Aromatherapy Memory Foam Pillows Provide Unique 2 Way Head & Neck Support & Your Choice Of Lavender, Peppermint & Chamomile

Using a unique open cell molded memory foam, complimented with head and neck zones created with special ventilating technology, you get a supportive, reactive and and responsive pillow. A comfortable, supportive bed pillow, it comes in a variety of aromatherapy memory foam pillows: lavender, chamomile, and peppermint,. There are also infusions and standard, gel and bamboo memory foam.

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Pillow Sizes

Pillows measure 29″ by 16″ (Queen Size). The standard, gel and bamboo (7″ Loft) use a quality velour removable cover for exceptional softness, very gentle for sensitive skin, while the holes provide specific neck and head support as well as ventilation. Aromatherapy memory foam pillows (6″ Loft) use a special mesh performance cover for better scent release and increased air flow.

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The same great memory foam and ergonomic technology that produces an exceptional bed pillow. With cooling ventilation and contour neck support without the contours, you can get a wonderful aromatherapy experience with natural infusion of lavender, peppermint or chamomile. This adds another measure of what is turning out to be a revolution in neck pillow design and function. All aromatherapy pillows come with a free 2ml aromatherapy spray bottle to re-freshen the aroma and even spray the sheets.

Aromatherapy Memory Foam Pillows Infused With lavender

Lavender is commonly used in aromatherapy. Studies have shown it to improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, reducing anxiety and aching, dull type pain. The natural infusion of lavender makes a great combination with the quality memory foam in this pillow. It has been used in pillows by inserting a sachet. Now, you can get the benefits of natural lavender infused in a chemical free memory foam pillow. The aroma is subtle, not an overpowering perfume smell. But it provides a great addition to the zone pillows and is my personal favorite. Soft, breathable, orthopedically designed memory foam for the best neck and shoulder support and the aromatherapy experience is great! That’s the best way to describe these very unique aromatherapy memory foam pillows. Makes a great gift!

Aromatherapy Memory Foam Pillows Infused With Chamomile

Naturally relax with our plush feel memory foam that is infused with chamomile. Roman chamomile is renown for its relaxing and soothing properties. It has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties for sharp pains, muscle pain as well as inflamed joints. It is also good for insomnia due to it’s deep calming effects. Chamomile has been used to benefit some female problems like irregular or painful periods, menopausal problems and pre-menstrual tension.

Aromatherapy Memory Foam Pillows Infused With Peppermint

Pressure relieving memory foam infused with real peppermint oil promotes relaxation naturally. Peppermint aids in clear, deep breathing and promotes mental clarity. It is cooling, and has anesthetic properties for pain relief related to the menthol content. Peppermint is soothing for inflammation and is also used to relieve headaches.

The aroma is subtle. It is designed to last 6 months to a year. The spray is used to refresh the pillow as needed.

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Standard Memory Foam Pillows

Traditional style memory foam used in all the pillows here. It is well made, soft, comfortable and supportive. Dual function design and ventilation. The soft, yet supportive feel uses a plush and reactive material that is comfortable and quick to react to changes in positions. A natural hypoallergenic and antimicrobial foam for longer lasting, clean comfort and support.

Memory Gel Foam Pillows

Gel provides a softer, cooler memory foam with very good properties for reducing pressure points that many find better than traditional memory foam. Great in combination with the zoning support. The softest and coolest of the pillows, great for women with hot flashes.

Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam infused using bamboo charcoal which regulates odors, temperature and humidity, temperature and odors. Large ventilation holes for head comfort with smaller ventilation holes for the neck and shoulders combine with the infused bamboo charcoal and soft bamboo cover for a very unique pillow that stays clean and comfortable.

Special Ergonomic Design For Neck & Head Support

The pillows are precisely machined for softer support in the center (head area), while the edges provide increased support for the neck in back sleeping and the shoulders in side sleeping. This offers the advantages of contours in a standard shaped bed pillow. The unique memory foam conforms to your personal anatomy, reacting specifically to your body temperature. The combined ventilation and memory foam produces a great pillow to help with neck pain, headaches and shoulder pain, that will last for many years and the aromatherapy and infusions add to the benefits. The shape and location of the holes not only provides special ergonomic support, but provide ventilation for better air circulation.

Your memory foam pillows are reactive to temperature. At cooler temperatures, the pillow is firmer. If you pillow arrives in cooler climates, give it some time to reach room temperature before use. Your body heat will help soften and mold the pillow to your unique anatomy. Do not use any external source of heat to warm the pillow, this can damage the pillow and void any warranty.

Sizing & Transitioning

These are plush pillows and the heights are great for transitioning. Pillow Transitioning is a method to gradually move from using 2 general pillows to one neck pillow. Some people have a very difficult time doing this. The change is just too much at once. If you now have neck pain, you need to do something about your pillow, especially those who are used to using 2 pillows at night. Many women have this problem and try pillow after pillow, yet wind up with a closet full, many of which are good ones.

Most women are going to need a lower height pillow, typically 3-4″ especially for back sleeping. I would suggest that if you are used to sleeping with 2 or more pillows, these are great to help downsize over a period of time. You get the height you are used to in a better ergonomic design, with gentle support and still give the feeling of using multiple pillows, because the height reduction is not so drastic. You may find this is all you need, but they are great ways to eventually get to the correct height without shocking your system all at once. Or, to keep the higher height and sleep with better posture and comfort.

Additionally, those with pain from a pinched nerve or irritated facet joints may also find the higher loft provides better relief when sleeping on your back. So, you get the feel of a higher height like using multiple pillows, yet you get the functionality of support for your neck in back and side sleeping that is much better than using pillows piled up.

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So these aromatherapy memory foam pillows are supportive for neck problems, airy, clean, comfortable and easy to take care of. It even has a 5 warranty to cover defects in workmanship or materials.