A Regimen For Pinched Nerve Home Treatment

Pinched Nerve Home Treatment Regimen

pinched nerve home treatmentIf you have ever had a pinched nerve in your back or neck, you understand how painful and debilitating it can be. If you can you learn very quickly how to perform a pinched nerve home treatment. Understand that a typical pinched nerve is damaged by compression or pressure from a disc herniation or osteoarthritis and is unable to function properly.

Since a pinched nerve can produce a lot of inflammation, initially, your doctor should prescribe medication for pain and inflammation. As the inflammation subsides, the pain will decrease. For high levels of inflammation, steroid medications may be prescribed to quickly reduce inflammation. With your medications in place and any serious complications ruled out, treatment for a pinched nerve at home can begin.

Supports For Pinched Nerve Home Treatment

pillow support for pinched nerveFirst of all to start with a pinched nerve home treatment is to get plenty of rest, and extra sleep will go a long way towards the beginning of the healing. With a pinched nerve in the neck, supportive soft neck collar can help provide some comfort as well as helping to restrict motions that can further pinch the nerve. Initially, it may be helpful to sleep using the collar, however, good designed pillows for the neck providing comfort and support may be used, with or without a collar to help get a better nights sleep.

For those who sleep on their side, having a pinched nerve in the neck can cause problems. The pinching of a nerve can cause your head to lean to one side. This helps alleviate pressure. Therefore, when side sleeping, you can place a towel under one side of the pillow to raise it allowing this position to be maintained while sleeping on the side as an extra measure for a pinched nerve home treatment while sleeping.

back braceFor the lower back, firm lumbar support belts can provide relief of pain, allowing motion and preventing strain, thereby, helping to reduce inflammation. While getting rest initially is important, if you do not have much help, you may need to do some minor chores and a strong belt can help prevent further injury to the pinched nerve. A softer supporting back belt can help provide comfort and offer a minor level of support. Using an easy to handle and comfortable body pillow under your knees when sleeping or resting can help reduce stress on a pinched nerve at home


Additional Strategies For Pinched Nerve Home Treatment

Using ice can help ease pain and reduce inflammation, however, for some, ice will be uncomfortable and may increase muscle spasm. One way to get the benefits of ice is to use an ice treatment for 10 to 15 minutes followed by heat for 10 to 15 minutes. This alternating of ice and heat can help reduce the swelling and increase circulation.

neck hot packAs the pain and swelling subside, heat therapy for neck or back pain can be used and there are a number of effective ways to provide heat therapy that are designed for the neck and back. You can also take a hot bath to relax the muscles of the lower back and a hot shower for the neck that can take the tension off of the area. Much of the pain can be coming from knotted up muscles that are very tight to immobilize the area, and a heat therapy does wonders to relax the areas for a pinched nerve home treatment.

tractionFor persistent problems, traction can be effective to relieve pressure and may be an important tool for a pinched nerve home treatment. There are special neck traction devices as well as back traction units that can help remove the pressure from a pinched nerve and reduce muscle spasm as well. Traction can also help increase circulation. Some find it effective to use traction products which also act as a neck or back brace, combining the best of both methods to help home treatment for a pinched nerve.

Getting a massage can help, both a general whole body massage to relax generally, and a gentle massage in the neck or back area. Emphasize the word gentle and forget a deep tissue massage, as this could worsen the pinched nerve situation. Relaxation is the key here, so the injury can heal.

If you do not have contra-indications, take a non steroid anti inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen which will reduce swelling and pain. Drink plenty of pure water to get rid of toxins that build up and as you continue to heal, take some walks and you can begin doing exercises for the neck as well as back exercises and stretches.

The body is an amazing self-healing mechanism, and performing a pinched nerve home treatment will help it along in a big way.

Neck Pain Solutions

Effective Neck Pain Solutions

neck pain solutions

Neck pain can result from many activities. It is common in people older than 50 years, but now there are much younger people suffering from this dreaded condition. Neck pain can occur anywhere on the neck, from the bottom of the head to the top of the shoulders or spreading along the arms and upper back. Neck pain can be caused by activities that strain the neck or injuries to the neck. Sleeping with the neck twisted, painting a ceiling, slouching, falling from a certain height, whiplash from a car accident, working with computers, and many more activities can lead to a neck pain. It’s no wonder so many people are looking for neck pain solutions.

The most common symptoms of a neck pain can include symptoms in the neck, upper back and arm areas, restrictions in moving the neck and shoulders, headaches, a burning feeling in the skin near the neck or a stiff unmovable neck. There are some factors that would increase the risks of a neck pain. Age is one such factor as people over 50 years can more likely have a degeneration of discs, joints and bone spurs in the vertebrae of the neck. Recent injury to the neck and adjoining regions can be another risk factor. Rheumatoid Arthritis, which can affect the soft tissues and bone structure of the neck, is another risk factor. Being aware of these risk factors could help to minimize its effects on your neck pain.

neck pain products

There are a wide range of solutions for neck pain today. A minor pain can be relieved by placing ice packs or using heat treatment to the neck area. All these treatments are available in professional quality that you would receive at your Doctors office and can be done right at home.

Advanced Neck Pain Solutions


But a more severe or chronic pain needs more advanced neck pain solutions. With the latest developments in technology, www.NeckSolutions.Com has come up with some of the most advanced treatment methods for chronic or severe neck and back pains. There are pillows, supports, muscle therapy massagers, braces, collars and other products devised to treat neck pains effectively in conjunction with your health care professional. These products range from the simple to the latest in technology and are generally inexpensive, compared to the benefits that they can provide in effective neck pain solutions. Making use of the information at our website is important in making a good decision as to what product(s) are right for you. For pre-existing conditions, always consult with your health care professional.


Sleep Positions That Cause Pain

The Most Common Sleep Positions That Cause Pain

sleep positions that cause painMillions of people around the world do not sleep well at night. They wake up in the morning feeling tired and sore, with many aches and pains. In most cases, this is because they are not sleeping in the proper position. If you are one of these people, you may be sleeping in of these common sleep positions that cause pain.

Neck and back pain are among the most common results of an improper sleep position. Fortunately, there are simple ways to relieve your discomfort. By adjusting the position in which you sleep, you will be amazed at how much better you feel in the morning.

The most common of the sleep positions that cause pain is sleeping on your stomach. When you sleep in this position, you put a great deal of strain on your neck and your back. Your back is arched and your neck is twisted to the side. With so much strain on your spine, it is not surprising that you wake up feeling sore and painful.

The best positions to sleep in are on your side or on your back. However, you may need to purchase some additional products to give you the support that you need for a truly satisfying night’s sleep.

If you would like to sleep on your back, it is important to use pillows that support your neck. Pillows that conform to the normal neck curve and your back will give you adequate support. This way, you can avoid putting too much strain on your neck.

future of foam

If you prefer to sleep on your side, you need to make sure that your spine stays straight while you sleep. Providing adequate support for your neck so that it does not slump down will help you avoid aches and pains. Having a pillow placed between your knees while side sleeping can help your lower back from being twisted and prevent strain of the back muscles. In fact, an orthopedic teardrop shaped body pillow can keep your spine aligned while side sleeping, relax the back muscles while in the back sleeping position used under your knees and can help transition you from stomach sleeping, which is one of the most common sleep positions that cause pain.


By avoiding the most common sleep positions that cause pain, you can get the restful sleep that you have been missing.

Benefits Of Body Pillow Use

Three Benefits Of Body Pillow Use

There are many people out there that have just begun to realize the greatness of using a body pillow . If you are not one of them, you may have wondered what the benefits of body pillow use are. The following article should make that perfectly clear to you.

Giving Your Body The Proper Support

benefits body pillow use

If you are like most people, you have spent many restless hours adjusting the pillows on your bed. This is because moving around while sleeping can cause you to maneuver into less than ideal positions. Having a body pillow will allow you to find a great supportive comfort level and it makes it easier to stay that way throughout the night.

A Pregnant Woman’s Dream

body pillow benefits

It is great to be expecting a little bundle of joy, but it can wreak havoc on your sleep patterns. While you may prefer sleeping in one position, your baby may have other ideas. If you are not used to lying in a different position, the experience can be quite frustrating. A body pillow can help you find a great position that supports your back, which is essential if you want to be comfortable.

Help Promote Blood And Air Circulation


If you have issues with blood circulation, it can lead to some very serious health problems. One of the best benefits of body pillow use is the fact that you can use them to align every part of your body. Once this happens, your blood should have no problem flowing. Body pillows are also good for people that need to keep themselves elevated to increase oxygen levels.

Now that you are aware of a few of the benefits of body pillow use, it is time to go out there and purchase one. There are many available in different styles and sizes, so there should be no problem with you finding one you like.