Anti Snore Pillow

Anti Snore Pillow

This specially designed pillow has been tested and confirmed for treating sleep apnea of a mild nature, as well as helping in the reduction and cessation of snoring.

Designed by specialists, this Sona pillow orthopedically positions one in a side position with correct anatomical alignment that increasees airway flow, assisting easier breathing. The anti-snore pillow enables comfortable sleeping on either side as well as maintaining the healthy posture through the entire night by affording the arm to be placed under and through the pillow, aiding in maintainence in the side sleeping posture.

Another benefit is the unique middle portion, creating added support about the shoulder blades, improving general comfort, getting an improved and deeper sleep.

The Anti Snore Pillow Measurements: 12″ by 27″ by 10″

The Anti Snore Pillow is utilized on the left or right side, with the stripes facing the bottom end of the bed. Just place your arm iside and out the opening underneath the pillow, therefore, your head is an angled posture. After your head is correctly placed, you will be pointed mildly down and looking to the mattress on the angled surface of the pillow. The arm should remain in this position during sleep. The head remains angled, facing towards your arm.

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Using a specially designed body pillow may assist in maintaining a healthy side-sleeping posture and can be used in conjunction with the anti snore pillow.

Anti Snore Pillow Design

The Anti Snore Pillow promotes relaxing of the jaw by a gentle forward pull, stopping the jaw from being forced back. This additionally assists the opening of airways and may even help with TMJ Disorders. Sleep apnea conditions, as well as snoring occurr more frequently in the back sleeping position.

The Anti Snore Pillow has a "breaking in period", allowing it to conform to your anatomy. Fluff the pillow up should be done pressing in the side of the pillow that is not stripped. It is recommended using the anti-snore pillow nightly, therfore, with good results, it may need to be replaced about once per year.

The Pillow employs a 100% cotton pillowcover using a distinctive striped pattern and a quality, comfortable fiber filling with a design clinically proven to position the upper body in the maximal position for reducing snoring as well as mild sleep apnea.

Anyone can benefit from the pillow as it promotes a healthy side sleeping position and promotes a more sound and peaceful sleeping experience. The pillow is proven for effectiveness for managing mild levels of sleep apnea in medical literature.

You may experience a noticeable difference the first night, howvwer, it may take some time adjusting and allowing the pillow to become sensitized to your personal weight and contours. With ongoing use, the anti snore pillow will promote healthier sleeping habits.

Using the pillow, the face should be directed down and you may change sides. The blue lines should be towards the shoulder with the zippered part of the case should directed away from the shoulder, taking note of this as you put on the pillowcase.

Anti Snore Pillow and Cover

Includes the anti snore pillow and cover. 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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Anti Snore Pillow: $59.99Out Of Stock
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