Neck Support Collar – Head Control Support

Unique Neck Support Collar For Light-Weight Head Control

The Canadian Collar has been engineered for relief of pain as well as neurological symptoms often associated with neck problems. It offers unique support for the head and neck, without supporting the entire weight of the head. This advanced control support collar uses a special chin piece as well as chest support, but is light-weight, adjustable, providing 2 points of contact for support, minimizing contact with the skin.

neck support collar

Neck Support Collar Uses

There are many different collars available, however, this offers a unique tool for support with some special advantages. It is not a collar that supports the weight of the head, however, some of it’s many uses are:

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cervical Spondylosis
Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Multiple Sclerosis
Whiplash Injuires
Motor Neuron Disease
Muscular Dystrophy
As well as other diabilities which require lightweight control of the head and neck.

back view

The collar offers more control than traditional neck collars, allowing for precise adjustments around the neck while remaing cool and supporting under the chin without anything dense being wrapped around the neck. Head control is applied through use of the chinpiece and a minimal contact chest support. Adustability throughout the neck support collar allows for biomechanical and muscular inbalance. It is open and airy as well as minimally obtrusive. It can be used as an alternative to a standard foam neck collar, or with precise control for more challenging neuromuscular conditions.

fitting the collar

With so many collars, there is now a design that is causing quite a buzz in the medical world, and that is the Canadian Neck Support Collar. It is uniquly adjustable, gives very good support and is completely waterproof. One of the best factors is that it is one collar, but allows complete individual customization, so that it sits snuggly around your neck, without the feeling of pressure or choking some others collars give you.

customizing collar

It is a supportive collar that is easy to fit and you can wear it for as long as is needed. One of the benefits is that instead of taking the weight from around your neck, and putting it on your shoulders, which can eventually cause pain. The Canadian Collar is designed so that some of that pressure is passed down on to the chest area, and this helps the neck muscles to relax more and offers head control.

for adults and children

This collar can be set so that it does not lock your neck in place, so you can still have some movement of the neck, but the downward pressure will be relieved. Due to its design, there is very little of the collar which comes into contact with the skin, and so you get reduced irritation. All of this means that the collar gives you maximum support and comfort, and this can only be a positive benefit to your patients. Many doctors prescribe it as a rheumatoid arthritis collar. For adults as well as children 1-10.

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Neck Relief Pillow – Relax & Restore

Neck Relief Pillow Can Help Relax Sore Neck Muscles & Restore A Healthy Cervical Spine Posture

Are you one of those people who gets a stiff neck? Maybe pain or muscle spasms? If you suffer from any problems with your neck, back or you get headaches, then it is all likely to be related to your upper spinal column being in the wrong position. We spend our lives these days stooped over a desk, or the laptop on our knees. This often means that our neck is not in the correct position for long periods of time, and this can cause physical stress on the muscles. This is what causes the pain in most cases, with muscles locking up. So how do you resolve the problem?

There are numerous ways, one of them being massage, but that is only a short term solution. You need to change something in your life that has a permanent effect on the posture of your neck, and this has now been made possible with the neck relief pillow.

neck relief pillow

So What Is The Neck Relief Pillow?

Unlike a normal pillow, which usually collapses flat, and will put strain on your neck while you sleep, the cervical traction pillow is designed to hold your neck in its natural shape and you use it while you are awake. The design of the pillow means that it eases your neck into the correct position that it is supposed to be in.

How Do You Use The Neck Relief Pillow?

You first need to support the pillow, and this means placing it on a flat surface, such as the floor, and pushing it up against the wall, or some other object. You then lie down, placing your head between the lobes of the pillow. You will find that your head and neck fit snuggly into the contours of the pillow.

How Long Do You Use It For?

You only need to use it for a few minutes every day, although if you feel comfortable in it, you can stay for longer, as it will only do you good. The pillow is perfectly safe to use. It provides a mild traction effect with your neck in the optimal posture. Relaxing into the pillow along with this traction effect produces a very soothing experience that your neck will love.


pillow in use

If you have any problems with you neck at all, then using this pillow for even a short time will help you not only improve your posture, but it will also help the muscles in the area of your neck relax more when they are in their correct position, and can help in making you pain and headache free. As the muscles relax, the effects can provide a nice therapeutic treatment for the ligaments, joints and discs.

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Lumbar Traction For Home Use

Lumbar Traction For Home Use Allows You To Actively Rehabilitate Your Back For Pain Prevention, Relief & Restoration

lumbar traction for home use

There are people all over the world that suffer from back pain. While injuries can always be a problem, one of the main reasons is poor posture habits over a period of time. Many of us tend to sit all day, and the effects of poor seated posture allows the spine to compress and lose the normal curve. The normal back curve helps to keep the joints and discs healthy. Long term pressure leads to early degenerative problems, as well as muscle spasm.

An injury that you may not have even noticed when you were younger may cause a joint lock that has persisted for years. Over a period of time, this causes the spine to wear and form typical arthritis signs and symptoms. The liquid type lock causes joint stiffness, loss of normal motion, dehydration of the disc, uneven wear and tear, rapid and early onset degeneration, and resistance to re-alignment. Using lumbar traction at home can help prevent this problem as well as release locked joints to free motion in the lower back and help to fix or prevent problems.

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The Inflatable Back Traction Unit is designed for home use and allows you to take an active approach to spine health in the comfort of your own home. It can be used in all areas of the lumbar spine and even the lower part of the thoracic spine. The idea is to rock and traction using the pumps. The combined motion is what releases locked joints and hydrates the discs. This is a unique method of providing lumbar traction at home and is highly recommended by Chiropractors to help restore, rehabilitate, and prevent lower back problems.

Benefits Of This Lumbar Traction For Home Use Device

Most traction units provide therapy while you just lay there motionless. This device is different. To use this device, you inflate the air cells and then use a rocking motion. This allows you to take an active part in your therapy. When you get used to using the unit, you will be able to have quicker sessions with faster results. You will find this type of traction to be most beneficial after a long day sitting; whether at the office, at home or a long drive. Long periods of inactivity or bending over a lot puts forward pressure in the low back, regardless of sitting or standing, and your back will greatly benefit from the rejuvenating motion provided by this lumbar traction device. Again, you just don’t lay on it, you rock to restore locked joints and compressed discs. This can help relieve pain as well as restore normal function.

Use on any flat surface. Start with the unit inflated – always change positions with it not inflated. Start with warm up motions, rocking your pelvis back and forth over the unit. When you are ready, position it in a comfortable position and begin treatment. YOur back will not be used to this type of traction/mobilization at first, so in order to reduce any soreness, keep it inflated to lower levels and keep treatment sessions to less than 10 minutes for the first couple weeks, allowing gradual adaptation. This is like a concentrated exercise session. You don’t lay there like a lox! Take an active role in your back pain. Do not use with any recent injury. For pre-existing conditions, consult your health care provider first.

back traction details

Just like getting adjusted at the Chiropractor’s office, you may experience some soreness the first time or two after using it. Start out slow until you are familiar with how it works and how you respond. Pretty soon you will be an expert and on your way to a healthier and and more pain free back.

This special device using lumbar traction for home use is easy to use and ready right out of the box. No assembly required and built strong to last. Makes it perfect for the home, at the office when you get a break, and even to take on the road for traveling.

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Supports For Working Overhead

Supports For Working Overhead To Eliminate The Risk Of Neck Injuries

While most of us have a problem with forward leaning head posture, those that work overhead face different neck issues. Keeping the head up is a problem for those who work in construction, repair, and maintenance, where hours of looking up contracts the back of the neck muscles and jams the joints. This can lead to irritation of neck joints and early arthritic changes, causing pain, headaches and a constant battle with sore neck muscles and inflammation.

Many people are realizing that a major cause of neck injuries that cause pain and discomfort are attributed to extended periods with the neck not having the proper support and alignment. With the head weighing as much as a bowling ball, allowing it to hang forward causes many problems, including disc injuries. With so much attention paid to computer related head drop posture correction and ergonomics, those in need of support in the opposite direction are often left with little options to help.

New Supports For Working Overhead

supports for working overhead

Now, there are some wonderful innovative products that can help support the neck in extension (backward leaning). Companies are finding they can reduce work related neck injuries by employing some of the new ergonomic head support for those workinmg overhead. The NeckAid & Neck Guard are constructed of high-grade materials to abide by strict OSHA ergonomic guidelines that ensures your neck stays comfortable and supported no matter what work related activities require your looking up for extended periods.

These supports are also helpful for those who participate in work related activities requiring on to look up frequently, like rock climbing or even bird watching.

One of the leading causes of work-related injuries is people having to work overhead. Consistently looking upwards to perform certain tasks can be very strenuous on the neck muscles, causing pain, cramps, inflammation and all types of discomfort. With these nwe producst, workers can prevent over-extension while working above their heads, which significantly reduces a person’s risk of injury. With the neck muscles not having to support the workers’ head, there is no repetitive trauma to the neck!

protect your neck from overhead work injuries

These products are aeay to use, making available adjustable straps, suspender clips and shoulder pads. This product is not only for those people consistently working overhead. It can be worn for many different activities and for a variety of different reasons. After all, your neck weighs approximately 10 pounds, and your neck could use the extra support when you’re in compromising positions.

Doctors have always found it increasingly difficult to find the right treatment for people that work overhead repetitively. Obviously, consistent attention must be paid, and that is why the proper solutions have been invented in the form of these supports.

Neck Solutions is your authorized dealer for these amazing products that can finally solve the dilemma people have had for years concerning proper support of the neck under different working conditions. These products not only increase safety and prevent injury, but promote better morale among workers and also strengthens job performance, creating a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

What are some of the main fields in which this product is used? It can be implemented within the construction industry, manufacturing venues, health care, maintenance, recreational uses and much more.

These supports to prevent injury from overhead activities are extremely lightweight and not in any way cumbersome or annoying. In fact, it is quite the opposite, extremely refreshing with ergonomic support and proper attachments. It is the preventative solution that people have been searching out for quite some time. Don’t suffer the consequences any longer. There are now low-cost and highly-effective solutions!

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