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Expand Your Spine With Home Neck Traction

There are many devices used to achieve decompression of the spine. Expensive clinical units use advanced computer systems to apply traction in an on-off manner, thus improving results over straight line continuous pull.

Due to increased use of computers both at work and home, neck pain is on the rise. Using monitors often acts like a magnet, pulling the head, neck and upper back forward. This results in overstretching of structures in the back of the neck, while the front part shortens or contracts and tightens. The result in this stress over time is a forward head posture and round shoulders that can cause many problems for the neck and shoulders. Headaches, neck & upper back pain, as well as shoulder joint problems can result and be a source of nagging long-term pain that effects work and daily life activities.

home neck traction for posture

Compression of structures from bad biomechanical forces can lead to early degeneration of the spine, pinch nerves and bulging discs.

Forward cervical spine posture increases the stress on the neck as these structures work harder to maintain the weight of the head and stabilize the upper body to prevent injury. Long term posture strain disrupts balance and the biomechanical configuration of a normal, healthy neck curve is lost, straightened, or even reversed.

neck compression

The loss of the normal cervical spine curve is a focus of attention to many doctors and therapists that treat neck pain, headaches and upper back pain. As the curve is altered, disc nutrition suffers as the relationship between the bones produce altered motion and stress, causing poor disc nutrition and stress lines where they should not be. All this produces muscles strain imbalance, early reactive arthritis, disc bulging and nerve irritation.

mri studies

MRI studies confirm the relationship between poor spinal alignment and harmful effects on the discs. It was shown that a special type of traction to the cervical spine which consists of expanding decompression can hydrate the discs and realign the joints providing a beneficial effect, as the spine is gently expanded and the normal relationship restored.

The home neck traction device with its expanding elliptical air cell mechanism provides a pumping or milking force to the spine and discs. It is this action that helps to hydrate discs and provide lubrication to joints that have been out of position for long periods. The pumping action combined with decompression helps to relieve pain and restore normal spine function.

pump-neckThe *New* Dual Action Home Cervical Traction Unit is different from most traction devices that just provide a single directional force. It is a powerful tool for pain relief and addressing posture dysfunction, offering a new approach to general spinal health. It is lightweight, easy to use, and under your direct control. While instant relief is sometimes experienced, this is the exception rather than the rule. This unique home traction program should be used over a period of time to ensure best results and in conjunction with exercise, stretches and proper ergonomic adjustments, including a good sleeping pillow.

Using home based treatments that are self-administered is a great way to reduce the high costs of the health care system, while empowering patients to better manage and take control of their health issues. The new addition of the double air cell home neck traction device permits greater effects approaching the decompression from a cervical and upper thoracic spine perspective and is a great match with out therapeutic neck pillow.

Two Pillow Strategy For Neck Pain

Do I Need More Than One Pillow?

Everyone is looking for the right pillow to help with neck pain. There are many pillows and many will find one that works.

Pillows can help with neck pain and headaches, however; since neck pain can be complicated, especially chronic neck pain, there needs to be a strategy for some who have problems finding the right pillow that will help with neck pain.

With so many types of pillows, how do I know which is best?

This is not a simple answer. There are so many pillows that there is bound to be one that will work, but which one? Well, for difficult conditions like chronic pain from cervical spine arthritis, you may need a strategy that incorporates two pillows instead of one.

Why Do I Need Two Pillows?

Well, first I must state that you should not look only to pillows to help your neck pain condition. A good strategy is to have appropriate medical and/or chiropractic care. Incorporating ergonomics, posture modification, specific exercise/stretching, as well as spinal decompression is important. However, there are so many who are just very frustrated with finding a pillow that will work, so I will relate my own personal experience and advice that has worked in many difficult cases:

I have had and still suffer from advanced degenerative disc disease. I have Arthritic Modic changes, and this can be the most inflammatory, painful and disabling type of degeneration. To be relevant, I will only talk about pillows in this article.

I get asked a lot, well, which pillow do you use? Many figure, if the doctor uses it, it is the best. Well, this is not always true. Yes, I have tried many pillows over the years, however, it is a strategy that provides the best results for me. I am not saying that what I use has completely cured me, only that this is the method that reduces neck pain symptoms and headaches for me. It keeps it to a minimum; minimal morning stiffness and headache problems.

First, I use the Posture Med Pillow about 90% of the time. It’s a nice, comfortable and breathable memory foam contour pillow with a uniform surface. Soft, for sensitive necks with good reactive properties. Because an arthritic neck is easily injured, re-injured or exacerbated, it can get inflamed and irritated and the pillow does not help. It seems as though it’s just a bad pillow and I’ll have to find another one. Well, it is not a bad pillow, the condition of my neck has changed. It can happen from bad posture, lifting something wrong, a surprise or sudden quick look to the side or even a sneeze.

therapeutic pillow

Another Pillow To The Rescue

I do not throw the pillow away, I use a different one – the Therapeutic Pillow. Why? Because it is a different type of pillow, not necessarily the material it’s made of, but the design. It has separate areas for back and side sleeping and is measured to fit for correct size. Because I’m in more pain, I have no problem switching positions consciously. This helps relieve the pain, usually within a night or two.

What Next? More Pain?

Yes! After a few nights, the pain eases, and then it starts hurting again? Is it the wrong pillow? Yes. Why? Because the pain is better, I sleep more soundly and do not consciously change positions, so I wake up on my back and I am on the part of the pillow meant for side sleeping, or on my side with my head in the center part. Bad posture = more pain.

posture med pillow

So, What Pillow Now?

Yes, back to the Posture Med, and I’m good till the next time. Maybe a week, a month or a couple, but it will come. With chronic neck pain conditions, it seems to never stop. But, I can handle it with the strategy of using 2 pillows according to my symptoms.

Will This Strategy Work For Me?

I don’t know. It may be that you don’t need a replacement pillow, just an alternative. Pay attention to your symptoms. One pillow may not be the answer.

Ok, But I’m A Petite Person, What Pillows Will Work For Me?

The Therapeutic Pillow comes in petite sizes. The Posture Med is just one size; a 4 and 5 inch lobe, but there are smaller memory foam pillows with a 3 and 4 inch lobe, like the Basic Memory Pillow or the Special Memory Neck Pillows. Ok, but the Posture Med is kind of different, are these the same? No. But they are good ones, however, there is a pillow that has a 3 and 4 inch lobe that reacts very similar to the Posture Med, the Latex Neck Pillow. So, there are options for everyone.

neck pain pillow

I Don’t Want The Therapeutic Pillow, Are There Options?

Yes. The Neck Pain Pillow has separate areas for back and side sleeping and comes in small, medium and large sizes. There are also fiber based pillows like the Popular Neck Pillow, and it has different sizes and options.

Well, this is a different strategy, but it has worked in cases where individuals are having a difficult time getting a single pillow to work. So, if your pillow works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t, consider the two pillow option, just make sure the strategy is the right one.