Back Heating Pad Provides Digital Control And High Quality Moist Heat Therapy For The Back In 3 Different Sizes

The Digital Moist Back Heating Pad provides effective heat therapy for relief of pain. The deep penetrating heat is available in sizes that fit most anywhere on the body. The large size is great for chronic back pain, increasing the flow of blood to remove toxins, decrease inflammation associated with back muscle strain, and provides a relaxing experience.

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With low back pain, it is often difficult to get in and out of a tub to soak the area in beneficial moist heat. With the this heating pad, just plug it in, lie down, set the time and temperature with digital control and you are ready to ease sore back muscles and stiff joints.

What could be more relaxing than easy to use moist heat after a long day sitting at the office, driving a vehicle, lifting and bending. Well, the picture shows the heating pad on top of the back, and the manufacturer says you should not lay on it. True, and I would not suggest you do, however; if your back is very stiff and it hurts to twist or it is painful to lay on your stomach, it is not very relaxing to have to twist to place it on your back and take it off. This is the one I use for my back and I love it! I lay on top of mine and have never had a problem. Very durable, easy to use, cost effective and provides great moist heat for years to come.

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Using digital technology, it produces a high quality an consistent level of moist heat. Moist heat is recommended over dry heat to help prevent congestion of fluids and burns. The Back Heating Pad draws moisture from the air, producing moist heating that soothes and penetrates into stiff muscles and joints. This can help alleviate stiffness and spasms that accompany stressed muscles from tension as well as help reduce spasm and muscle guarding from pinched nerves.

Comes in 3 different sizes, allowing a custom fit for any body size and adapts to different areas of the back, depending on where you need the application. Employing the latest technology, it utilizes a user friendly digital control to adjust the treatment time as well as heating temperature with a special screen on the hand control. Safety features include an auto shut off in case you fall asleep. You can also pause the treatment and resume it later.

Moist heat therapy applied to areas of the back can assist in healing by applying directly to the source of pain, brining in essential fluids and nutrients to remove waste and soften tissues that have become stiff and sore. The soothing effect of heat can relax muscles and nerves in addition to providing a very relaxing experience.

Back Heating Pad Features

  • Moist therapeutic heat applied directly to the back
  • No water required to produce heating as water is absorbed from the air
  • Easily adjusted for time and temperature using digital control and an LCD screen
  • Variable sizes allow targeted us fro both lower as well as upper back areas
  • A soft-fleece covering is comforting as well as gentle for the skin
  • Helps alleviate stiffness and discomfort related to back muscle strain, joint sprains, and subacute inflammation
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