Neck Brace Uses Scientifically Designed Materials To Provide Soft, Comforting Neck Support

For superior support and comfort, this is a soft neck brace is designed to actively balance temperature extremes with unique thermoregulating materials, adding an extra measure of therapeutic benefit not found in other braces. <read more>

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Neck braces come in many varieties and configurations, however, this is unique in its construction. A very comfortable soft, yet supportive brace, it is one of the only braces that employs technological advances to prevent temperature extremes from affecting the neck. This helps to prevent muscle spasms which can increase pain and prolong healing of damages muscles and makes it a great brace for the neck to comfort sore muscles and help with discomforts of arthritis.

Helping with balancing extreme variations of heat and cold can help increase comfort, compliance and healing by preventing unnecessary muscle tension. The soft neck brace will absorb surplus energy when the temperature rises, and release it again when temperature falls.

Similar in action like a thermostat, should the temperature within the neck or even the environment raise, the material will absorb the excess heating and helps to create a cooling down feeling. If the temperatures decrease, it will help with warming through liberating formerly held warmth.

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A soft neck brace that helps you stay cooler when it’s hot and warmer when it’s cold.

Your body temperature and the surrounding temperature continuously restores and also recycles the fabric of the neck brace helping maintain balance and comfort, making it one of the most unique and most popular brace available.

Created to support your cheek bone, that can offer added support and comfort. Perfect for use outdoors and to reduce muscle spasms coming from wintry drafts. In fact, because it is soft, you can even use it as a scarf to help keep your neck warm in cold temperatures!

The support level is not too soft like a foam neck brace, so it is actually more supportive than a very soft foam neck brace that is used just as a reminder, offering little or no support. It does not restrict movement like a rigid neck collar brace. This brace provides support, but is soft and comfortable.

More rigid kinds are suitable in circumstances with significant strain or sprain damages like acute stages of injuries related to whiplash or in cases of facet joint syndrome where a firmer, more restrictive one, like the philadelphia collar can aid more in limiting extension. Because long term use of a neck support brace may possibly cause weakness of the neck muscles and create dependency on the neck collar brace. Any long term use of a neck brace should be done in conjunction with appropriate neck exercises and stretches to help prevent weakening. Regarding neck muscle spasms and disc degeneration, this soft neck brace permits ample range of motion vital in the healing process, serves as a reminder to limit motion, and can help with arthritis flare-ups and general healing from injuries.

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Neck Brace Benefits

According to a survey published in the British Journal of Rheumatology. 1991 Aug;30(4):282-4, 124 orthopaedic, rheumatology, medical and accident and emergency outpatients prescribed a neck brace during a 3-month period. Instructions received about when to wear it differed widely, especially between specialties. Most patients (76%) found benefit in wearing the brace. Pain was the symptom helped most (78%) while dizziness was helped least (40%). Problems with a cervical brace were common, many being too hot (69%) and uncomfortable (48%). A third had difficulty putting the brace on. I think that this soft neck brace is a great solution to the problems encountered in this study as the material prevents overheating and is very comfortable and easy to use.

Another interesting finding was a research article that appeared in Spine Journal 1997, where they tested patients that had neck and arm pain that had lasted at least three months. The radiation of the arm pain matched the pattern of the nerve indicated to be to a nerve root that was substantially constricted due to degenerative outgrowths regardless of the presence of a disc bulge. This was verified using advanced imaging techniques. The researchers established that for those individuals that suffered from chronic radiculopathy, radiating pain due to a pinched nerve in the neck, treatment with a neck brace, physio-therapy, or surgical methods provided similar results.

Some have suggested that wearing a soft neck brace during sleep may limit unconscious neck movement. I have never made recommendations to this effect, however, it may be a reasonable approach in acute conditions or painful flare-ups of a chronic condition. This being a soft neck brace should not interference with the function of certain contoured neck pillows, making it a good cervical neck brace if you choose to sleep with one. The temperature function will help with muscle spasm from sleeping under a cold draft.

Measuring For The Soft Neck Brace

The brace has an adjustable length measuring 22″ with a 2.5″ Velcro extension and comes in three heights: 6cm, 8cm and 10cm; which is 2.4, 3.1 and 3.9 inch heights respectively. The heights correlate with small, medium and large size individuals. More specifically, you can measure from the top of the collar bone to the bottom of your chin while your head is looking straight forward and this will give you an approximation of the correct size and level of support for you. You can measure using your thumb on the collar bone and index finger under the chin, then place the distance of this against a ruler.

In general, for postural neck problems or to help support the neck while working at a computer, you can choose a higher level of support for the cervical neck brace. For painful conditions involving nerve root compression (pinched nerve), you may need a shorter brace to keep the head in a more flexed or downward position. The choice of size in a soft neck brace is by personal preference, according to your condition or specific needs, or as prescribed by a health care professional.

Washing Instructions: Close velcro, mesh laundry bag is recommended, stretch the cervical neck brace while wet and let dry.

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