Neck Muscle Therapy – Innovative Massage Tool

Neck Muscle Therapy At Home For Relief Of Cervical Spine Pain & Headaches

For home neck muscle therapy, this is a versatile tool to release muscle knots or trigger points caused by stress, overuse, and injury.

neck muscle therapy tool

Youy can call it a neck massager, but neck massagers conjuure up may different things. Mostly, we think of some mechanical device that rubs your neck. If you are looking for a great tool that can help to relieve your neck related headaches from tension and muscle strain, this device providing neck muscle therapy may be a great solution. The neck muscles also connect to the head and shoulders. As these mucles become irritated and hold built-up stress over time, this can result in producing pain not only through your upper back and shoulders but in the cervical spine and headaches as well.

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This condition results from over-tense muscles and can benefit from a tool specifically designed for neck release. Releasing these muscles can relax the head, neck and shoulder, allowing nourishing blood flow. Sometimes you can just relax, and sometimes you need to do some work. You can treat specific muscles, move your neck through ranges of motion with applied presure to release knots. In advanced therapy, you can help improve scar tissue function, so common with injuries. This makes it good, not only for pain relief, but rehabilitation as well.

Using Neck Muscle Therapy At Home For Tension Headache Relief

Treating 2 areas works best; the sub-occipitals and the splenius cervical musces:

treating neck muscles
deep therapy to suboccipitals deep pressure in splenius
suboccipital muscle therapy splenius mucle

It is an extremely versatile tool for neck muscle therapy at home that you will be able to use at home on your own time as well as be able to take it with you when you travel. Whether you are going on vacation or you travel for work, having this tool along for the ride can offer a relief, especially if you are driving long distances. At home, work, or traveling, it can rejuvenate your cervical spine.

This muscle release device is made from a latex free rubber that provides a well engineered and ergonomic design for deep muscle therapy. It works by laying your muscles on the massager and then allowing your body weight to provide the pressure. At first to some this may be an intense feeling especially if you have never used a tool like this before and you have extremely tender muscles. Consistent use over time gives the best result; going slow at first until you get used to it.

The neck release is a great tool that you can use to help you energize your strained and fatigued muscles all while in the comfort of your own home.

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Soft Neck Brace – Support & Comfort

The Best Soft Neck Brace Makes Use Of State-Of-The-Art Materials Created For NASA Astronauts And Offers A Distinctive, Comfortable And Soft Support Intended For Neck Pain Alleviation

soft neck braceThe technologies employed in the soft neck brace had been initially produced for NASA and makes use of phase change elements that soak up, store and discharge heat for optimum temperature management and thermal ease and comfort. The technology is just like ice within a drink; since it changes through solid to liquid, it takes up warmth and cools down the drink, maintaining that drink within the preferred temperature for more time. The phase change materials operate in exactly the same way, but they are micro-encapsulated to be completely encased and protected inside a polymer bonded shell. It has the ability to process, store and release excessive heating. Thus giving the soft neck brace the capability to constantly control the skin’s microclimate. As the skin becomes warm, the heat is assimilated, and as it cools down, that warmth is discharged.

This doesn’t mean you won’t get hot or cold in the brace, it is just the best technology available to help control temperature fluctuations, and can make a difference when you need soft support for pain relief.


This soft neck brace is incredibly comfortable, yet still supporting more than many flimsy foam ones. Ideal for use outdoors and to reduce muscle spasms through chilly breezes. The actual support degree is in between a rigid neck brace that restricts any type of movement and the less expensive foam collars which gives hardly any support. Our soft neck brace offers just the right assistance, however is actually comfortable and soft.


Typically, long-term utilization of neck collars may possibly weaken your neck muscles contributing to any instability and generating dependence. Any kind of long lasting use of a cervical bracing orthosis ought to be done in partnership with suitable neck exercises and stretches to help avoid deterioration. For common or persistent muscle spasm and degenerative alterations, a more supple neck brace permits movements that is essential for appropriate recovery and works as a reminder in order to restrict movement.

Measuring For A Soft Neck Brace

Measure Brace Height

Height in Cm and Approximate Inches For Neck Collar



2.5 inches



3 inches



4 inches

The brace possesses an adjustable size measuring 22" with a 2.5" Velcro extension and is available in 3 heights: 6cm, 8cm and 10cm; which is 2.4, 3.1 and 3.9 inch heights correspondingly. The neck collar heights associate with small, medium and large size individuals. Specifically, you may measure from the top of the collar bone towards the base of the chin whilst your head looks straight forward and this will provide you with a good approximation of the appropriate size brace and degree of support for your particular requirements.

You can even measure making use of your thumb on the collar bone and index finger underneath the chin, then position the distance of this next to a ruler. Generally speaking, for posture neck issues in order to help support the neck whilst doing work with a personal computer, it is possible to select a higher-level of support. For uncomfortable conditions including cervical nerve root compression (pinched nerve), you might need a smaller brace to help keep the head within a more flexed or even downwards position. A choice of collar height is simply by individual preference, based on your problem or as determined by a medical professional.

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More Information & Ordering This Unique Soft Brace For The Neck

A few have advised that putting on a neck brace while asleep may possibly reduce unconscious neck activity. I have not made suggestions to this effect, nevertheless, it could be an acceptable strategy in severe conditions or even unpleasant flare-ups of a chronic condition. Of the many types of neck braces & collars, this is one of the most popular for general use, rising above the questionable quality of many of these supports.

Washing Instructions: Close up Velcro, fine mesh washing bag is suggested, stretch out neck brace whilst moist and allow to dry.