A Unique Back Support Design With Air Flow Channels And Strong Fastening System For A Comfortable And Custom Fit

Use in the car or your favorite chair, the Back Support helps to provide relief of postural back pain as it conforms to the natural curve of your back. The unique logic system of support and lightweight construction makes this a perfect companion for home, the office and on the road. Unzip the back and adjust the supports individually to fit ergonomically in just about any seat. <read more>

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Sitting in a poor posture for an extended amount of time can produce back pain through muscle fatigue. When your back muscles work extra hard to support you, the base of your spine is weakened and the upper back and neck become fatigued as well, further contributing to poor posture. We have discussed poor posture problems related to the neck, however, posture of the lower back can also effect your neck and a good back support can help both your back and neck, aligning the spine as a whole.

Benefits Of The Back Support

    • Open space at the base provides direct lumbar support, allowing the sacrum to be correctly positioned behind the lumbar spine and prevents seatback pressure

    • Reduces heat build up by allowing air to flow through the support

    • Easy, adjustable straps allow a custom support for every seat and every back

    • Portable, sleek and lightweight (weighs just 21 ounces) makes it easy use for traveling

  • Chiropractic design using logicback technology allows correct ergonomic sitting posture for most car seats, office seats and home chairs
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With the back aligned and legs properly supported, the muscles can relax. Now you can sit back fully and enjoy direct back support providing a stable base for the upper back and neck. Great to maintain optimal posture and support to relieve and prevent back discomfort. Many posture problems are created when sitting in a poor position with no support of the back in the normal protective curve. Using the back support allows you to rest the lumbar spine in a position that conforms to the natural curvature. The back support has a unique chiropractic logicback design that helps reduce back fatigue while sitting.

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backsupport-chair.jpg Traditionally designed seating fails to provide vital support and stability for the lower back. The back support provides a lightweight and portable solution to this problem. When compressed by your own body weight, the support continuously readjusts and responds to your movements as the straps hold it securely to your chair providing custom support while air flow circulates to prevent overheating and sweating commonly found with many popular lumbar support cushions.

Feel your spine and lower back being properly supported as the back support holds your back muscles at rest, promoting good posture and ergonomic support in the upper back and neck.

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The use of chairs for extended periods is associated with back pain and is a crucial factor for decline in work productivity. Relief and increased work productivity can be enhanced with increased comfort through better ergonomics. In order to increase comfort and decrease the risk of injury, ergonomic seating typically employs support for the lumbar spine to keep the lower back in a more natural posture, reducing muscular strain and stress on joints and discs. Many individuals will try to conform to these standard lumbar supports incorporated into chairs by arching backwards into the support.

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This back support provides an easy way to adjust spinal posture and alleviate related low back strain while sitting through supporting a neutral position and can be an effective, low cost solution for reducing suffering from posture related back pain.

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Back Support Science

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A 2013 study in Chiropractic & Manual Therapies Journal indicted using the support that features a cutout part for the pelvis was able to increase comfort in those with back pain as well as healthy individuals and improving seated posture.

The back support may help is reducing risk factors for low back pain in those who spend a great deal of the time sitting. By keeping the spine in a neutral posture, it can reduce low level contractions of the muscles and increaes in disc pressure. Over time, this type of strain can cause back problems like disc herniations and degeneration.

With many standard back cushions, the back part of the pelvis and buttocks can push the body forward and defeat the purpose of support. Compensation can lead to additional strain and discomfort, therefore, making the support useless, or even harmful. Because the back support takes this important feature into consideration, along with the adjustable features, this support may succeed where others have failed. My brother in law is a radiologist and really like this support when working. I had given my sister one when she had a lot of traveling to do in her car. Despite her car having a lumbar support built in, she was very impressed with the added comfort. When her and her husband started fighting over it, I gave him one too. He does not like it so much in his car, but loves it in his office chair. I told him he may need to adjust it. He did not know it was adjustable, so I explained this to him.

How The Back Support Works

The support is a lightweight, portable device, which bows out in the front (convex) and uses a unique contouring with an arc for an opening opening to allow for the pelvis soft tissue mass, providing a more neutral and unrestrained posture. The back is a frame of solid plastic that follows the contour and provides a more rigid surface for the to act like a bow that is strung in the front using 4 adjustable straps. The straps are elastic and able to focus on the lower back without the distortion of the pelvis. There is a fastening band to secure the device to the back of the seat. The pelvis should be pushed all the way back into the cutout, hips and knees at 90 degrees, feet flat. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove things like keys or big wallets is the pockets or even a belt that might be obstructing comfort and posture. The straps can then be tensioned to your personal preference, firmer or softer for each individual strap.

So, where most back supports do not take into account the pelvic mass pushing the spine forward, this support allows better positioning on the seat (seat pan) in order to maintain a better neutral position and avoid long term strain. While it is not the perfect support, and the search continues, this is a significant advantage and improvement.

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