Neck Curve Restoration

Neck Curve Restoration: Improving Form & Function Using The Neck Wedge For The Cervical Spine

As form relates to function, deterioration of the cervical spine is often related to loss of the natural biomechanical curve of the cervical spine. The neck wedge is an orthotic device that is very affordable and versatile. It is an easy to use tool to aid in restoring form and function of the neck through neck curve restoration. This often leads to better heath and relief of discomfort in the neck and upper back as well as headaches.

neck curve restoration

Deteriorating form from head forward postures often leads to related decline in in function of the cervical spine. With it’s related muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, nerves and blood vessels; biomechanical stress from loss of the natural neck curve can have far reaching effects. As ergonomics has become a commonplace term, we realize the long hours working at a computer, smartphones and and injuries has a negative effect on the entire body. Neck curve restoration has become a common goal of people suffering from symptoms like neck pain, upper back and shoulder pain, jaw joint pain and other conditions. This has been a focus of many bio-mechanically oriented Chiropractors for years.

Methods Of Neck Curve Restoration

For those with chronic or long standing loss of curve, osteoarthritis or disc degeneration often results as we age. Neck curve restoration may help slow down or even stop the progression of a straightened or military neck, and may help to normalize both form and function. Depending on the severity of curve loss, neck curve restoration takes place over time, with no quick fix. Using proper spinal ergonomics when working for long periods, spinal decompression with traction devices, a properly supportive pillow for sleeping, and effective exercises and stretches all play an important role.

As a tool for neck curve restoration, the neck wedge is a cervical orthosis that is a great way to augment the process of improving form and function of the cervical spine. While no one method is perfect, a combination of these methods is necessary for best results, and the the neck wedge is a very versatile, result oriented tool that is easy to use and very affordable.

The Neck Wedge

The wedge comes in 2 sizes and with or without a lycra cover for added comfort and extended product life. It is an ergonomically designed foam triangle with a cutout for the cervical spine. The smaller version is more advanced with a sharper curve for greater effect. If you are just starting out, use the large size first and progress to the smaller size in 3 to 6 months.

lycra covered neck wedge

For restoring the curve, begin lying on the wedge using the cutout under your neck. Use on the floor or when lying in bed, the wedge can help restore the natural spinal position. Cross your arms in front of your chest to rotate the scapulae around. By using a process called hysteresis, a gradual lowering of the resistance from ligaments and spinal discs, makes improving cervical spine form and function acheivable, easy as well as pain free.

rotating scapulae

After you become used to the process, you can begin using some more advanced methods. You can turn the wedge over and use the part without the cutout for an increased effect and you can use it for the lower, mid or upper cervical areas. You can also go through ranges of motion; turning your head to the right and left, use the special pain relieving neck exercise, and you can bend your knees and push with your hands on your thighs to increase pressure at the cervical spine.

advanced wedge use

When Is The Best Time To Use The Neck Wedge?

Although it can be used anytime, the best time to use it for neck curve restoration before sleeping. With a supportive, ergonomic pillow, the benefits of the wedge are extended while sleeping. So, using the wedge should be a relaxing experience, slowly and gradually shaping the neck. Progressing to more advanced methods for use during the day.

Who Should Not Use The Wedge?

Cases of recent and acute injury, pinched nerves, spinal stenosis may not respond well to this therapy. A quick test would be to tilt your head back, look up at the ceiling and see if you experience any pain or dizziness. If so, do not use. Consult your health care professional for pre-existing conditions and follow specific instructions from your chiropractor when prescribed for neck curve restoration.

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Future Of Foam Posture Med Pillow

The Future Of Foam Is Here With The Posture Med Pillow

Many are not aware of the harmful chemicals that are put into our pillows. The new Posture Med Pillow has developed a memory foam pillow that does not use harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, mercury and many other unhealthy things like insecticides that lie just beneath your head. The future of foam provides solutions!

future of foam

You might think making a pillow healthy by eliminating harmful chemicals produces a poor performing pillow. Not correct! In fact, when we ran the numbers, performed the tests, and actually got a pillow that is not only healthier; but is a high performance pillow! Increasing cooling and comfort, the Posture Med Pillow soothes sore necks, eases inflammation of arthritis, and stabilizes posture.

posture med pillow performance tests

The pillow produced actually outperformed standard memory foam. With an improved reaction time, the pillow quickly adapts to your anatomy as well as changes in positions. It retains the comfort of memory foam, while reacting like a high quality latex, so you won’t see a hand print remaining in the pillow for minutes after it is removed. It will not be as reactive to temperature changes. This is the future of foam, creating a better pillow for neck pain, health, and the environment. No off-gassing typically found in memory foam pillows. No airing it out for 24 hours and no break-in time. Remove from the sealed package, and it’s ready to go. Use in health and confidence for back and side sleepers.

side sleeping with the posture med pillow

The Future Of Foam

healthy foam pillow

Seeing the list of chemicals eliminated from the Posture Med Pillow is truly amazing and makes you wonder what’s in your pillow? The new technology allows a healthy pillow you will feel good about inside and out.

ergonomic design for cervical spine

The pillow is adult sized and measured to use both contoured lobes easily, without interfering with the other. Use the high lobe for side sleeping, the low side for back sleeping, or vice-versa, whatever makes you most comfortable. The Posture Med Pillow using the future of foam PostureGel Open Cell Memory Foam is ergonomically versatile, soft, yet supportive, comfortable, healthy for you and for the environment. A good pillow for neck pain treatment, headaches and TMJ problems.

Eliminate Harmful Chemicals, Toxins, Allergens, & The Future Of Foam Is Here!

future of foam

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