Neck Pillow Recommended By Doctors

Wake Up More Refreshed With This Doctor Recommended Neck Pillow That Provides More Support For Your Cervical Spine

This is a pillow recommended by heath care professionals for years to help with cervical spine issues, including neck pain, headaches and posture modification while sleeping. A fiber-based pillow, it is cool, comfortable, has separate sections for back and side sleepers, and comes in different sizes from kids to adults. It is also available in modified versions, improving comfort and allowing customization.

A very popular choice among Doctors of Chiropractors, it’s quality fiber cradles your neck in a natural position for back and side sleepers. It has individual ergonomic section for both positions, so make sure you can change positions in a deliberate manner. This works on the same principle as or foam based therapy spinal pillow, without the upper back support. So, keep this in mind. It is great for higher levels of pain and helps to correct the cervical spine curve for rehabilitation, as well as maintaining proper sleeping posture to help with neck injury recovery by relaxing muscles and reducing presssure.


This is a very good and affordable pillow. It is made in the USA and uses a nice fiber that is very resilient and springs back when compressed, so it reacts nicely. If this is your first support pillow, it may take some time to adjust as it works to help restore the normal curve in the neck during sleep. Again, the separate areas for back and side sleeping means you should be able to consciously change positions, as there are specific areas for the 2 positions. So, if you are on medications for pain or sleeping difficulties which do not allow you to change positions consciously, or you are a sleeper who changes positions frequently, you may want to choose from a great selection of cervical pillows that have a uniform surface throughout the pillow.

By providing correct support, using the neck pillow may help with:

  • Neck muscle and joint strains and sprains
  • Tension related headaches
  • Whiplash trauma
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Stiffness and swelling of the hand
  • Temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders
  • Morning stiffness
  • Even snoring in some cases
proper head & neck positioning

The down like feel of the neck pillow provides lasting comfort and freshness and excellent support. Made with a high quality hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial fiber, which helps to fight growth of bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms. Especially liked by parents with the smaller child pillow size, that maintains the same beneficial ergonomic features.

Nice Features Of The Neck Pillow

Features different size support contours at the top and bottom of the cervical pillow which enables you to choose the one that gives you the most support.

Raised areas designed into the pillow specifically to support side sleeping means your head and neck are always cradled with support, in side and back sleeping positions.

Regardless of position, the cervical pillow supports your head and neck in a natural position for more comfortable and posturally correct sleeping. It reduces nerve pressure to alleviate muscle stress and tension for pain relief. As you roll from your back to one side, it again properly supports the neck in a comfortable position on the raised section of the pillow.

In addition to relieving pain caused by many neck conditions, airway blockage, a major cause of snoring, is also addressed in the pillow’s design for back sleeping.

Most experience a noticeable increase in sleeping comfort within a a day or two, while others may require up to two weeks before the muscles adjust to their normal relaxing tone.

Science Based Benefits Of Cervical Pillows

Comfort Neck Pillow Option

Using space-age technology from NASA for controlling temperature swings, the comfort neck pillow absorbs excessive heat, promoting a more comfortable sleeping experience. Using a special fiber filling that feels like down, it not only supports cooling, but provides a lasting fresh feel along with great support for those with neck problems. This means you are less likely to wake up with a stiff neck, with chills or from excessive heating

special temperature control cover

It uses the same orthopedic design, with the added benefit of reducing temperature swings. This can also benefit women who have trouble falling asleep due to hot flashes. The new material stores and releases heat which can be a solution to you feeling hot and your partner feeling cool. The comfort neck pillow can help stabilize this by producing comfort zones responsive to different needs

Inflatable Neck Pillow Option

The Inflatable Neck Pillow uses a precise air pump with regard to adjustability on the small lobe side, which gives you the unique support you require. Permits total command regarding level of support.

inflatable version

By inflating the pillow, you regulate the height as well as firmness of the smaller neck portion in order to properly suit your specific comfort needs. The second lobe offers conventional fiber fill based support. It can reduce or even eliminate the time needed to adjust to a new pillow. It is frequently used for more difficult cases to achieve neck pain relief.

This option is for the full sized version, a highly regarded, fiber fill pillow which cradles your neck in a healthy position using a delicate fiber with a down-like feel for long lasting freshness, terrific neck and head support and a exceptional pillow life.

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Spinal Therapy Pillow

A Unique Spinal Therapy Pillow Which Is Designed To Adequately Support The Cervical And Upper Thoracic Spine & Head Whenever Back Sleeping & Side Sleeping

This is truly a distinct pillow that is made to correctly support the head and neck while back sleeping and side sleeping. Most people sleep in the center of the pillow if they sleep on their backs, the center of this pillow is designed particularly for back sleeping having a specialized wedge intended for upper back assistance. While side sleeping, the exterior edges of the pillow are created to support the shoulder and neck with additional height.

The special density of the spinal therapy pillow foam results in a combination of softness and firmness that allows for a therapeutic advantage, resulting in a unique approach to getting more comforting, yet supporting sleep for neck pain sufferers.

Because most individuals sleep at night either on their sides and their backs, these types of positions call for distinct support to maintain correct neck positioning. The head ought to be supported approximately 2 " higher in the side position than in the back position. Trying to make this correction, you might find yourself placing your hands beneath a pillow while sleeping on ones side. This means that you will need additional support in this particular position and the spinal therapy pillow delivers a unique level of support not found in most cervical pillows.

spinal therapy pillow

As a result of distinct sleeping regions, you should be aware of the way you modify positions using the spinal therapy pillow. You will not want to sleep on your back in the areas intended for side sleeping. Consequently, a mindful effort is necessary to change positions. This is usually no problem having acute conditions like neck sprain, strain, whiplash or neck injuries, and arthritic flare-ups.

In the back sleeping position, the head not only should be supported at the correct height, yet kept from tilting forward and constraining airways, or from moving laterally which can place rotational strain on the neck leading to muscle tenderness and joint pain. Proper upper thoracic spinal assistance is also advisable in order to avoid the weight from the body from taking the cervical spine out from alignment and allow the pillow to form a biomechanical advantage from the head, neck and upper back areas.

Spinal Therapy Pillow Sizes

From kids to larger adults, you will find the perfect size by taking a simple measurement from the side of the neck to the outside of the shoulder bone.

Available In: Kids (up to 4¼") | Petite (4¼" to 5¼") | Standard (5¼" to 6¼") | Large (6¼" to 7¼") Extra Large – Over 7¼"

How To Measure For A Pillow That Provides The Best Fit

how to measure pillow

Established Benefits of Pillows For Neck Pain

Here’s a unique pillow which is designed to provide therapy while you sleep by adequately supporting the neck and head whenever back sleeping and side sleeping. Many people sleep in the heart of their pillow every time they sleep on their backs, the centre of this spinal therapy pillow is intended specifically for back sleeping having a distinctive wedge for upper back support. If side sleeping, the exterior edges of this pillow are designed to assist the neck and shoulder with additional height, along with clearance using a curved shape for the shoulder to keep the thoracic spine from torsion stress.

If you sleep on your stomach, you require a special type of pillow for stomach sleepers to reduce torsion on cervical spine muscles, ligaments, discs and joints. However, since the majority of people sleep both on their sides in addition to their backs, these types of positions call for distinctive support to help maintain correct neck positioning. Your head needs to be supported approximately 2″ higher on the side position when compared to the back position. Attempting to make this correction, you may find yourself placing your hands beneath a pillow if sleeping on ones side. This suggests you’ll need additional support in this position and the spinal therapy pillow offers this kind of assistance.

As a result of different sleeping areas, you’ll need to be aware of how you adjust positions when using the spinal therapy pillow. You do not want to rest lying on your back within the areas for side sleeping. So, a mindful effort is necessary to change positions. Therefore, this pillow may be used when your neck is in particular pain. As the pain subsides, you can switch back to a pillow like a special memory foam pillow that has a more uniform surface. This can be a part of a strategy to manage neck pain with pillows.

Higher levels of pain necessitate that while in the back sleeping position, your head not only must be supported at the proper height, but stopped from tilting forward and limiting airways, as well as from moving from side to side which could put rotational strain on the neck contributing to muscle tightness and joint pain. Upper back spinal assistance is also desired to stop lower body weight from the body from pulling your neck out the optimal biomechanical alignment.

More Details & Videos On The Spinal Therapy Pillow

Tot Collar For Torticollis

Tot Collar For Torticollis Provides A Conservative Treatment Option For Kids & Adults

The Collar features soft tubing which is braced by 2 shorter tubes. Different tube sizes are included. The tubes are placed in front and back of the trapezius crest. The tubing is secured using a strap with Velcro and and extra strap is also included. The Tot Collar is non-toxic and easily cleaned.

This collar use is employed for treatment in infants as young as four months of age. The adult size collar is for 10 years and older.

The Collar is used for spasmotic and congenital muscular torticollis. It is not a rigid support collar; it is used to provide a negative stimulus to the side of torticollis to aid in correction, along with other therapeutic measures.

tot collar for torticollis

For the infant, he/she must show a head tilting of five or more degrees and with sufficient range of motion, head control and strength to lift the head away from the effective side of the collar.

By adapting to the active side of the collar, it helps maintain a corrected head position. If left without correction, the condition may lead to complications.

side view

Caution: A child should not be left unattended when wearing the Tot Collar!

The Tot Collar for torticollis is easy to fit and adjust with the inter-changeable tubes and longer sized tubes may be added or trimmed for improved correction and fit. It is cool and comfortable for the user.

supports for collar

Leave enough space in the collar for a minimum of 1 adult size finger to be inserted  between the top long tubing and neck. Care should be taken in cutting the main tubes to make sure it can be reconnected. Check for redness where verticle tubes make contact with the skin. To improve comfort, the Tot Collar may be covered a stockinette or kneehigh nylon. Cleans with soap & water. Collar is not to be in use when wearer sleeps.

Tot Collar Fitting Instructions

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Head Drop Support

Who Should Use The Head Drop Support System?

Head drop syndrome is described as a lack of head control where the head drops forward. It is associated with many causes and could restrict a persons daily life considerably. The syndrome is categorized as a muscular and neurological disorder. Parkinson Disease, Lou Gehrigs Disease and several Thyroid Conditions can result in head drop syndrome. If any of your loved ones are suffering from this dreaded syndrome, this article may be able to help you. Don’t worry, now there is a unique solution for this condition, which is really a patent pending System to keep you looking forward.

The System is available with just a band or with a cap system and available in two sizes small and large.

head drop support

The Head Drop Support System is extremely easy to use, and the main function of it is in comfortably supporting one’s head. Are you curious? Good. Our band is so simple, but then again all good things in life are essentially simple. It is a comprehensive device which would help the wearer to lift his or her head with much less effort. One could walk and socialize in a more free and natural way without having to be confined to a chair or sitting position all the time. The most important thing is that the wearer can put the device on themselves without any hassle. There is no fuzzing with zippers or buttons or anything small that would require finger dexterity. This is a great relief since most of the sufferers of dropped head syndrome will also have shaky hands and limited mobility. This band is a solution for all these symptoms of dropped head syndrome.

front and back view

Mobile neck muscles are essential for a wide range of day to day activities of people. From eating, working on a computer, watching TV and most importantly being able to look into the eyes of your loved one’s during a conversation are some of the activities that require mobile neck muscles. If you have anyone in your family whose day to day activities have been restricted due to the immobility of neck muscles, the head drop support system may be the best solution to it. Supports for the head can aid in improving the quality of life.

The banding system through use of the band alone or with the cap are for mild to moderate levels head drop. It is not the only solution, and may not be the best or the only one beneficial for your particular needs. Sometimes it is a combination of supports that will work the best. Be sure to check with your doctor or therapist and look at some of our other supports for dropped head conditions or see more information and videos about this head support here.

TracCollar – Cervical Traction Collar

TracCollar Provides Traction Control To Each Side Of The Neck

Available in a Regular (14" to 16" Neck Size) and a Large (16" to 18" Neck Size). Just measure loosely around the neck or use a comfortable shirt collar size. If you are inbetween sizes – choose the larger size.

The TracCollar is an effective neck traction device providing great control and comfort. Use at home or take it with you when you travel for fast pain relief anywhere and anytime.

traccollar small size

Use while watching television, at a desktop or laptop computer, standing or sitting. Provides side stabilization for pain on either the left or right side with a dual pump action to adjust traction force to a specific side. When the traction is not applied, it also works as a neck collar providing general support of the cervical spine.

Relief from tight neck muscles or irritation of sensitive nerves is accomplished with an upward pressure applied to the head to achieve traction. You have control of the traction force, adjusting the amount on either side of the neck to tolerance. Just put the neck traction collar around your neck, fasten the 2 straps your ready to go. Easy to use hand pumps inflate the air bladders inside the collar until the level of traction is achieved to relieve the pain. Air pressure is easily released by simply pressing the buttons on each hand pump.

Easy to use, comfortable, safe and effective.

May help in relief of headaches, neck stiffness, tension and muscle soreness, disc problems and nerve pressure and joint irritation from arthritis. Not for injuries or acute conditions. Discontinue use if you feel any light headedness, dizziness, nausea or increase in pain.

How Traction Benefits Neck Issues

traccollar large size

Just place TracCollar around your neck, opening in the back – inflation bulbs in front. Your chin goes in the groove in the front. Adjust the collar to a loose, comfortable fit with the buckles in the back and then fasten the buckles. For use when sitting, the head should be straight forward in a level position. When using lying down, place a pillow under your head. Inflate by pumping the hand held inflation bulbs to a mild stretch using the right and left sides slowly to find the best level of traction. It should not be pumped more than 15 times on each side. When your traction session is done, simply press the release valves on the pumps and the air pressure will let out, then remove collar.

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Cervical Traction Collar – Professional Grade

The Cervical Traction Collar Provides Superior Quality For Neck Decompression

A traction device using measured air pressure and a secure fit providing therapeutic traction for neck pain conditions. This is the top of the line decompression collar.

When inflated, the cervical traction collar provides a vertical air pressuring system that causes the collar to expand and elongate the neck, providing relief from compression as the discs and muscles are unloaded for fast relief. The disc spaces increase to reduce the pressure placed on the discs.

cervical traction collar

Therapeutic Features of Neck Traction

Traction can help with degenerative conditions of the spine, along with relief of pressure on bulging and herniated discs, which can cause pain to radiate into the shoulder, arm and even hand.

The Cervical Traction Collar is easy to use, comfortable and light-weight. The collar affords a high level of support as the traction helps to alleviate neck pains with only 15 to 21 pounds of pressure.

collar details

The traction collar makes use of a high tech air cell design. It can be washed, is waterproof and latex free.

The cervical traction collar may help to reduce pain and decrease the amount of pain medication needed. It is often effective for conditions like neck pain syndromes, pinched nerves, disc problems and chronic migraines.

front view

An advanced method for alleviating neck pain by comfortably expanding the air bladder, lifting the head, unloading pressure from the neck and reducing cervical pressure. This increases the space between the disc, relieving pressure on cervical nerve roots and reducing associated pain, numbness and tingling.

side view

The cervical traction collar features an expanding traction Collar in the back portion, a fixed chin collar at the front and a hand air pump with a measuring gage.

rear view

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Headmaster Collar For Heads Up Support

The Headmaster Collar Offers Secure & Comfortable Head Support

A great looking collar providing superior head support for those with conditions with weak neck muscles or difficulty controlling the head.

Conditions requiring a collar with firm head support will benefit from the Headmaster. Those who suffer from degenerative spine problems, arthritic conditions, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrigs Disease) and motorneuron disease will appreciate the Headmaster Collar.

Hand made using top quality construction, the Headmaster Collar uses a comfortable cover which is easily cleaned. The user will find the Headmaster Collar cooling to wear and great looking too!

headmaster collar for heads up support

The collar can be fitted easily and can be molded by hand for a custom support, fitting securely under the chin. The closure is comfortable and secures with a velcro closure.

Additions to the Headmaster Collar provide additional options to offer added support and comfort:

The Neck Pad provides greater support and comfort for the back of the head and neck, while the Extension Pads can be positioned according to where support is need most for the sides of the neck. The Anterior Support includes an extra chin pad and a means to fortify the front of the collar for extra support. This should be taken off during transportation.

Choose accessories according to collar size.

The sizing chart provides a method to choose the correct size collar by measuring from the center of the chin to the angle of the jaw – just under the ear. Between sizes? Choose the smaller.

headmaster collar sizing

Note: Standard Collars Contains Latex – We do have special order Latex Free Headmaster Collars.

child size collar

Headmaster Collar Extension Pads

These Extension Pads can be positioned according to where support is needed most for the sides of the neck while utilizing the collar.

These headmaster Collar Extension pads come in a pack of 2 pads; as indicated in the image.

The Extension Pads can be used both with each other at the rear of the neck (similar to the neck pad) or even positioned independently about left or right sides in order to provide side to side support. Some individuals will simply make use of 1 on a side if thats all they require. The Extension Pads employ a nylon center – therefore its not really able to be shaped, however, it offers a much more firm degree of support.

extension pads

Additional Details About Modifying The Collar With Accessories

Headmaster Collar Neck Pad

A neck pad serves as an individual cushioning accessory for the headmaster collar which supplies a gentle level of backward head motion opposition. This is certainly helpful should there be a mild lack of command regarding head extension (backward motion). Furthermore, it supplies an additional level involving comfort and safety within the feel of the headmaster collar. Should the problem be purely having head drop with no difficulty with extension command, the neck pad is not required. Nonetheless, it may offer additional ease and comfort when lying against a comparatively firm surface area, such as wheel chair headrests. The neck pad may also assist whenever travelling or even while in unpredictable movement circumstances. Its big, cushioned as well as moldable to some amount to increase conformation to body type.

The Neck Pad can be described as solitary cushion positioned at the rear of the neck in order to offer rear support. It features a shape-able metal foundation which may be shaped for the purpose of comfort.

neck pad

Headmaster Collar Anterior Support

The Anterior Support includes an extra chin pad and a means to fortify the front of the collar for extra support. This should be taken off during transportation.

An add-on anterior tube with an extra chin pad gives firm resistance against flexion

The function regarding the Anterior Support is to offer extra support. Even though the length and height may be changed when required, its purpose isnt to influence the actual height . The Headmaster Collar naturally features a degree of springing action which is what helps make it much more comfortable to speak as well as eat and drink while wearing, the Anterior support efficiently helps make the support more rigid and does not permit any kind of springing motion. Its typically just required regarding individuals that have a tendency to actively draw his or her chin straight down to their upper body, instead of individuals who only cannot keep his or her head upward.

anterior support

Remember, its always a compromise between comfort and support. A therapist should be employed to help fit the collar or any kind of supports to assist holding the head up. Talk to someone for more information about the headmaster collar.

purchase a headmaster collar

Best CPAP Pillow For Neck Problems

A CPAP Pillow With Elastic Bands & Memory Foam For Sleep Apnea

Using superior materials, the cpap pillow affords a unique and comfortable pillow. Special density memory foam provides comfort, while the elastic bands hold the cpap tubes in place and surrounded by a cooling cover means your cpap pillow is designed for the utmost in comfort and security for sleep apnea sufferers.

Small: (24" x 14" x 3") – For 5' 3" and Shorter
Standard: (24" x 14" x 4") – For 5' 4" – 5' 10"
Large: (24" x 14" x 4.5") – For 5' 10" – 6'
Extra Large: (24" x 14" x 6") – For 6' and Taller

Great detail and thought went into the unique design of this pillow. If you think the person who designed it also suffers from sleep apnea, you are right!

This pillow will accommodate most any CPAP mask and relieves pressure between the mask and pillow, allowing comfortable side sleeping. The special tube holding system is great at managing CPAP tubing, removing the weight of the tubes from the user, while allowing the tubing to move and adjust to changes in sleeping postures. Offers properly aligned neck support for both back and side sleeping.

cpap pillow with mask and tube management system

The butterfly orthopedically designed shape and roll ensures correct alignment and the best neck support for both back and side sleeping. The cpap pillow uses specially designed memory foam which is surrounded by a quilted CoolMax cover for temperature control and to alleviate sweating.

Using A CPAP Pillow Can Help Your Sleep & Reduce Neck Pain

There is nothing worse than be woken up in the middle of the night by a leaking mask. This can happen when you are moving in your sleep and the hose of your mask gets caught on your pillow. By using a specially designed CPAP pillow you are able to move and change sleeping positions with comfort.

A standard pillow cannot only cause leaking from your mask it also allows your head to tilt back and be unsupported while sleeping. This can result in pain in the joints of your jaw that feels like an earache when you wake up. By using a pillow specifically designed to contour and support your CPAP hose and mask it will keep your head and neck in the proper position and help to alleviate this pain.

butterfly shape for neck pain

If you like to sleep on your side it can also be very difficult with a CPAP mask. A standard pillow can interfere with your face and mask while a specially designed CPAP pillow will not. This type of pillow is designed with an orthopedic shape that is developed to provide superior side sleeping comfort.

The front contoured slope of the pillow provides extra neck support whether you are sleeping on your back or your side. This specially designed viscoelastic memory pillow allows you to sleep on your side while providing room for your mask and your shoulder. It is wonderfully soft, yet supportive and very comfortable. The special cover really makes it the best. The tube management system is the icing on the cake!

side sleeping position

Primary Advantages of Neck Pillows

The unique feature of the pillow is the elastic banding. This allows for your tubing to move freely while you are changing sleep positions and it helps to alleviate the tube pressure from the mask. There are many benefits to using this specially designed pillow over a standard one.

A standard pillow does not provide the tall edges that are needed for a CPAP sleeper. A tall edge on your pillow keeps your hose and mask out of contact with the mattress. A standard pillow has edges that are flat. A standard pillow also does not provide a supportive area that is needed between you neck and shoulder.

The CPAP pillow can accommodate any mask as well as relieve any pressure between your mask and pillow. This not only reduces the pressure on your face but helps to reduce mask discomfort as well.

multiple position cpap pillow

This pillow allows you to sleep on your side and to change sleeping positions comfortably because to tubing moves with you without getting caught. This provides for better sleep comfort and helps to reduce mask leaks.

This orthopedic designed pillow also provides your neck with proper support whether you choose to sleep on your side or your back. This helps to improve your spine alignment as well as give you neck support and improves your airway alignment as well.

Choosing to use a CPAP pillow over a standard pillow will provide you with a comfortable, restful sleep. You will no longer be woken up in the middle of the night by a leaking mask or wake up in the morning with pain.

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PostureMed Pillow – A different Type Of Memory Foam

The PostureMed Memory Foam Pillow A Unique And High Quality Pillow

Designed by a doctor and made of memory foam with superior properties, the Posturemed Pillow has dimensions of 20 in by 15 in with 4 and 5 inch heights. This pillow combines two specific densities of foam, which are blended to form a unique and high quality pillow that is designed by a doctor for sensitive neck pain conditions.

Looking directly at the pillow, it appears to be a traditional memory foam contour pillow, however, a closer examination reveals a base fromed with high density memory foam and top of softer density memory foam. By incorporating these two densities at specific locations, the Posturemed Pillow transforms into a unique pillow blending comfort, support and breathability not found in most memory foam pillows. For both back and side sleepers. Made of superior grade memory foam (posturecell foam) from the US, and not a cheaper grade import. Really! Quality foam is not cheap.

posturemed pillow

The pillow reacts to the weight of your head, compressing to a height that forms a custom support. Over time, this memory becomes more effective as the pillow retains the specific postures used during sleep in "memory". Wake up with less morning stiffness and headaches!

Taking over a year of experimentation and tested prior to release, this doctor designed pillow is great for both acute and chronic neck conditions. Conditions like a whiplash sprain and strain of the neck, post-surgery, disc herniations and degenerative conditions such as arthritis and even TMJ problems which require a gentle, yet supportive pillow that will accommodate a sensitive neck. The lobes produce contours that will conform to your head and neck. A smaller sized lobe for general sleeping is four inches and will compress to about three inches forming a more flat surface, while retaining the supportive properties without pushing up on your neck and head. The higher lobe is great for lying on your back, providing extra support and helping to restore a more normal curve to the neck. It also provides an option for taller people or those who feel the need for extra support. This provides two relief options in one pillow.

design details

Please Note: The pink color base is for demonstration purposes only – Actual color is the same as the top.

A simple looking pillow, the Posturemed is consistently produced with specific qualities of performance. Scientifically designed with properties that you dont have to think about, however, a pillow like this combined properties like varying densities, percentage of indentation force deflection, tearing strength and percentage of elongation to provide relief, where other pillows fail.

Why Is The Posturemed Pillow Special?

This pillow was not initially made for sale to the general public. The doctor who designed it did so for his specific neck condition after trying many pillows that would not provide the relief he was seeking. With herniated discs, advanced, erosive degenerative arthritis, a type of spondylodiscitis (sometimes an infection related of the disc and bones of the neck), a pillow providing consistent and stable therapeutic properties was required. After years of trying different designs in therapeutic pillows, he gave up. This began a process of designing a pillow that would help. After more than a year of experimentation with different types and combinations of materials, the Posturemed pillow was the result. He considered that the pillow may be helpful to others and decided to provide it to those who may be looking for something different and the results were impressive, quickly becoming one of the most popular pillows for many years and counting.

Studies Involving Supportive Pillows for Neck Pain


This is not a firm pillow, however, the problem with many soft pillows is they lacks proper support which results in a pillow that quickly loses its supportive and therapeutic benefits.A good solution to this problem is the Posturemed Pillow. It uses an 80% cotton cover that compliments the pillows comforting properties and replacement covers are readily available. The cover is washable in warm water and tumbled dry. The Posturemed pillow can be washed by hand in lukewarm water with a mild, low suds detergent, rinsed completely and gently squeezed to take most of the water out. It should be dried at room temperature, not in direct sunlight or heat.

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Neck Support Pillow For Cervical Curve Restoration

The Neck Support Pillow Relaxes Tight Muscles And Restores Natural Posture

Not For Sleeping – Therapeutic Use Only!

Measures 21 inches x 11 inches x 7 inches. Available in a cover of cotton and polyester which provides comfort and durability. The cover is available in Blue, Black and Gray colors.

neck support pillow

Providing soothing comfort and relief from painful neck problems, the pillow is designed to be easy to use and provides a natural traction to the neck. Just lay on the pillow for a therapeutic and relaxing session of traction and passive restoration of the natural curve in the cervical spine.

This support pillow uses contoured and precisely cut foam to position the user in a ergonomic posture and is often used in massage therapy.

pillow for traction

Benefits of Neck Traction

The natural traction pillow aids in relief of tense muscles and headaches – both tension and neck related as it delicately stretches the the chest and neck muscles, affecting the neck and upper back.

For massage, the contour design raises the head, neck and shoulders allowing better access to the muscles, which assume a more relaxed position from posture modification and traction

Uses an orthopedic design to help relieve neck pain and by restoration of the natural neck curve when lying face up on the pillow for approximately 20 to 30 minutes per session. You can feel the relaxing effects as the weight of your head gently places the neck into an extended position.

Neck Support Pillow Features:

  • A natural neck traction device
  • Restoration of normal neck posture
  • Stretches important postural muscles
  • Helps in relief of neck pain and headaches
  • Great for home use or for traveling
  • Aids massage therapy
  • High quality materials with and orthopedic design
  • Contoured supportive foam with a durable and comfortable cover
  • Available in three colors
  • Made In USA – Latex Free

therapeutic pillow

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