Stomach Sleeping Can Cause Neck Problems

Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. It places abnormal stress on the neck due to rotation and can also affect the shoulders, ribs, upper back, lower back, jaw and vital organs. Many people find that upon waking up on their stomach, they have a stiff neck and sometimes headaches.

Use of a body pillow can help to avoid stomach sleeping and train you to sleep in a more healthy posture.

Stomach Sleeping With Dangerous Rotated Position Leading To Neck Pain And Discomfort

Stomach Sleeping

Staggered Sleep Position With The Body Pillow Pointed In Results In Good Spinal Alignment

Staggered Sleeping With Body Pillow

Supported Side Sleeping With The Body Pillow Pointed Out Results In Best Spinal Alignment

Supported Side Sleeping With Body Pillow

However, there are some people who can only sleep on their stomach and I often get questions regarding a stomach sleeper pillow. Fortunately, there is a version of our popular inflatable pillow that is designed for back and stomach sleepers.

The stomach sleeper pillow uses air cells which are inflatable by using a small hand pump (included). The pillow would be my suggestion if you must sleep on your stomach. Using advanced technology, the stomach sleep pillow provides the ultimate pressure relief and support because it is engineered with patented air cell technology in order to reduce pressure points and maintain blood flow. The ill effects of stomach sleeping can be reduced by keeping the inflation level low.

Inflatable Pillow 1 Zone

The difference between the inflatable pillow and the stomach sleeper pillow is the choice in number of inflatable chambers. The inflatable pillow has 2 chambers while the stomach pillow has one.

The inflatable stomach sleeper pillow has zones of adjustability which gives you complete control of support for the ultimate comfort when sleeping on your back or stomach. Like our dual zone inflatable pillow, the stomach sleeper has adjustability that you control in combination with our air cell support system makes this perhaps the best and most comfortable neck pillow on the market to date.

The stomach sleeper pillow is light, easy to maneuver and deflates for easy traveling!

The stomach pillow classic cover has a unique triple layer design which maximizes weight distribution. The first layer is stretch velour, the second layer is 1 ounce anti-microbial fiber, and the third layer is a stretch jersey. The entire cover is machine washable and is not overly thick which would interfere with the air cell support. These features add up for an incredible pillow that gives your head and neck the proper posture for the sleep that you need in any recommended position.

Inflatable Pillow ClassicInflatable Pillow Standard

Stomach Sleeper Pillow Classic

Stomach Sleeper Pillow Standard

The stomach sleeper pillow comes in a basic cover which is a single sided soft 100% polyester cover and is machine washable. Or a classic cover which has the comfort of a luxurious double side padded cover with a “classic” pillow shape.

Personalized control is they key to proper support and comfort. You can customize the stomach sleeper pillow to your personal sleeping preference with a simple twist of the valve.

The Individual cells are adaptable to any size or shape and is clinically proven to maintain blood flow for better skin health and less tossing and turning. It has a lightweight design and can be easily deflated for use when traveling to make sure you have a great night’s sleep wherever you go.

Inflatable Pillow Inflation

The stomach sleeper pillow has easy twist-to-open valves to allow for an adjustable, customized fit. Hand Pump Included. The pillow inflates to 4 inches in height, 5 inches is possible, but it is not recommended to inflate it to this point.

Sizes: Standard (19″ x 14″), Queen (25″ x 14″), Cover Types: Classic, Basic

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Stomach Sleeper Pillow Queen Basic Pillow: $99.99

Stomach Sleeper Pillow Standard Classic Pillow: $99.99

Stomach Sleeper Pillow Standard Basic Pillow: $89.99
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Adjusting The Stomach Sleeper Pillow

The best way to determine the proper inflation level for your pillow is to experience the full adjustment range.

1. Unzip the pillow cover and locate the valve located on the air bladder.

2. Twist the valve end counter clockwise and place the enclosed hand pump’s hose over it. (Do not remove the bladder from the pillow cover.)

3. Using the hand pump, pump air into the bladder until it just becomes firm.

4. Remove the pump and close the valve by twisting it clockwise.

5. With your head resting on the pillow, open the valve to release air. As air is released, your head will slowly sink into the pillow. Release air until the pillow is almost flat. You now know the inflation range of your stomach sleeper pillow.

6. Re-inflate the pillow and release air again to your desired comfort level. We recommend that you adjust the pillow to your liking prior to using it.

If you have questions related to the inflatable pillow, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.

The stomach sleeper uses effective pressure relieving surfaces to offer force equalization where pressure is more equally distributed and soft tissues and blood vessels are less compressed so there is more oxygen provided to the cells and discomfort is minimized

The inflatable stomach and back sleeper pillow reduces pressure for better blood flow and comfort.

Every person is unique and since you can adjust the inflatable pillow’s firmness, you can provide the exact combination of support and comfort that you need.

Although stomach sleeping is usually not recommended, this pillow helps to minimize the negative effects for those who find they must sleep on their stomach.

  • A great pillow for both back and stomach sleepers
  • Adapts to any size or shape
  • Adjusts automatically as sleeping positions change
  • Continuous customized support from the active cushion of dynamic comfort cells
  • Ideal cervical spine support for a perfect night’s sleep
  • Clinically proven to maintain blood flow
  • Lightweight, durable pillow can be deflated for travel
  • Soft, double sided, cotton stretch velour cover is machine washable
  • Easy twist-to-open valve allows for an adjustable, customized fit
  • Hand Pump Included
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

If you have questions related to the inflatable stomach sleeper pillow, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.