Home Cervical Traction

Home Cervical Traction And A Plan To Manage Pain

Neck and spinal pain can lead to tremendous difficulties with the most basic of activities. Have a plan to manage your pain over the long-term, to increase comfort and the level of movement you can comfortably endure. Letting the situation get away from you can be debilitating, sometimes permanently.

Plenty Of TLC

home cervical pillowCervical disc disease, along with many common types of injuries, create a situation that clearly calls for an initial period of physical rest. Take it easy on yourself, and nurse the area back to normalcy by limiting movement which creates pain. Maintain a comfortable, supported position when sleeping by using orthopedic designed cervical pillows as well as neck pillows or home cervical traction collars when sitting. Make sure your neck is not leaning toward one side or the other; it should remain as straight as possible, with no pressure to aggravate the injury or condition.

Use Home Cervical Traction Equipment

home cervical tractionWith your physician’s approval if necessary, try one of the latest devices designed to allow people the benefits of traction at home. They are built for rehabilitation at your own pace and far more convenient than traveling for therapy. You can perform resistance exercises to strengthen your neck muscles, gradually regaining agility and mobility. A recent study involving the use of traction for people with severe neck pain and pinched nerves found significant improvements following such exercises. Using home cervical traction equipment can be a safe and convenient path to major breakthroughs in pain management and even total recovery for some.

Alternate Hot And Cold Therapy

If you’re dealing with any level of inflammation, such as with a recent injury, doctors recommend cold therapy to reduce swelling. Most people who have cervical disc disease find that alternating heat and cold sources provides some level of relief. For those with chronic or long standing problems, heat is recommended. Leave the compress or heating pad on for no longer than 20 minutes, then wait about an hour before reapplying. New infrared heating pads provide an efficient and deep penetrating form of heat. Heat can be applied before using home cervical traction, to make it more effective by relaxing the muscles.

infaredheat ice therapy

Practice Good Posture

When the body is in any type of contorted position, the spine and neck suffer, particularly if this is done over an extended period of time. Make a conscious effort to sit, walk and lay down in a position that is advantageous, or at least not damaging, to your affected area(s). Be aware that improper neck posture will hasten disc degeneration. Home cervical traction will also help improve your posture very effectively, but it’s important that your spine be supported by correct positioning wherever you are.

Debilitating pain will quickly take over your life. Take it back by learning how to effectively manage pain, and improve the situation in every way possible, taking advantage of great new products for managing pain like home cervical traction.

Sleeping Pillows For Neck Pain

Why Using Sleeping Pillows For Neck Pain Really Works

To get long term relief, sleeping pillows for neck pain can play a vital role. These pillows are engineered to provide the support that you require to allow your muscles to fully relax during sleep. Instead of dealing with problems such as snoring, numbness in your hands, and stiff muscles, it makes sense to use pillows designed to improve your neck posture while you sleep.

Choosing The Right Sleeping Pillows For Neck Pain

water sleeping pillowNot every pillow works for different problems and environments. If you find that you are constantly waking during the night to readjust your pillow, a heavier water pillow might be the correct choice for you. In warmer environments, foam can create excessive amounts of heat which is why a pillow with buckwheat filling might be the best choice for you.

The extent of your injuries will also affect the type of sleeping pillows for neck pain that you select. When injuries are more severe, a pillow that provides support to your upper back and shoulders in addition to you neck might be just the thing. As muscle rigidity decreases, you can step down to a pillow that concentrates support in the neck region.
chemical free memory foam pillow

How Pillows For Neck Pain Work

During sleep, your head and neck should be supported in a neutral position. When the neck muscles are overly extended for long periods of time during sleep, most people report waking up with neck pain. Special orthopedic pillows are designed to help you get restful sleep during the night be keeping your neck, shoulders, and head in the correct alignment.

Exercising during the day will help restore your spine and reduce neck pain. However, it is during sleep that repair and maintenance occurs in the muscles. Using pillows designed to eliminate bad positioning is a great start towards the reduction of neck pain.

Neck Pain Relief At Home

Using Neck Pillows For Neck Pain Relief At Home Methods

When you are looking for a remedy to use at home for your neck pain, you should consider a quality neck pillow to offer you with an effective way to relieve your pain. One of the more popular choices among many Chiropractors would have to be superior ergonomic cervical pillows.

These pillows are designed in such a way to cradle your delicate neck area in a completely natural position, when sleeping on either your back or your side. The pillow has a very nice type of feel and will provide you with long-lasting freshness, excellent support and comfort for a method for neck pain relief at home.

neck pain relief at home therapeutic pillowThese specific pillows are manufactured out of a superior quality, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic foam. The material resists growth of microorganisms, mold and bacteria as well as offer you a resilient surface which is able to conform to its original shape after compression.

In providing the right amount of support this solution in neck pain relief at home offers you with assistance in the following areas:

posturemed pillow for neck pain relief at homeWhen using this therapeutic pillow for neck pain relief at home, you will need to allow time for an adjustment in order to benefit from the support offered by these pillows. After a few weeks the pillow will encourage a restoration in the normal curvature of your neck when you sleep. However, these pillows are designed for people who sleep either on their sides or their backs and you should be able to consciously change your position while sleeping. If you happen to be taking sleeping or pain medication you may want to ask your chiropractor for an alternative option with a uniform surface like the posture med pillow.

Long Term Collar For Spondylosis

Long Term Collar For Spondylosis

Many individuals suffer from a degenerative condition of the neck called cervical spondylosis. There are stages of this condition, which can result in symptoms ranging from simple neck pain to a pinched nerve or cervical radiculopathy.

Because the condition and symptoms tend to be long lasting, may are seeking solutions for a long term collar for spondylosis. Neck collars can provide benefits for neck pain and for those suffering from spondylosis, however, wearing a collar, especially a rigid one, can pose problems like muscle weakness and dependency.

Those with mild symptoms may benefit from a soft type collar, while those with more painful symptoms may need more support in a collar. Fortunately, there are collars that provide comfort as well as support for long term use.

Cheaper foam type collars provide very little support. While they may be comfortable, they are not good collars for long term use as they tend to wear down quickly and will not provide a level of support required when there is inflammation from structures involved with spondylosis. The inflammation can result from irritation of the joints, ligaments and nerves, which undergo changes that can make the cervical spine less stable and prone to further deterioration.

Long Term Collar For Spondylosis: Solutions

In order for a collar to be used long term, it must be of high quality. A high quality collar will provide comfort and support that will last a long time. A collar for long term use should provide varying sizes and should be easily washable. The comfort collar uses temperature control technology to provide soft support and help keep the neck from temperature extremes. This can be beneficial to a sensitive neck that gets cold and goes into muscle spasm. It is also beneficial for those in warmer climates, where wearing a neck collar can be too hot.

long term collar for spondylosis spondylosis collar

In general, a soft neck collar using quality materials will be a good for long term. Comfortable, breathable and easy to clean, the soft collar provides support for mild to moderate symptoms and comes in an attractive design. This same collar is also available as a cervical neck collar for symptoms that are moderate and require a higher level of support. It has a plastic orthopedic insert, which offers a higher level of support, while maintaining all the advantages of the soft collar.

Sizing A Long Term Collar For Spondylosis

The above collars are available in different heights for different sized individuals. The general method to size the height is to measure from the bottom of the jaw to the level of the collar bones. Most correspond to small, medium and larger height. However, spondylosis can present with altered function of the neck and it is important to consider the posture that you will need in choosing the right size collar. This can be done by measuring at the level where you feel the most relief. You may need a higher support if you head feels more stable in a slightly upward position. Similarly, some degenerative conditions affect the back joints of the neck and extending the head up may be more painful. In this circumstance, certain individuals feel relief from symptoms and more stable when the head is bent slightly forward. Therefore, these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a spondylosis collar.

philadelphia collar for long term spondylosis universal collar for spondylosis long term

For those with more advanced symptoms, a more rigid collar may be required. This could be for those who can not tolerate much movement of the head, for those who will undergo surgery or those who have undergone surgery. Some conditions of spondylosis are just too unstable or painful and will necessitate some type of surgical procedure to help. For these individuals, a lightweight Philadelphia collar made of special material is a good spondylosis brace. A popular collar for this is the universal collar that is adjustable for height and can be changed as the condition changes.

There are some solutions for long term. Take into consideration you symptoms and level of support. This, along with choosing a collar of high quality materials and design will make choosing a long term collar for spondylosis easier and more beneficial.