Stomach Sleeper Pillow Minimizes Neck Torsion For Stomach Sleeping

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In general, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended, because it places abnormal stress on the neck due to extreme head rotation and can also affect the shoulders, ribs, upper back, lower back, jaw and internal organs. Many people find that upon waking up on their stomach, they have a stiff neck and sometimes headaches.

However, there are some people who can only sleep on their stomach and I often get questions regarding the best pillow for stomach sleeping. Fortunately, there is a good stomach sleeper pillow for those who can only sleep or get to sleep on their stomach. The stomach sleeper pillow is a multi-position cervical support pillow that is designed for back, side as well as stomach sleeping.

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The unique design uses the head cut out portion and the inside of the side wings to maintain the best position for stomach sleeping. This position maximizes air flow and keeps head rotation to a minimum. Instead of maximally rotating the head, which stresses the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints; with this pillow, you can keep the head within the normal physiological range of motion of the cervical spine, minimizing stress on pain sensitive structure, while maintaining the stomach sleeping position.

The ergonomic design allows comfortable positioning for stomach sleeping, while also allowing side and back sleeping. This is great for those who need to fall asleep on their stomachs, but change positions during the night to back or side sleeping. It also gets you in the habit of monitoring your position as you sleep, as well as when changing positions.

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Regardless of sleeping posture, the stomach sleeper pillow will permit a comfortable and ergonomically sound position.

Stomach Sleeper Pillow Details

The pillow uses a unique shape and design to achieve stomach sleeping in a sound position. The dimensions are 22 inches x 15 inches x about 4 inches. The foam is more uniform and is better for smaller to average size persons, while the fiber is fluffier and is better for average to larger persons.

This special pillow incorporates fiber that has a nice, soft, cooling down-like feel and is breathable. Using high quality materials, the pillow is hand stuffed with fiber that does not clump, and hand sewn. The foam version is a polyfoam, not memory foam, so it does not build up heat. The foam is soft and feels similar to the fiber. Both versions comes with a zippered custom fitted cotton/poly cover.

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