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NeckSaviour For Headache & Neck Pain Relief

Why Use NeckSaviour?

If you suffer from a stiff neck, tension or neck related headaches, arthritis, chronic whiplash symptoms, disc bulge or herniation or pinched nerve, the traction provided by the NeckSaviour has been used by physical therapist and chiropractors for many years to bring relief as part of neck pain management strategy.


What Is It?

NeckSaviour is a unique traction product that is easy to use and lightweight for taking anywhere. It does not use inflatable collars, no pumping mechanisms no batteries and no electrical plugs. It is a strategically designed layered foam traction device that folds into a u-shaped, placed behind the neck and stretches the cervical spine using the force or tension of the device to separate the head and shoulders. With different sides to use for strength and fit, you can find the best relief possible.

Is It The Neck Solution?

NeckSaviour works to gently traction the neck and is a lightweight and portable solution to other products that are difficult to set up and use. It is easy to incorporate stress relieving traction therapy anywhere… at home, the office, outdoors, traveling and anywhere life takes you. It is very durable, easy to carry and use. Adding this to your neck pain tool box is a great part of the solution. This does not exempt you from using good ergonomics, having a supportive sleeping pillow, and doing specific exercises that can help relieve neck pain & headaches.

How Light & Big Is It?

It weighs only 2 oz! It comes with a case that you can carry or use like a backpack. It is approximately 9 by 10 inches and 1 inch thick.

What Are The Benefits?

By having a device that is so easy to use, you are more likely to comply with Doctors recommendations; therefore, you can get safe levels of traction for the spine to help reduce office visits to the therapist as well as reduce pain medication. The durability and quality of materials means you will get many years of use with proper care.

How Do I Use NeckSaviour

NeckSaviour is used reclining or lying down on your back. Just fold into a u-shape, place behind your neck, and the device will do the work as it contacts the shoulders and base of head to provide a stretch. You can turn and bend your head slightly to get just the right fit and feel. There are 4 combinations for more or less traction force and long or short necks, simply by turning it or flipping it over. It is very practical, easy to use and is a traction device with multi-functions. The NeckSaviour comes with complete instructions and you can watch the instructional video here to see how simple it is.

Is It Safe?

NeckSaviour produces traction forces at the lower range of devices commonly used under medical supervision, so it is within the safe range of traction force for neck pain and headaches. It is a Grade 1 medical device, applicable to most musculoskeletal neck conditions and University tested. The foam is skin friendly and easy to wipe clean and disinfect. Consulting your doctor for any existing condition is always a good idea, however, this is one of the safest forms of traction available.

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Professional Neck Exerciser Cervical Spine Rehab

The Professional Neck Exerciser: Solution For Improving Neck Function

Imagine finding relief from your painful symptoms and correction of your cervical spine. There is an effective exercise device that helps to rehabilitate your cervical spine with exercises from simple to intensive rehab. You’re not using several machines or some bulky instrument to do this or signing up for expensive appointments. Instead, you’re using one simple device at home that can work its magic in just a few minutes each day.

We know that in order to rehabilitate the neck, you not only need good ergonomics, a supportive sleeping pillow and other methods of relief like spinal traction, you need to use an active approach, and thats what the professional neck exerciser does. This approach can also help you have much better posture and can contribute to the elimination of headaches. The tubing used for this device is highly durable, comes in 2 ranges of strengths, and is adjustable. And, another great feature of this piece of exercise equipment is that it can be used both in-home and at the office or some other location due to its portability.

professional neck exerciser

The resistance strengths are color coded for convenience with red meaning easy-medium and black is medium-strong, so that you and your doctor or therapist can decide which one is best for you to order. The manufacturers of the Pro-Lordotic Neck Exerciser understand the importance of spinal alignment and have performed many studies in efforts to assist with the design and creation of the exercise equipment.


Your anterior cervical muscles get a nice stretch, and are balanced out for optimum performance. The exercises used in this program and demonstrated on the video for you provide your cervical spine and neck muscles with full range of motion. The Professional Neck Exerciser is at the top of the list when it comes to products that can help you rejuvenate your cervical spine.