How To Inflate Your Pillow

Determining the correct inflation level for the inflatable pillow

It is suggested to get a feel for the maximum & minimun inflation levels, giving you a range of firness, support and shape.

A. Unzipping the pillow, you will find the valve that controls the inflation for the air valves.

B. Unscrew the end of the valve counter-clockwise, then place the tube from the pump over the valve.

C. Begin pumping air into the cells to the point when the pillow is full.

D. Quickly remove the tube from the valve and turn the vale clockwise to close it and trap the air inside.

E) Now, lie back and place your head on top of the pillow and open the air valve to release the air slowly. As this happens, you will feel you head going down with the pillow. Continue letting the air out until it is only slightly filled. This is the range of inflation levels.

F. To get proper adjustment of the pillow, now inflate it once more, releasing the air and stopping when you feel comfortable. You should perform this adjustment before using the inflatable pillow for the first time.

– When using the 2 zones version, inflate the front row which supports the neck to a higher level than the back rows to allow for greater neck support.

Inflatable Pillow Inflatable Pillow

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