Ergonomic Back Support

Ergonomic Back Support Improves Posture & Relieves Lower Back Strain

Anyone who sits in an uncomfortable chair for long periods of time will eventually experience chronic back pain. Most office chairs provide support but are not engineered to specifically relieve the the tension in your back. This ergonomic back support is able to be customized for your particular anatomy and alleviate harmful spinal stress that is vital for your long term health.

This unique support provides improves most office and home chairs and furniture, offering control over comfort and support using four easily adjustable straps. It also attaches securely to your chair. The support straps also allow air flow to prevent heat build up and sweating. Lightweight, portable and sleek ergonomic design, it weighs just 21 ounces, making it easy to transport to any seat. When your muscles are properly supported, your spine will experience less stress as you maintain good posture for longer periods of time.

ergonomic back support

Since the bottom is open, the natural lumbar curve is supported without any undue pressure on the pelvis, permitting a more natural feel without the sensation that you are being pushed away from the seat, as the support construction allows it to continually reshape as you move. Many experience a reduced level of back fatigue and have higher levels of energy. It is a great solution for those who tend to experience heat buildup and moisture from sweat with other back cushions. Once you have found your comfortable position, you simply lock the cushion into place. You will enjoy hours of restorative back support.

ergonomic seating

Neck and upper back pain result when the spinal muscles overcompensate due to lower back pain. Avoid expensive visits to the doctor by eliminating back problems before they start. The lower back is the source of many injuries to your spine and proper support helps to alleviate chronic problems. Getting custom back support has never been easier. The adjustable and locking system of the back cushion supports the natural contours of your spine, providing the perfect ergonomic fit.

support system

Corrects lower back posture where you need it, no matter where you are. Better ergonomics means better biomechanical function for your joints, discs and muscles and this support is proven clinically to reduce back pain, improve posture and alleviate spinal fatigue and stress.

customizing seat cushion

Because you can easily adjust it, it is a great support for different people that use the same chair. Everyone can accommodate their own unique body shape as it transforms just about any seat into a device that corrects bad ergonomics. When the lower back and pelvis are aligned when seated, the effects can be seen in the rest of the spine as the neck and upper back dynamically adjust to the stable base provided by the ergonomic back support.

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