Face Down Pillow

The Face Down Pillow turns a flat surface into a comfortable way to lay on your stomach with your face down for long periods.

Face Down Pillow

Maximum relaxation for performing initial stage of lower back pain exercises without the discomfort of turning the head from side to side, the face down pillow is the perfect solution to protect your neck.

Adjustable Face Down Pillow & Neck SupportGreat for those who can only recline comfortably face down due to back and neck problems. Made of comfortable foam and covered in black vinyl which easily wipes clean. The face down pillow can also be folded to create a neck support for lying on the back.

The face down head support folds and is easy to take with you to the office or when traveling. The velcro closures allow easy adjusting for maximum comfort and relaxation. Often used by professionals to turn any flat surface into a massage or therapy table.

The Face Down Pillow allows stomach lying without the pain and discomfort of turning the head to one side. Two semicircular contours form a comfortable slot to accomodate your face and the soft foam keeps pressure points from causing discomfort while lying for extended periods of time.

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