Our Headache Neck Pain Release Can Help Release Neck Muscles Associated With Headaches

One particular device I like to use is the Headache Neck Pain Release. It is an instrument designed to treat the muscles often involved in headache pain as we have discussed.

headache neck pain releaseThere is a cushioned cradle for the head and adjustable soft tipped rods which treat the neck muscles involved.

It is easy to travel with or for use at work. I like to apply heat therapy before a twenty minute relaxing treatment lying with the neck on this device. By slowly rotating the head and/or performing the neck exercises while lying on this, a concentrated massage is delivered to the areas involved and when used in conjunction with the other methods described at necksolutions.com can be an effective way to relieve neck pain related headaches.

Features five adjustable contact points, four adjustable legs and an adjustable head cup. Begin at set level and lay on the device for 5-7 minutes. You should feel the muscles at the base of the skull begin to relax and pressure should be reduced. By adjusting the legs, headpiece and contact points, you can progress with different poistions. Ajust the legs longer in the front to increase the effects of the contact points. Raise the back legs for more traction through the contact points.

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You should experiment with different positions, but always relax and let gravity do the work. Eventually, you can rotate the head slowly from side to side and do the neck retraction exercise as you bring your chin towards the contact points to work the area more deeply.

Headache and Neck Pain Release based on clinical technique

release of neck related headache musclesIn managing headache neck pain symptoms, the release is a tool using a distractive force, reproducing a manual therapy technique, where the tips of the fingers using the left and right hands placed palm side up under the muscles, and the combined weight of the head along with pressure from the fingertips produce a constant force which inhibit the muscles just under the base of the skull. This technique provides a pressure to the muscles and a distracting force along the upper part of the neck and the related structures. It is a time tested method originally seen with Osteopathic cranial therapy and subsequently employed by manual therapists in other areas of professional therapy. This is often referred to as trigger point pressure therapy and suboccipital or cranial base release. The therapeutic results are thought to be due to therapeutic effects involving nerves, blood vessels as well as the mechanical aspect relating to joint and muscle fuction.

Trigger points in the neck muscles located just below the occipital region (base of the skull) can result in lack of proper function of these important muscles resulting in a decrease of the normal motion associated with this region. Trigger points are specific areas located in muscles defined by excessive irritation and can be a source of chronic pain as well as casue this pain to radiate into other locations and potentially cause neck related headaches. In addition to the pain aspects, a dysfucntional consequences relate to altered motion, weakness of the involved muscles, including stiff muscles causing a restriction in the normal range in mobility.

These tender and sensitive areas called trigger points, when located within the neck as well as head frequently relate to headache & neck pain and also play a role in tension headaches. The areas of radiating or referred pain are noted in those who suffer with cervicogenic (neck related) headache, migraine headaches and occipital neuralgia. Research indicates a significant quantity of trigger points in the muscles related to headache neck pain, tension as well as migraine headaches, than in comparison to those without symproms. The altered function associated with these headache neck pain producing trigger points can result in spasm and shortening, resulting in a detrimental forward head posture along with loss of normal mobility when actively moving the neck.

inhibitive distraction for headache and neck painThe manual form of this technique uses the tips of the fingers underneath the muscles and tendons, producing a pressure that is maintained to compress and distract these pain producing tissues. The force of pressure needed to produce a therapeutic change is directed along the fibers of the muscles and tendons. The needed quantity of pressure application is applied in a slightly lower amount that further excites the muscles, while pressure is sustained, relaxation of neck muscles occurs, it is most beneficial whene pressure is applied slowly with progressively deeper reaching levels and this is achieved with the release by continuous relaxation.

This is easily managed with the release device by adjusting the verticle, soft tip rods to a comfortable level. This can be increased as one progresses by raising the height. Additionally, the longer you lie on the device, the more the muscles relax, allowing gravity to increase the pressure to treat deeper levels. You control the amount of pressure and length of time to avoid any negative reactions.

Performing this technique, a trend has emerged for greater improvement in chronic neck pain patients with headaches including lower pain levels. Related therapeutic benefits of release include restoration of the normal tension of neck muscles, removing the reactive nature of trigger points, causing them to change from an active, painful condition, to a resting or latent as well as delicate mobilizing of the joints.

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The specific location of the muscles involved are often affected by stress as well as postural strain, resulting in the area being quite stiff and painful.

It has significant benefits to performing this manually as the head can weigh over 10 pounds and this can place alot of force into the fingertips, recucing the ability of the therapist to sustain the correct amount of force for the required amount of time to achieve proper results by releasing compression of the joints due to abnormal muscle tension.

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