Air Neck Traction Latex Free

The New Air Neck Traction P4 Latex Free Cervical Decompression Device

Air Neck Traction’s latest model is the 4th generation professional (P4) and is now Latex Free. For over 8 years the ANT, as it has been called, has been providing doctor recommended neck traction which extends the cervical spinal column to reverse the outcomes associated with gravitational pressure around the structures in the neck.

Your head weighs between Eight To Twelve pounds that your shoulder and neck muscles have got to support. Having weak neck posture your head leans forwards and raises the functional weight and over time this kind of excessive strain can result in neck damage, issues with the discs as they simply buldge through the stress of weight and pressure, leading to pain and inflammation of nerves. The muscle tissues shorten and get restricted, preventing proper support and cervical range of motion. Additionally, ensuing pressure over time can lead to chronic pain due to degenerative variations; types of arthritis.

air neck traction latex free

Air Neck Traction works on the limited neck muscles as well as protruding discs which can often trigger headaches, neck ache and numbness or pins and needles along the arm through tension upon delicate nerves in addition to constriction of blood vessels which in turn disrupts blood circulation and healing.

latex free neck traction collar

The P4 device provides extremely effective ant-gravity decompression which offers an individual completely new methods to implement traction force to distressing neck muscles, discs, and joint pain and obtain comfort which you command and provide on your own. The Professional Air Neck Traction is straightforward to work with, comfy and easily transportable so that you can put it to use in the home, work and even while travelling! Benefit from effective and safe relief of pain from restricted neck muscles, pinched nerve fibres, strain, neck related headaches, as well as degenerative problems such as osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis and irritated joints which contribute to facet joint syndrome.

What’s New?

The Air Neck Traction responds to requests from professional health care providers who desired a latex free unit for their patients who are allergic to latex. Additionally, it offers a 6 point attachment control system, larger inflation bulbs, and continues the separate control for left and right sides for specific applications in difficult cases.

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