid any negative effects of higher voltage electromagnetic forces so close to the body.

Research indicates the infrared waves will be able to go through as much as two to three inches directly into muscular tissues as well as ligaments. As infrared heating penetrates through skin and into muscle tissues and ligaments, it then converts from non-visible or non-luminous energy directly into heating energy. This heat influence inside the deeper levels of tissue causes blood capillary vessels to expand which will enhance the circulation of blood plus promote healing along with wellness.

All-natural, safe, and simple to apply, the non-invasive infrared heat Back Wrap could possibly be the most remarkable personalized home heat therapy advancement within more than a decade!

A 2015 study in the journal Work found infrared therapy for 4 weeks at work provided significant low back pain pain relief and improved quality of life in those suffering pain not responding to other methods of treatment.

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What Is The Difference Between The Back Wrap Battery & Plug In Models?

The Back Wrap does come in 2 different forms of power. They are essentially the same, except for one uses a lithium ion rechargeable battery and one uses a power cord plug in.

The plug in back wrap provides continuous use of 30 minute treatments without having to worry about recharging. The power cord is low voltage and is about 6 feet long to offer plenty of room to get comfortable anywhere near an outlet. Since it is easy to turn off and unplug directly from the back wrap, you can unplug it and leave it on when you need to be mobile, and then plug it back in when you return.

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The battery powered Back Wrap uses a very efficient battery to power the back wrap, cord free for up to 5 hours. This allows total freedom of motion and continuous use and is great for those who travel or move around a lot at home or at work. Both models use the same form of controller to easily turn it on, off and change heat settings with a simple click of a button. The battery powered model has a clear window pocket right in the wrap for easy access. Get 5 hours of use on the low setting and 2 hours of use on the highest setting without having to recharge. For those who need more time between recharges, an extra battery can be purchased to have a spare available or to use one while charging the other.

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Is The Back Wrap Comfortable?

It is made of neoprene for stretchability and the inner part has a fleece lining. Therefore, the Back Wrap will fit comfortably. Add the heat and you have a soothing and relaxing heat therapy for sore back muscles and the ability to effect deeper structures for relief of chronic arthritis and rehabilitation for conditions related to sports injuries.

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What Conditions Can The Back Wrap Help?

The Back Wrap can help with pain from a herniated disc in the back along with recovery from back muscle strain and muscle spasms. The back wrap is versatile enough to apply for lower as well as upper back pain and can be used in the front to help with monthly cramping or even irritable bowel syndrome, as well as other soft tissue problems and conditions where deep heat is beneficial.

Back Wrap Instructions

Place the Back Wrap around your back with the logo facing outward. Bring the straps around the sides of the back to the front. Pull until comfortably snug and place the side with the logo over the other side to fasten the velcro.

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