Buckwheat Neck Pillow Provides An Ergonomic Design For Better Comfort And Neck Support

Our buckwheat pillow provides support for the neck better than standard buckwheat pillows. The design is unique with a neck roll built in to the pillow which remains supportive regardless of change in positions. <read more>

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The buckwheat pillow is available in 2 sizes. The small buckwheat hull pillow measures approximately 16" x 20" x 3" which makes it easier to maneuver and travel with. The small buckwheat pillow weighs 6 to 7 pounds. The larger buckwheat pillow measures approximately 18" x 24" x 4" and weighs 10 to 11 pounds. Compare to other buckwheat hull pillows which offer a larger pillow with lower weight. Our buckwheat neck pillow is meant to hold its shape and offer support, not for the hulls to bunch up at one side.

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We use 100% American grown organic buckwheat hulls inside a 100% American grown and sewn cotton, unbleached muslin pillowcase. This buckwheat pillow is designed for comfort, neck support function, health, and environmentally friendly. There buckwheat pillow has a zipper to allow addition or removal of buckwheat hulls. The neck support portion of the buckwheat pillow uses velcro closures to keep it firm and supportive in addition to further customization of neck support.

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The buckwheat pillow allows air flow around your head, neck and scalp, as the hulls provide good air circulation to help keep you cool and dry on hot humid nights. You can also cool the buckwheat pillow in the refridgerator or freezer for additional cooling.

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The buckwheat neck pillow is perfect size to use as a travel buckwheat pillow. It is organic buckwheat hull pillow offering great neck support for side or back sleepers and a natural alternative to foam and fiber pillows.

A Unique Buckwheat Pillow

With most buckwheat pillows you are told to shape the buckwheat hulls to create your own customized support for your neck. With the design of our buckwheat hull pillow, the neck support is firm and built in. You can still make a hollow nest for your head. By using a circular motion with your fingertips, make a deep depression for back sleeping and a broader, shallower depression for side sleeping. Wiggle your head into the buckwheat pillow to further customize it and feel the lower chamber comfortably provide neck support.

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Our buckwheat pillow uses a built in neck roll for extra neck support. The buckwheat hull pillow comes with a full neck roll completely filled and secured with velcro closures to keep the buckwheat hulls in the neck roll and seperate from the head portion.

With our buckwheat neck pillow you do not have to add any hulls - the pillow comes complete and ready for use. The buckwheat pillow is zippered just in case you would like to add or remove the hulls, adjusting it to your preference. The neck roll is adjustable for firmness by removing or adding buckwheat hulls and because it is attached to one side, hulls from the pillow portion may also be moved under the roll for additional height.

Well made buckwheat hull pillows last much longer than standard foam, fiber or feather pillows. The buckwheat neck pillow is designed to last many years.

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Benefits Of The Buckwheat Hull Pillow

Our buckwheat neck pillow contains no formaldehyde, UV inhibitors, antifungal agents, stabilizers, or other harmful agents. It is 100% organic with no chemicals or preservatives added, so you breathe cleaner air as you sleep.

Our buckwheat hull pillow is made with natural, premium-grade 100% organic hulls that undergo a thorough cleansing process to ensure the highest standards of quality.

The buckwheat pillow is designed to maintain support of the cervical spine without bunching up the hulls everytime you change positions. Once your buckwheat pillow is adjusted to your preference, it can improve sleeping posture which may help with relief from headaches, neck pain, muscle aches, and jaw (TMJ) problems and snoring.

The buckwheat pillow case is machine washable. The buckwheat hulls are not washable. If the hulls become soiled or wet, they should be replaced. We do offer additional hulls and should you encounter this problem, please contact us for refills.

Buckwheat Pillow Instructions

Please follow these instructions to get the most out of your new Buckwheat Pillow:


Get the feel of your pillow by picking it up and shifting the hulls inside. Note how flexible and how easily it shapes itself around your hands.


The convenient zippered inner liner allows you to easily remove or add hulls as necessary to adjust the buckwheat hull pillow to your own body size and comfort level. The neck chamber allows you to further customize your pillow. Add hulls to adequately contour the shape of your neck. Removing hulls from the head portion of the buckwheat pillow increases the function of the neck chamber and provides more neck support.


Use a circular motion with your fingertips to make a hollow or nest for your head. Make a deep nest if you are starting out lying on your back and a shallow and broad nest for lying on your side. Wiggle your head further into the pillow to mould it to your shape.


As you sleep, minute head movements during breathing will mould your pillow within a few minutes after changing position while the neck portion remains firm and supportive.

Important Note: It may take 1-2 weeks to become accustomed to the unique feel of your Buckwheat Pillow. With patience, we're sure that you will find this buckwheat pillow will reward you with many years of unmatched sleeping comfort

Cleaning Instructions: Pillow case is machine washable. Hulls are not washable. If hulls become soiled or wet they should be replaced.

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The Buckwheat Neck Pillow Rating:
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If you need assistance or have questions regarding the Buckwheat Hull Pillow, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.

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