Shoulder Supports For Better Joint Health

If, you were to ask a doctor which is the most neglected joint in the body, you would probably expect him to say the knee joint. In fact, this would be the wrong answer. Most of us are quite well aware of the stress we place on our knees with our lifestyle choices, but are we aware of the strain we put on our shoulder joints?

Being a keen rower in my younger days, I am only too aware how much havoc an injury to the shoulder joint can cause. It is probably one of the worst joint injuries that we can experience as a result of work and sports. The problem comes when we all of a sudden appreciate how much we rely on our shoulder joints, and how much we use them on a daily basis. We take for granted being able to lift heavy grocery bags and carry items. But, once we have injured or damaged our shoulder joint, what we once took for granted may not be practically possible.

Shoulder Braces

shoulder bracesOnce the shoulder joint has been damaged, it is vital to rest the joint and this is where shoulder supports come in. The most common injury is a rotary cuff injury. The best way to treat this injury is by complete rest. This means that the joint must be kept in one position, and you must not at any time move the joint up or down. Avoiding movement of the shoulder joint is easier said than done. All of a sudden you will become aware how much you use your shoulder joint.

The best way to ensure that your shoulder joint gets the complete rest it needs to recover, is to use shoulder supports such as a brace. A shoulder brace will make sure that your shoulder is kept in a fixed position at all times, and even take away any involuntary movements. If, you don’t use a shoulder brace, you may find yourself making small involuntary movements. Even the slightest movement can lead to further joint damage, and increase the level of inflammation and pain.

Using a should brace will avoid the most common problems such as trapped nerves and tremors in the hands. These are frequently experienced by persons who fail to protect their shoulder joint with shoulder supports after an initial injury.

Shoulder Heating Pads

shoulder heat therapyUnfortunately there isn’t just one solution to shoulder injuries. The best way to heal a shoulder injury is always to use a range of treatments. Anti-inflammatory drugs are only part of the healing process, it is in general recognized that heat therapy can help to treat many shoulder injuries. Not only does heat help to relax the surrounding muscles, but it can help to treat the injury deep inside the shoulder.

There are different shoulder supports solutions available, however, one of the best solutions is a shoulder heating pad that you can place in the microwave. Once the shoulder heating pad is applied to the shoulder, it will immediately go to work. It will improve blood flow to the area, and this is vital when it comes to healing a shoulder injury. Inflammation is reduced when freshly oxygenated blood starts to circulate through the soft tissue, and the warmth of the pad appears to “draw out” painful inflammation.

Frequent users of shoulder heating pads claim that mobility returns quickly and pain is often reduced without the need for pain killers. However, it is vital to continue the treatment and not overuse the shoulder joint. Once, the joint feels more mobile, it can be very easy to go back to bad habits or perhaps hit the racket ball court again. An extended period of rest is always advisable when it comes to any kind of shoulder injuries. Continue to use shoulder supports for as long as needed.

Heat Shoulder Wrap

shoulder wrapsIf, you are looking for shoulder supports for your joint injury, you may want to consider a heat shoulder wrap. This is perhaps the ultimate in shoulder supports for your joint injury. Not only will the support protect your shoulder from movement, but it will also use the the body’s own heat to heal the joint. This is a support you can wear underneath your clothing, so it is important to make sure that you are not overheating.

The best quality heat shoulder wraps have little pockets where you can use extra heat, or cool gel packs, to cool down the injury. Many people who suffer shoulder injuries feel that they are house bound during the time it takes for their injury to heal. Whilst you shouldn’t drive a car, you can easily use a heat shoulder wrap to make yourself more mobile. You can function a bit better and may even be able to go to work. However, even though this kind of support makes your injury feel a lot better, you should not try to do any lifting or carry out violent movements of the shoulder.

How do you know if you have a shoulder injury? You may feel pain in your shoulder, but there are many other indications as well. A tremor in a hand is a sign of a shoulder injury. This may indicate joint inflammation or a trapped nerve in the joint. It is always best to consulate a doctor when you initially notice the problem. However, this is one injury that can be treated at home using shoulder supports.

An other common symptom is often neck pain. You may think that you have twisted your neck, but this type of injury can be identified by shooting pains up from the shoulder joint, into the neck and the base of the head. This is a clear sign that you are suffering from a shoulder joint injury.

Also, be aware that initial signs can be a heaviness in an arm, and raising the arm above shoulder level, may cause a lot of discomfort. Note where the pain is coming from, and try to describe the pain, this is vital when it comes to diagnosing the problem. Your health practitioner will want to examine your joint mobility, and perhaps even confirm that there are no serious injuries to the actual joint, by taking an X-ray. Patience and time are both important ingredients when it comes to the healing process.