Back Traction Devices

Back Traction Devices For Relief Of Lumbar Spine Pain & Sciatica

The back traction devices available today allow the use of spinal decompression in different forms to suit your personal needs in relief of pain, restoration of biomechanics, and improved spinal health. From belts to benches; there is something to fit your lifestyle, activity level, physical demands, goals, and recommendations from your health care professional.

back traction devices

There are back traction devices on the market that allow the function of traction to be performed on a bed. The lumbar traction belt can be delivered either in a standing or a prone position, and it uses a friction free surface that is actively moving, which provides the ultimate in flexibility and comfort. By having the ability to perform the traction on a bed it means that a person who is suffering from back pain does not have to bend down to the floor before and after the treatment.

The Traction Bench in the video above is a very popular back traction device that is easy to use and designed by a doctor. Mainly for decompression of the lumbar spine, however, some are adjusting position and using traction for the thoracic spine as well to help reduce the effects of spinal degeneration. Great for targeting the symptoms of sciatica, where a pinched nerve causes pain down the leg.

Benefits Of Back Traction Devices

Our spine is under pressure on a constant basis, and the only way that pressure can be released is to stretch the spine vertically or eliptically. A side to side stretching will give the impression of pressure being released, but in fact there is no pressure released that way.

The advantages of using devices such as these are many, but some of them are:

  1. The body is maintained in correct alignment, as the shoulders and hips are aligned perfectly
  2. The devices provide maintenance for the spine and back, and helps prevent the re-occurrence problems
  3. Preventative care is enhanced when used on a regular basis and as an exercise program
  4. There are no ongoing costs as there is a one-time fee
  5. The devices are designed to be compact and can be stored easily
  6. The devices are very convenient, as it can be done in the comfort of your own home, whenever needed
  7. You are in complete control because you regulate the duration of the stretch, which can be quickly released

Back traction devices work on the simple principle of leverage, which means that the vertebral body segments are separated, while being held tight at either end of the back or spinal segments. Then a stretch is created when decompressive forces are applied. This alleviates pressure on discs and joints, while increasing blood flow and nutrients. Immediate relief is the goal for some, while long term rehabilitation and maintenance as part of a comprehensive program is the more common application.

The Home Back Traction Device is based on a pivital eliptical motion and is ver beneficial for the health of the lumbar spine. It is different than the vertical or straight upward and downward pulling and is very rehabilitative. It uses the least traction force because the application is directed right into the vertebral motion unit or the area of the discs. The motion used get you active in your rehab and is a great device for those not in extreme or acute pain.

One of the more interesting back traction devices is the traction belt. Combining the benefits of a back belt with traction means you can keep active during application and you are not stuck lying on the floor. It can help with daily activities and keep you working.

Based on the principle of inflation, the Traction Belt features a vertical air cell expansion mechanism which pushes upwards and downwards, thus decreasing the loading on the spinal cord. When the belt is inflated, it expands vertically by about 2.8 inches. As a result of this elongation, the disc space will increase, thus relieving the nerve and alleviating the back pain.

If needed, the belt can be worn together with two rigid panels, one anterior and one posterior. These panels are indicated in situations when there is a need for additional back stabilization.

The Traction Belt is very easy to use. It resembles very much to a blood pressure monitor, the only difference being that the air pump is manual, in order to secure a good degree of control over the air pressure inside the belt.

As you wear the belt, you can apply further adjustments by either releasing some air pressure or by inflating it a bit more, until you feel comfortable and pain free. If it is too loose, it won’t have the desired effect of removing the pain. If it is too tight, you’ll feel uncomfortable. As this is a subjective sensation, it is important that you do the adjustments yourself until you feel comfortable.

For best results, wear the belt for 4-6 hours a day. If you only use it as a prevention measure, wear it whenever you have to do heavy weight lifting or long hours of driving.

The Traction Belt comes in 8 sizes, starting from S and going up to 5XL, therefore you’ll find one that fits you, no matter how big or small you are. It is machine washable and it has 12 months limited warranty.

Advances In Back Traction Devices

Expanding on the pivital type is a new sophistocated back traction device where added vectors or lines of force increase effectiveness of the treatment. Yes, it is more involved and requires more attention, but the technology produces a very restorative method of lumbar traction.

A very comprehensive and workable home back traction device is the answer for people who are suffering from strained and twisted backs. The system works in a very gentle manner, and is 100% controlled by the user. The system comes with detailed instructions and a video that explains in sharp detail how to use the device.

The fact that this device is small and light weight, assures you that it will not be a burden to store and use whenever it is convenient for you. It is so compact and lightweight, it can be stored under a bed, or in a closet with ease.

The manner in which the device works is very simple, in that it lifts and expands the lower back, while the pelvis is rotated up and away. This procedure provides a welcome feeling of freedom and relief from the coiled compression that our backs go through in reacting to everyday stress and turmoil.

The operator of this home back traction device lies on his or her back and the movable part of the device is placed under the hips. The device is moved by pushing with the heels into specially fitted stirrups that are moved slowly downward to supply the force with which to stretch the vertebrae and the back muscles.

Prior to the extension of the legs to push the traction part of the device downward, a bladder under the small of the back is inflated with hand squeezes, to rotate the lumbar region of the back upward, and then the downward push of the feet is applied. This motion has the effect of relaxing the back and stretching it out to its maximum relaxed state for optimum results.

Users who have continued to stretch their backs in this manner over a two to three week period, have testified that their state of back stress has decreased markedly from their former situations. Their pain and stiffness is vastly decreased and their flexibility is increased to a great extent.

By using this device over a period of time, your back will start to adjust to its new, relaxed form and will not be as susceptible to be compressed and wedged into itself due to daily stress. Having the ability to stretch the back out whenever you want will go a long way in maintaining better circulation through the back area, and maintaining better alignment of all of the vertebrae.

There are various movements and stretches that are included in the instructions for different conditions. Purchasing back traction devices for home use is available online 24 hours per day with Neck Solutions. Consult your health care professional for the best type for your condition, goals, and lifestyle.