Traction Belt For Home Back Pain Relief

The Traction Belt is actually a decompression belt. The distinctive and inventive style and design of this traction belt provides continual pain relief for active people which permits the independence in order to maintain a productive life-style.

The functionality involving the Traction Belt is based on scientific principles, accurate application as well as uncomplicated use. Back traction is generated when the belt is inflated. The air cell extension reduces loading pressure in the lower back expanding the disc by means of securing beneath the rib cage and above the pelvis, stretching out the lower back in an up and down direction, redirecting weight bearing force and decreasing the force inside the lower back area, which may substantially lessen back pain form compressive forces.

Please Note: The stripe at the top and bottom may be blue or tan

Traction Belt

1) Air Nozzle permits connecting to the air pump. Turn nozzle counter-clockwise about two turns which deflates the traction belt.

2) To protect the skin, a 100 percent cotton liner is used. A medical grade magnet of 1600 gauss provides additional pain relief.

3) A secure additional belt provides adjusting with just one touch.

4) The Air Pump is included along with the brace – a complete package!

Yet another special function which makes the Traction Belt the best available will be the removable anterior and posterior firm panels which are created specifically for the individual needing additional stabilizing, particularly for individuals both before and after surgical treatment. Additionally, it is a great solution for those that can’t withstand an inflexible body jacket but require a strong supporting device.

Traction Belt Before Inflation - Rear ViewTraction Belt Inflated - Rear ViewTraction Belt Inflated - Front View

Traction Belt Before Inflation
Rear View

Belt Inflated Using
Support Panel From Back

Belt Inflated Using
Support Panel From Front

The Traction Belt changes along with improvement simply by taking away the easily removed firm panels in order to easily transform to a gentle support belt intended for better overall flexibility. Traction offers encouraging benefits as well as helpful management involving all kinds of disc problems as well as spine injuries. With well over two million individuals and doctors presently employing this specific technology, we have been privileged to help people needing improved quality lifestyle.

Traction Belt Not InflatedTraction Belt Not Inflated X-Ray
Traction Belt InflatedTraction Belt Inflated X-Ray

Before Therapy: The discs is strained due to loading of structures from gravitational forces causing a herniated or bulging disc which may compress sensitive nerves triggering back pain, referred pain or numbness down the leg along with muscular spasms.

After Therapy: The Traction Belt provides forces that return the disc to a more normal height by reducing harmful downward pressure, removing irritation from muscles, discs and joints by means of the expanding cells filled with air inside the belt.

The traction belt can provide relief for those who must do heavy lifting on the job or at home as well as those who need relief for short or long distance driving.

Traction Belt May Help:

Traction Belt Expansion
Traction Belt will expand about 2.8 inches, raising the disc space

Traction Belt Use

1) Prior to use, ensure the belt is totally deflated by simply rotating air valve counter clockwise four to five turns in order to discharge air. Prevent over loosening the valve. Doing this may remove the valve.

2) Right after the belt is totally deflated, turn air valve to the shut location simply by rotating the valve clockwise till the valve is totally tight.

Wearing Traction Belt 1

3) Rear Panel – - Carefully thread the deflated belt through cutouts in the panel to ensure the belt goes down the inside of panel and is also between your body and also the panel. (See pictures below)

Front Panel – - Secure the fron panel section to the inside Velcro on the left side of your belt. (See pictures below)

Waring Traction Belt 2

4) Put the traction belt around the stomach, placed under the ribcage and above the pelvic girdle (typically called the hips). Place the traction belt upright and aligned with the middle of the stomach.

Waring Traction Belt 3
Traction Belt Panel Traction Belt Panel Traction Belt Panel

5) When placing the belt around the body, adjust the back and front panels intended for optimum fit.

6) Secure Velcro attachments as well as Velcro strap in order to secure your belt on the body. The belt needs to be secured around the stomach fairly snug, yet, not very tight.

7)In order to attach your hand pump valve on the traction belt valve, open up the clamp simply by pressing the clamp arms jointly, insert the tongs from the hand air pump valve in to the grove of the belt air valve and securely place hand pump air valve over the traction belt air valve.

8) Continue to inflate your belt by means of beginning hand pump action. Go on to inflate your traction belt till the pressure gauge goes in to the green-orange locations (ten – fourteen pounds per square inch). Warning: Don’t let the needle to go beyond to the red-colored part of the pressure gauge. Doing this can break the belt.

9) When the belt is filled with air, take away hand pump valve from belt.

10. Before taking off the traction belt , discharge the air from the by turning the valve counter clockwise to release air. Prevent over loosening your valve. This will take off the valve.

Traction Belt with Panel - Back
Traction Belt with Panel - Front
Traction Belt Air Valve Turning

Traction Belt Gauge
Traction Belt Air Valve

1) Don’t use anything but the hand pump which is supplied with the belt. Using a different pump can harm the valve as well as void your warranty.

2) When inflating the Belt, do not ever go beyond fourteen pounds per square inch permitting the gauge to go in the red-colored location .

3) If you suffer from blood pressure or heart problems, consult your doctor before use.

4) In order to prevent water getting into the air cells , before cleaning, ensure the valve is fully shut by rotating it clockwise till securely tightened.

5) Handle carefully. Dropping your hand pump may lead to problems.

6) Keep sharpened items from the traction support.

1) Suggested use is Four to Six hours a day. The traction belt may be put on at various times during the day for different amounts of time. Customise use periods for your personal requirements (i.e. put on your belt at the most difficult times: like standing, sitting, getting to sleep, doing work ect…).

For the best placement, wear the traction belt when lying down on your back having knees bent and carefully pulled towards the chest. This allows the low back to relax.

2) Using your traction belt when standing increases results, yet, the belt could be used when lying down.

3) Stomach as well as core exercises on a regular basis may help with obtaining best results (check with your doctor).

4) In the course of the first Twenty minutes of applying the traction belt, you may encounter some uncomfortableness because of the body changing and adjusting. This is certainly typical.

5) For additional ease and comfort when you are using the belt, you could anytime discharge some air from the belt simply by pressing down the air valve.

6) Your belt could be used both beneath or around clothes (if allergic reactions occur because of skin and brace contact, talk to your doctor).

7) In the event of greater pain, decrease the wearing time to 2 – 3 hours per day, in case additional pain is persistant get in touch with your doctor.

The traction belt is washable and comes with a 12 month limited warranty.





26 to 28 inches

#1 Small


29 to 32 inches


33 to 35 inches

#2 Medium


36 to 38 inches


39 to 41 inches

#3 Large


42 to 44 inches


45 to 48 inches

#4 X-Large


49 to 52 inches

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