Pillo-Pedic Pillow

Pillo-Pedic Pillow

Pillo-Pedic pillows start with an adaptable, four-way branded style and design that provides the right therapeutic support edge for every individual, irrespective of sizing, your age, as well as body shape. Each and every pillow-pedic pillow provides a small and large support edge along with a gentle plus medium firm center, so you will have 4 neck and head support selections in a single pillow. Virtually all pillows deliver therapeutic traction and also support regarding the cervical spine. The pillows offer you a wide range of firmness options, and many are available in 3 measurements:
– Junior for children and small-framed adults (under 110 pounds)
– Standard for average adults
– Extra for large-framed adults (over 180 pounds)

A popular foam and fiber combination neck support pillow.

  • Four-way support pillow.
  • Use for whiplash, neck and shoulder problems, tension headaches, etc..
  • Provides therapeutic traction to help adjustments hold better.
  • Ideal for side and back-lying positions

Pillow-Pedic 4 Way Neck Support

The Pillo-Pedic Pillow is suggested for neck problems by health care professionals. The Pillo-Pedic Pillow permits a mild traction force to the neck during rest or sleeping, which helps with promotion of proper posture of the neck with optimal neck and head support. Pillo-Pedic employs a unique 4 way construction with a therapeutic foam edge combined with a fiber center, giving it superior support and comfort. Use for both side sleepers and back sleepers, the Pillo-Pedic will permit waking with a great night’s rest and having more energy. This pillow additionally assists in alleviation of whiplash injuuries, neck as well as shoulder pain can help with stress and tension related headaches.

Pillo-Pedic Cover Removed

Pillo-Pedic pillows offer gentle neck traction while you sleep, helping promote correct neck posture and maintain neck support. Pillo-Pedic’s patented four-way design includes a specially constructed edge, for added neck support, and is designed for both side or back sleeping positions

Pillo-Pedic Plus Pillow

The Pillo-Pedic Plus is a more firm variation of the standard Pillo-Pedic Pillow. It makes use of Posture-foam “Egg Crate” design that assists in alleviating pressure points as well as increasing air flow for the neck and head. The Pillo-Pedic Plus helps to minimize soreness resulting from a pinched nerve, arm and shoulder pain/numbness and helps maintain a correct cervical curve. Using a flexible, 4 way design, which offers a suitable supportive edge for everyone, no matter your body type, age or size. Every pillow employs a narrow as well as wider supporting edge along with a soft and medium center, therefore, 4 neck support variations are available in 1 pillow. A great feature of all these pillows is the benefit of a mild therapeutic traction in the back sleeping position as well as optimal support for the neck. The Pillo-Pedic Plus supplies firm, yet comfortable support in both the back and side sleeping positions..

Pillo-Pedic Travel Pillow

This is the travel version of the pillo-pedic. Small enough to go anywhere, yet large enough to give you the neck support you need. Maintain support and comfort on the road or anywhere life takes you.

Pillo-Pedic Ultra Pillow

This is the Ultra design using memory foam support edges that will provide a therapeutic benefit by adapting to the neck, offering gentle, yet corrective support.

This helps to minimize the break in period, making it easier to adapt to your new pillow and providing an additional measure of comfort. Utilizes the same base of therapeutic foam, however, the neck support edges are improved with temperature sensitive and shape conforming memory foam.

Good for sprain/strain injuries like whiplash, inflammation from arthritis as well as tension related headaches.

Escape Pillow

The Escape Pillow has special side panels designed to support side sleeping.

Special Therapeutic Z-z-zone center section for proper neck extension while back sleeping.

Good for whiplash and tension headaches.

  • Junior Pillo-Pedic Pillow: For children and small framed adults (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 2.87 and 3-3/4

  • Regular Pillo-Pedic Pillow: For average sized adults (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 4-1/4

  • Pillo-Pedic Ultra Pillow: For average sized adults (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 4-1/4

  • Extra Pillo-Pedic Pillow: For large framed adults who are over 180 lbs. (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 5

  • Mini Traveler Pillo-Pedic Pillow: Half the size of the Regular pillow. (L) 13 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 4-1/4

  • Junior Traveler Pillo-Pedic Pillow: For children and small-framed adults. (L) 13 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 2.87 and 3.75

  • Plus Pillo-Pedic Junior: For children and small framed adults (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 2-1/2 and 4

  • Plus Pillo-Pedic Regular: For average sized adults (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 4-1/2

  • Plus Pillo-Pedic Extra: For larger framed adults over 180-pounds (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 5-1/4

  • Petite Escape Pillow: For children and small framed adults (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 3.25

  • Standard Escape Pillow: For average sized adults (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 4

  • Grande Escape Pillow: For larger framed adults over 180-pounds (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 4.75
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Pillo-Pedic Pillow Junior: $59.99
Pillo-Pedic Pillow Regular: $69.99
Pillo-Pedic Ultra Pillow: $79.99
Pillo-Pedic Pillow Extra: $69.99
Pillo-Pedic Plus Junior: $69.99
Pillo-Pedic Plus Regular: $59.99
Pillo-Pedic Plus Extra: $69.99
Pillo-Pedic Mini Traveler: $49.99
Pillo-Pedic Junior Traveler: $49.99
Petite Escape Pillo-Pedic: $69.99
Standard Escape Pillo-Pedic: $69.99
Grande Escape Pillo-Pedic: $79.99
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