Active Cervical Traction – Activate Your Neck

Active Cervical Traction Puts You In Charge Of Neck Pain Relief

Using an active cervical traction device usually provides better results than those devices where you just lay down or sit there. That’s why so many doctors and therapist recommend this type of traction. Many patients of chiropractors and physical therapists are familiar with this active form of traction and use this device during office visits to prepare the neck for adjustments, mobilization, and exercise.

active cervical traction

While this is a great method to help restore the cervical curve and decompress the spine, many only have the opportunity to use this in the clinic. Now you can use this active cervical traction device in the comfort of your own home, or take it on the road anywhere there is a door. It mounts at the top of the door and it comes in two versions; one is standard, and one is used for those who have jaw problems.

door mount cervical traction

Many health care professionals realize that active participation in rehabilitation of injuries or degenerative spinal conditions are more effective than passive ones. While this is not for recent or acute problems, for chronic neck problems, this device can produce very good results. With you in total control, you determine the amount of force you need.

Benefits Of Active Cervical Traction

Traction helps with neck pain conditions like stiff or sore muscles, military neck or straight spine, poor posture pain syndrome from working at a computer or overuse of texting and mobile devices. If you get headaches, this device can help reduce the intensity and length of headaches. Neck pain is often caused bu dehydration of the discs, loss of the normal curve, or lack of motion. Using the active cervical traction device twice a day not only re-establishes and improves motion in the neck, it can rehydrate discs and begin to restore the curve in your neck.

Those who already use the device in a clinical setting are familiar with the great benefits of this type of traction. We suggest you ask your therapist or doctor if using this device at home will benefit your neck by increasing the therapeutic effects outside of office visits, or by starting an active cervical traction program at home as part of your routine for better neck health.

Note: you should follow all instructions and consult your health care professional regarding use. It is not uncommon to hear a popping sound when using this device. This does not mean you are adjusting your own neck, but it is one of the few devices capable of producing such an effect.

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