Cervical Traction Collar For Neck Pain Relief

There are many types of braces and collars that have been developed over the years for the neck, however, the Cervical Traction Collar by Spinal Rehab Solutions brings to you an entirely new concept to assist in the treatment of cervical neck pain. <read more>

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The collar is one size fits all, however the collar does not do well on a real petite body frame, like 110 lbs and under.

1. Chin Collar

Contoured frontal collar is ergonomically designed to provide comfort, support, and stability

2. One-Touch Velcro Type Connectors.

Provides ease for attachment and removal

3. Traction Air Bladder

Inflatable expansion bladder provides traction effect.

4. Air Injection Nozzle

Allows simple connection to pump for inflation. Simply unscrew nozzle counterclockwise approximately 2 turns to deflate traction air bladder.

5. Support Frame

Provides a fixed point for traction effect. Stabilizes pressure on the collar bone and chest area.

6. Air Pump Included with Collar.

The cervical spine is an amazing and complex structure of 7 small vertebrae that make up the neck bones, intervertebral discs to absorb shock, joints, 8 nerve roots, vascular elements, 32 muscles, ligaments and it is also home to the spinal cord. It is capable of supporting a head weighing 15 or more pounds while moving in several directions. No other region of the spine has such freedom of movement which makes the mobility of the neck matchless. This combination of complexity and mobility, make the neck susceptible to pain and injury.

The Cervical Traction Collar Is A Revolutionary Orthopedic Traction Device

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The collar reduces the pressure on the cervical discs by widening of the intervertebral disc space through the use of air pressure. Scientifically designed air cells inside the cervical traction collar expand the device vertically to apply a traction force to the cervical spine. This traction force or unloading of the discs can quickly provide significant pain relief for neck pain. Users will feel immediate support as well as providing maximum comfort.

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The longitudinal expansion system of the Cervical Traction Collar helps reduce intra-discal pressure within the cervical spine. Researchers have scientifically identified proven benefits for patients challenged with bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative discs and radiculopathy in the arms with as little as two 30 minute treatments per day

Cervical Traction Collar Features

1. Only use the hand air pump that is provided with the traction collar. The use of a different inflation pump could damage the belt air valve and void the warranty.

2. While inflating the Cervical Traction Collar, never exceed 14 psi air pressure allowing the air pressure gauge needle to enter the red area of gauge.

3. If you have hypertension or heart disease, consult your physician prior to using the traction collar.

4. To avoid water entering the air cells of the belt, prior to washing, make sure the air valve is completely closed by turning it clockwise until firmly tightened.

5. Handle with care. Dropping the hand air pump can result in malfunction.

6. Keep sharp objects away from the traction brace.

Features of the Cervical Traction Collar:

  • Pain Relief For Bulging Disc, Herniated Discs, Degenerative Disc Disease And Radiculopathy In The Arms
  • Advanced Tubeless Air Cell Design
  • Waterproof, Moisture Proof Resistant Material For Machine Washing
  • Minimize Pain/ Reduce Pain Medication

Cervical Traction Collar Treatable Symptoms:

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1. Before use, make sure that the traction air bladder of this device is completely deflated by turning air valve counterclockwise to release air.

2. After the traction air bladder is completely deflated, return valve to locked position by turning valve clockwise until the valve is fully tightened.

3. Position the fron support frame by placing your chin within the designated chin pad. Fasten the traction air bladder to the chin collar with the Velcro fasteners making sure that both the traction air bladder and chin collar are centered (the use of a mirror while positioning this device is recommended) around your neck. The device should be fastened around your neck fairly snug, however, not too tight.

4. Connect the hand air pump valve to the device air valve by opening the spring loaded clamp by pushing the clamp arms together, insert the tongs of the hand air pump valve into the designated groove of the device air valve and securely place hand pump air valve over the device air valve.

5. Proceed to inflate the cervical traction collar by initiating hand air pump action. Continue to inflate device until the needle in the hand pump air pressure gauge moves into the green-orange area (10 – 13 psi). Caution: Do not allow the needle to exceed inot he red area of the hand pump air pressure gauge. By doing so can damage the air bladder.

6. Remove the hand air pump valve and the Cervical Traction Collar is ready to wear.

7. For more comfort as you are wearing the device, you may at anytime release some air pressure out of the dvice by pushing down briefly on the air valve stem.

8. Recommended treatment wear time is 30 – 60 minutes.

9. Prior to removing the device from your neck, you MUST first release the air from the air traction bladder by turning the air valve counterclockwise to release air.

The Cervical Traction Collar comes with a 6 month warranty and is washable. Please see Cervical Traction Collar Instructions.

Cervical Traction Device

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If you need assistance or have questions regarding the cervical traction collar, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.