Headrest For Wheelchair Is Comfortable, Ergonomic And Features Multiple Adjustment Capability

Mainly used for wheelchairs, this headrest for wheelchair is versatile, padded for comfort, and can attach to a solid back of any chair or use your imagination for a custom head support in a chair.

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The headrest is adjustable in the vertical and horizontal planes, as well as rotational for precise positioning. The straight bar adjusts horizontally, the offset bar adjusts vertically and the offset block swivels on a ball for rotation.

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Headrest pads are steel back plate with 1½” thick comfortable foam, covered with a removable, washable cover. Equipped with a 3 point socket that attaches to headrest assembly.

headrests 3 sizes with cover removed

The vertical adjuster allows the user to raise and lower the headrest pad to the appropriate height, while the horizontal adjuster also allows the headrest to be adjusted based on the needs of the user. This allows the headrest pad to be placed at various distances in front of the seat back. The headrest pad attaches to the end of the horizontal adjuster with swivel adjustment for rotation.

headrest & hardware details
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Headrest Hardware:

  • Adjusts horizontally, vertically, and pivots on a ball.

  • Features a new positioning stop collar which allows you to remove the headrest assembly without changing the desired headrest position.

  • Mounting plate is compatible with both 17/8″ and 2″ on center hole spacing.

Headrest Pad:

  • Steel back plate with 1½” thick comfortable foam.

  • Covered with a removable, washable cover.

  • Uses a 3 point socket that attaches to headrest assembly.

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