Ultimate Back Support – Full Spine Relief

The Ultimate Back Support Eases Sitting Stress While Driving, At The Office Or At Home

Driving a vehicle subjects the neck and back to all the stress and strain associated with sitting in at home or the workplace, and more! The driver of a car or truck doesn’t have the freedom of the office worker to get out of the seated position and stretch out or walk around, therefore durations involving immobility may very well be continuous for a long time. The strain and stress along the neck and back is actually made worse because of the vibrations within the car or truck, resulting in the assisting muscles and ligaments of the back to actually fatigue and become weak and susceptible to injury more quickly.

ultimate back support

Ultimate Back Support Features

1. Low back support providing increased comfort by alleviating pain & muscle fatigue

2. Side-supports surround the kidneys offering increased stabilization

3. Head & neck support aids in the prevention of whiplash injury

4. Distinct & easy attachment

Ultimately, when in a vehicle, there’s the danger regarding cervical spine injuries often as a result of whiplash. Even though many cars and trucks possess headrests in order to reduce injury, they’re frequently improperly aligned or improperly designed to support the head and neck combined during collision. Standard back supports may be typical in cars and trucks, yet similar to their workplace equivalents, most of these barely meet the place between the lower back and the seat, as well as don’t supply proper support for the head and neck. A good back support really should be all-encompassing for the reason that it has to offer support for the entire spinal column; neck, as well as head collectively within correct positioning. Additionally, it should promote an alert, straight up driving position for safety.

The choice requirements for a back support needs to be:

 – Designed to support all three contours of the spinal column – the neck, upper back and lower back.

 – Capable of being suited for all sizings regarding backs.

 – Built to implement forces for the proper areas within the spinal column in order to promote an upright and ergonomically sound position.

 – Capable of offering side to side support to keep the back correctly situated against the support during turns and areas in the road that shift the back.

 – Able to be attached in the appropriate level to provide the proper support.

 – Built to assist in preventing whiplash injuries by providing specific support for the head, neck, as well as back.

support4backBack and neck issues will affect the majority of people within their life time. More than 50 billion dollars is actually expended per year in the United States attempting to minimize back issues as well as the suffering due to the ensuing pain. An important aspect for avoidable neck and back conditions is good healthy posture. Good supports for the back provide proper posture which is situated in the contours of a correctly aligned neck and back when looked at through the side. The particular contours consists of the neck, upper back as well as the lower back. The Ultimate Back Support has been anatomically designed to provide a style which supports all three contours in the spinal column. Forces will be placed within the proper areas of the spinal column in order to induce a response which promotes sitting up-right and alert. Support is supplied from your head to the base of the spinal column, an important element in the availability of pain relief as well as protection against back pain as well as fatigue of supporting muscles.

The Spinal Support facilitates relief and prevents back and neck pain as well as fatigue, while at the same time offering increased comfort in seated position.

back support for drivingFashioned to match the correct shape of your whole spinal column, therefore providing the absolute best support for the neck and back in their all-natural postures.

Assists in preventing whiplash by offering support for the neck and head. Does not block rear viewpoint whenever driving a car or truck.

The shoulders as well as arms have the freedom regarding unhindered motion for safety while driving and efficient mobility when working.

The ultimate back support features a distinctive, yet easy attachment application permits simple attaching most seating configurations.

The full spine support for sitting is based on our standard spine support device, but adds a cervical support for the entire spinal column making it the ultimate back support, providing relief for the lower, mid and upper back as well as the neck and head.

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Orthopedic Pillow For Side Sleepers

Orthopedic Pillow For Side Sleepers Uses An Innovative Design Combined With Soothing Memory Foam

The Side Sleeping Pillow helps reduce head, neck and jaw pressure with a quality pressure relieving memory foam. The 12 degrees of shoulder support complements the particular angle between your head and shoulder for relaxed muscles that side sleepers need.

Complete face support minimizes strain. The pillow for side sleepers offers some essential designing functions, that differentiate it from all various other spinal support pillows. The unique preformed face as well as shoulder cradles are designed to minimize head, neck and jaw pressure, snoring loudly as well as sleeplessness. This means improved blood flow to the facial skin tissue while sleeping, reducing the propensity for face tissue to wrinkle or even sag.

The 12-degree shoulder support benefits the acute angle between your head, neck and shoulder while sleeping on your side. You will encounter substantial enhancement in your spinal positioning between the neck and back. The shoulder cradle can reduce the body weight impact on the shoulders, improving blood flow to the arms. The left and right air passage system will allow you to encounter enhanced inhaling and exhaling. Some users already have noted a reduction in heavy snoring using the air flow route that efficiently utilizes air movement.

pillow for side sleepers

The soft and high density foam combination lightly cradles the face, lessens stress on the jaw as well as ear, delivering complete comfort to the facial area. The quality of foam considerably decreases the unwanted side effects associated with pressure. When your head forms into the face support, the memory foam is going to gently conform to your personal anatomy. The space-age foam can immediately adjust to your body heat as well as head weight as your head and neck become stable in its resting position. Any time equalization amongst head weight and the suppleness of the memory foam is obtained, your head and neck posture will be ultimately arranged with your spinal column, providing great support and comfort. See more important facts about cervical pillows.

The orthopedic pillow is available in 3 different heights for side sleeping comfort, which correspond to your height in choosing the best size.

Pillows are 24″ long by 12″ and heights: 3″ (For 5′ 4″ In Height And Shorter), 4″ (For 5′ 5″ to 5′ 10″), and 5″ (For 5′ 10″ And Taller). These are manufacturer recommendations; body type should be taken into consideration.

Machine washable, hypo-allergenic, bamboo material pillow cover included.

airway system

  • Soft memory foam decreases pressure points on the jaw and ear
  • Shoulder cut-out angled at 12 degrees
  • Decreases shoulder area tension and increases the flow of blood into the arms
  • Surface cut-out to encourage proper breathing and reduce heavy snoring
  • Optimum support for the head, neck, and shoulders in side sleeping position

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Therapeutic Travel Sleeping Pillow

Therapeutic Travel Sleeping Pillow For Perfect Posture While Traveling

Being one of our most popular pillows, the therapeutic cervical pillow, it is sometimes difficult to travel using it because of the size. It’s unique shape and beneficial effects has now been preserved in a smaller size (about 1/3rd), so you can continue the therapeutic effects wherever you go.

therapeutic travel sleeping pillow

Simply flip it and you have the same contours and orthopedic design for back and side sleeping. Virtually the same pillow as the pain relieving full size in a much more travel friendly version.

The Best Travel Pillow For Sleeping

  • Distinctive Wedge Extension helps with upper back pain.
  • Spinal Shape keeps the natural contour of your neck from top to bottom.
  • Middle Cavity cradles head for optimum comfort and support.
  • Preserving your head, neck and upper back level helps to ensure that you preserve appropriate spinal positioning during sleep on your side.

Ensure You Get Neck & Upper Back Relief On The Road

  • Elevated Side Areas cater to shoulder height
  • Curved Head Rests keep the neck and head level.
  • Side Cavities offer adaptable cushioning, guaranteeing jaw comfort, very important to TMJ afflicted individuals.
pillow covered - cotton/poly blend

Travel Sleeping Pillow Sizes:

Petite: 14.5 x 12.75 x 4 inches
Average: 14.5 x 12.75 x 4.5 inches
Large: 14.5 x 12.75 x 5.5 inches

One of the things that can be frustrating, whether travelling for business or pleasure, is having to use another pillow. Forgert you are already in a different bed, but now you have to stress over having neck pain the next day or not getting a decent night’s sleep. Well, for those who use the therapeutic pillow and have experienced the benefits, you don’t have to leave your pillow at home or worry about having to pack a full size orthopedic pillow. This compact version offers all of the support in our popular full-sized and is also an ideal dimension for traveling light.

Measuring For The Travel Sleeping Pillow


You can measure the same way you do for the full size. We do not yet have it in the extra large size – sorry, but the 3 most popular sizes are available. Of course, if you already have the full size, you know what size you need. However, we are finding more people are getting the travel size as a first pillow for travelling. In this case, just follow the guidelines below for measuring. In general, it goes with small, medium and large persons; however, you do need to take in consideration your body type. Remember to only go out to the end of the shoulder bone. This is for side sleeping and it automatically will coincide with the back sleeping portion.

Using The Therapeutic Travel Pillow For Sleeping

Adjust from back to side sleeping simply by turning the travel over and appreciate neck comfort along with a great night’s sleeping anywhere you go!

Yes, this does require deliberate changing of positions on your part; however, the sleeping travel therapeutic pillow delivers with great alignment and therapy while you are sleeping to supercharge your cervical spine for a better night sleeping and a better day.

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