Anti Aging Herbal Formula Slows The Aging Process And Restores Energy

An anti aging formula designed to fortify the kidneys and promote energy. In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are considered the foundation of all energy and by restoring proper function, the effects of aging can be lessened.

Anti Aging Herbal FormulaAs people reach middle age, their kidney Qi(Energy) starts to decline and they begin to show signs of aging. Symptoms of diminishing Qi include menopause, weakening vision, sore back and knees, impotence, incontinence, frequent urination or night time urination, forgetfulness, dementia and other typically age-related conditions. Because of our modern and fast paced lifestyle, kidney energy (essential life force essence) is also depleted as it burns itself out due to over activity and destructive habits. These habits include a poor diet, being continually on the run, drinking alcohol, prescription and/or recreational drugs, and failure to get proper exercise. It is said by Chinese doctors that as people age, they begin to dry out.

This anti-aging formula replenishes the vital life force fluids that keeps energy under control and in harmony.

    Ingredients of anti Aging Herbal Formula:
  • Morinda Root and Epimedium Leaf fortify kidney yang, strengthen bones, tendons and muscles.
  • Raw Rehmannia Root fortifies kidney yin and replenishes necessary body fluids.
  • Dioscorea Hypoclauca Rhizome controls dampness, separating the pure from the impure. This is an important concept in Chinese Medicine, for the kidneys when properly functioning are said to separate the “good from the bad.” In other words, they recycle proteins and other beneficial nutrients in the body and excrete waste materials. When the kidneys are healthy and functioning properly, the efficiency of the body is much greater. When kidney function wanes, the aging process kicks in, due in great part to the ineffective removal of waste products from the body.
  • White Peony Root nourishes blood and prevents excessive loss of fluids.
  • Rosa Laevigata Fruit prevents the loss of body fluids and fortifies the kidneys and their ability to retain the life force essence.
  • Dipsacus Root and Barometz Rhizome support the kidneys and liver, and strengthen the back, especially the lower back. They promote the movement of blood to prevent stiffness and debility. As people age, they tend to get less exercise; bodily processes slow down and people lose their flexibility.
  • Lycium Fruit fortifies both kidney and Yin and Yang, nourishes blood and retains the kidney life force essence.
  • Eucommia Bark fortifies the kidneys and liver and help to move blood and Qi, preventing stagnation. It strengthens the back, knees, tendons and bones.
  • Lotus Seed strengthens digestion and assists in the retention of the kidney life force essence.
  • Cornus Fruit fortifies the kidneys and helps retain the life force essence.
  • Angelica Sinensis Root nourishes blood and moves blood to prevent stagnation.

Anti Aging Herbs

200 pills per bottle. Recommended – Take up to 8 pills 3 times per day or as directed by your health care practitioner. Administer half an hour before or one hour after eating. In the initial phases, dosage may be increased to 8-12 pills 3 times per day, then reduced to a maintenance dose as the formula takes effect. May be used long-term for several weeks to several months. May be used over the course of several years.

No pharmaceuticals, dyes or sugars. Unsulfered, preservative free herbs. Blended, then extracted in strict accordance with Chinese herbal medical tradition. Microbial and heavy metal tested. Produced at an internationally certified GMP factory.

Contraindicated during the early stages of acute infection or illness, such as cold or flu.

Anti Aging Herbal Formula: 1 Bottle: $29.99
Anti Aging Herbal Formula: 3 Bottles: $69.99
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