Neck Pillows: Having Pillows For Cervical Problems
Is An Essential Factor For Long Lasting Pain Relief

All our neck pillows help to provide solutions for neck problems. Since there is no one neck pain pillow designed for specific neck conditions, an important consideration in Choosing The Right Pillows is to relate it to your specific sleeping preferences, as well as selecting pillows that you feel will work best for your neck pain … <READ MORE>

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Neck Pillow
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Therapeutic Pillow
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Posture Med Pillow
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Orthopedic Pillow
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Inflatable Pillow
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Side Sleeper Pillow
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Cervical Support Pillow
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Cervical Pillow
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Chiropractic Neck Pillow
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Water Filled Pillow
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Egg Crate Pillow
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Down Pillows
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Buckwheat Pillows
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Chiropractic Pillow
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CPAP Pillow
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Best Neck Pillow
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Swedish Pillow
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Neck Pain Pillow
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Memory Foam Contour Pillow
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Memory Foam Pillow
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Natural Latex Pillow
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Kids Neck Pillow
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Basic Pillow
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Neck Align Pillow
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Better Neck Pillow
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Wedge Pillow
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Inflatable Memory Foam Pillow
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Water Pillow
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Memory Foam Bed Pillow
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Future Foam Pillow
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Proven Benefits of Neck Pillows

Bad neck posture resulting from neck pillows without correct support can result in snoring, headaches, lack of restorative sleep, tingling and/or numbness of your hands and arms in addition to neck pain and stiff muscles. Most of us invest approximately 33% of our lives sleeping, therefore, a significant part of a neck pain management approach must incorporate the use of properly supportive pillows for cervical problems.

Variety is an important factor because no two individuals are alike. You can take two people with the same condition, and they may choose completely different pillow designs. In order to learn more about choosing a good neck pillow, please invest some time to read about How To Choose The Right Neck Pillow, which details specific functions of pillow designs. Additionally, there is information on the best pillow for neck pain, pillows for neck pain, as well as a Neck Pillow Ratings page to see which pillows bring the most satisfaction to our customers over the years.

The Advances in Physiotherapy Journal, Sept. 2006, revealed supportive neck pillows help patients to alleviate pain and provide better sleep quality. It was noted that individually selected and tested pillows for cervical problems using an anatomically designed shape, which offer support for the normal neck curve can minimize neck pain as well as headaches, providing a greater quality of sleep.

A 1994 study published by the Journal of Rheumatology 21(8): demonstrated that after 1.5 years of using supportive neck pillows, 84 percent of individuals were able to experience significant neck pain relief.

Johns Hopkins University did a study at their School of Medicine, where chronic neck pain sufferers found special pillows reduced levels of morning pain and stiffness, as well as increased sleep quality.

neck pillows help

Jackson, in The Cervical Syndrome noted that a special neck roll pillow helps to restore normal neck posture as it supports the neck and head, while decreasing neck pain and increasing comfort levels during sleep.

A 1998 study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 21(2): noted found significant clinical benefits using a special neck roll pillow for those suffering from chronic neck pain.

A study in Stuttg Rehabilitation (Germany) 1999; 38(3): revealed a considerable pain intensity reduction and sleep disorder improvement for individuals using neck pillows. The study indicated that individuals can reduce chronic neck and arm pain using supportive neck pillows.

Research from the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research published in 1999; 3(2): noted significant improvements regarding pain intensity levels with individuals who experienced chronic neck pain by using a supportive neck pillow.

Another study indicating benefits of neck pillows was published in the Canadian Chiropractic Association Journal in 2004, which indicated a specially designed neck pillow was very effective, reducing morning neck stiffness and also a measure of impairment due to neck pain called the neck disability index scores, compared to those using standard pillows, for chronic neck pain sufferers.

In 2008, the International Journal of Rehabilitation and Research, Dec;31(4): the effects of a neck support pillow on chronic neck pain sufferers with radiating pain into the arm was studied. These complaints are affected by sleeping posture, therefore using a harmful posture of the neck with poorly supportive pillows can irritate cause damage and inflammation to neck structures. Neck and arm pain complaints are particularly bothersome at night and upon waking in the morning, frequently causing sleep disturbances, which were significantly decreased in the study group provided with supportive neck pillows. Prominently noted was the neck pillows continued to provide better sleep quality for up to 12 months.

The Journal Pain Research, in 2010 found specifically supportive neck pillows provided a protection against pain upon waking in the morning.

recommended neck pillows

Neck Pillows provide important critical support of the neck during sleep. Many standard pillows often lose their support with time. Biomechanically, neck pillows offer support to inflamed areas of the neck and the normal relationship between the head, neck and upper back which can work to correct poor neck posture and allow injured parts to heal without stress.

Research is confirming clinical data that the use of neck pillows can aid in neck pain treatment. Clinical evidence indicates neck pillows to be employed for various neck and related issues like: sleep difficulties, headache, neck and arm pain, disc conditions, arthritis, as well as injury related sprains and strains like whiplash.

Pillows & Sleeping Positions

sleeping positions

Sleeping in different positions is normal and we rarely stay in one position the entire night. There are benefits and disadvantages to each sleeping position, and it is important to have a pillow that allows comfort and good alignment in any sleeping position.

Back Sleeping

back sleepingBack sleeping is generally best for the spine and the health of your neck. This assumes a good mattress and pillow, allowing the spine to remain in a neutral position without any torsion or compression. This position allows a good mattress and pillow do their jobs of providing support. Another benefit of back sleeping is the effects it has on your face, with no direct pressure and in fresh air, it can help with reducing wrinkles.

A problem often seen is using a number of pillows under the neck for watching TV or reading, then falling asleep in this position. This not only causes pain in the neck, but can result in breathing problems and loud snoring. Another condition related to back sleeping is sleep apnea. Back sleeping can increase gravity’s influence on the tongue, allowing it to obstruct the airway. A contoured cervical pillow can help reduce this problem.

Side Sleeping

Most individuals sleep on their sides. Sometimes, which side to sleep matters. If you have acid reflux or heartburn, sleeping on the left side can help. The left side is often recommended for pregnant women to permit better heart circulation. It also helps support the belly and take pressure off the spine when back sleeping.

side sleepingSide sleeping requires an adaptation with your pillow. Side sleeping requires an increase in pillow height due to the width of the shoulders. A baby does not need a pillow until the shoulder become wider than the head. Special cervical pillows will have separate back and side sleeping sections to allow for this change in support according to sleeping position. This can help prevent compression between the neck and shoulder, which often leads to waking with arm numbness or pins and needles in the hand. Because the body knows what is best for it, you will often change from left to right positions. This helps to reduce strain on internal organs.

Stomach Sleeping

In some instances, sleeping on your stomach can help with sleep apnea and snoring. There is also some research to indicate sleeping on your stomach can lower blood pressure. Yasuharu Tabara at the Japaneese School of Medicine in Ehime, indicated that his study showed significant blood pressure drops when turning face down, and this may help prevent related cardiovascular events.

stomach sleepingSleeping on your tummy may straighten out the lower back curve, which can be associated with back pain. This may be reversed if you have a very soft mattress. So, depending on your mattress, sleeping on your belly can cause extremes of pressure on the lower back. Since you can’t sleep face down, turning the neck to the side can place great amounts of torsion into the ligaments, joints and discs; not to mention the constant strain on the neck muscles. This can lead to morning neck stiffness and pain.

Some will suggest using a pillow under the lower abdomen and hips to help the lower back, however, this depends on the mattress, your anatomy and any back condition – you will need to experiment a bit. For the neck, a lower pillow usually works better to minimize torsion strain. Fortunately, with a habit that won’t go away, or for some of the benefits of stomach sleeping, there is a pillow that is good for stomach sleepers, which also allows comfortable and ergonomic sleeping in the back and side positions as well. This versatile pillow prevents torsion of the neck and minimizes strain, allowing a better night’s sleep that die-hard tummy sleepers will appreciate. This can also be used with an orthopedic body pillow designed to get you side sleeping in 2 stages.

Choosing Pillows

There are some health benefits to different sleeping positions, however, most people will sleep in the position they feel most comfortable with, or the one they feel is the most natural. However, even if one position is preferred, most use a combination of positions that changes throughout the night. Therefore a good selection of pillows to accommodate different sleeping positions is important. You may have a specific condition that requires a special pillow for your neck like a CPAP pillow. Most people will benefit from having a wide selection to suit their particular sleeping habits. Our pillows range from special neck pillows with contours to ease muscle strain, reactive pillows that change to accommodate different positions and specific pillows that have separate side & back sleeping areas. Choosing a pillow requires some research, however, we are here to help with professional knowledge and experience.

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